Yellix Review – The Best Ad Network for Free Blog Site


Wailex review – with payment proof

Many know about the Wylls Ed Network. Visit the official site here by clicking Yllix. In 2012, the network started their journey. At present, they have become popular, for free site approvals and for simple registration methods. The biggest benefit of this is Instant Approval, you can start using the AD as soon as you open the account, do not have to wait for the application. And they give the Daily Day payment day and their minimums are $ 1. Click here to join as a WikiLeaks Publisher.

Wailex review - with payment proof

Yllix Review – Best Ad Network For Free Website/Blog

Official Site: Yllix
Commission Type: CPM / CPC / CPA
Ad Type: Banner, Slider, Mobile Redirects, Layer, Popup, Direct Link
Payment Method: Paypal, Payza (Not Available Now), Payoneer, Bitcoin, and Bank Wire.
Minimum Payment: Paypal $ 1, Payza $ 10 (Not Available Now), Payoneer $ 50, Bitcoin $ 10, Bank Wire $ 1000

Best Google Adsense and Adustrator Alternatives

You must have your quality site to get Google Adsense Approval. If you do not have a good site you will not get Adsense Approval Adsense is not available on the free site.
Edustra also offers Trusted Network, good payment, but AdState also has to wait for a plea, if the minimum amount is not 100 dollars, then the payment can not be taken, and this network free site such as Blogspot, Weebly sites are not profitable. Also read here: Caution, 10 Causes of AdSense Accounts are Banned / Disable The Most Frequent Google Party Occurs

So if you have a free site and new site or low-quality site then you can easily earn money by using this network. However, the site should be good visitors. And this ad network does not pay attention to the view/click, CPA model means that any payment made by a visitor, such as a browser extension if you install the app if you have a native ad view. So this ad network works well for download sites, music sites, streaming sites.

How To Account And Use On The Ed Site

Their terms and conditions relax. There is no such restriction. You can easily account. You can click here to register from my referral. If I have any problems with my account then I can see. Check out my video for Yllix Publisher Account.

Payment Proof – Yllix Payment Proof

Wailex is a Trusted site. If you have a dollar ad in your account, they will directly send money directly to your selected payment method. I’ve taken the last payment of $10. I took on the page. But now payment is temporarily Therefore, you can take payments with Payoneer or bitcoin.


Yellix Review - The Best Ad Network for Free Blog Site

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