Workout Planner Apps For Those Who Don’t Have the Time


Workout Planner Apps For Those Who Don’t Have the Time

We all know we should work on our shape and fitness more. But also, we all have a daily job that takes a great portion of our time and overall will to do anything else besides binging on Netflix. I know I’m like that but to be honest, every time I look myself in the mirror I think to myself how I need to work out. I just need to squeeze that into my daily schedule. Finally, about a couple of weeks ago I decided to do something and since I’m not planning to go to a gym, I decided to look for online exercises. First, I tried out a couple of videos on YouTube but they were too random for me. Then, I decided to look for some apps that might provide more organized lessons. This brought me to a site called AppGrooves that seems to sort apps based on their functionality and I found this list.

Best 10 Workout Planning Apps by AppGrooves

After spending a couple of minutes browsing the features, I filtered a couple of apps that offer fast and effective workouts you don’t need to spend too much time. I did try all of them and decided to give my thoughts. So if you’re like me and don’t have time to work out but you still want, here’s what I personally recommend.


There’s a reason why the app is called seven. It’s because all the exercises are 7 minutes long and don’t waste time. So naturally, I had to try it out. You start by choosing your goal and fitness level and after that, the app does everything for you. It suggests workout routines and then it’s all up to you. It’s fairly simple so you can start right away. This is another great feature for me because of my limited time. Another two features I thought were great are that you get rewards and you can invite and “compete” with friends. I can imagine this to be useful to people who need extra motivation. I didn’t invite anyone, but if you and your friends are looking to work out together, this can come in handy.

After quick testing the app I soon found out you need to pay for more exercises. Although I didn’t try it out, the description says the paid version offers around 200 exercises. Some of you probably don’t want to pay, but if you want to take it further, I think it definitely pays off. The cost is smaller than any gym you might stumble upon.

Weight Loss Fitness by Verve

Similar as with Seven, you start by picking your workout goal and the app generates a fitness schedule for you. But, you can customize the time with the shortest exercises lasting 6 minutes. Although definitely not a deal-breaker for me, it’s cool you have a bit more freedom with that. The app also comes with a virtual trainer which I’m guessing was designed to keep you motivated. Initially, it felt a bit weird, but after getting used to the app, it actually did the trick for me. After limiting the notifications to only remind me of my daily workout, I started sticking to my goal. Finally, the app provides additional health tips so you can do healthy stuff outside the workout, which is a great addition.

Now, I can’t say this is really a flaw as the app name says what the app is for – it’s for weight loss. What I’m trying to say is the app lacks exercises for building muscles. As I said, I can’t really hold it against them, but as a person who found the app helpful, I wish it had exercises for muscles as well.

Daily Yoga

This is a bit different one and although initially, I wasn’t searching for yoga apps, I thought I should include it just to diversify my reviews. Some of you might be looking for quick yoga workouts. Again, you start with quick customization options and the app instantly provides yoga poses it thinks are best for you. I think the tracker and fitness log is extremely helpful as they do save time in longer runs. With just a few swipes, I was able to check out my previous work and get recommendations for future workouts. This came in handy the most as you can easily switch between shoulder workouts to stomach workouts. Finally, if you’re short on time, the app also includes fast daily challenges just so you don’t lose that valuable daily exercise.

I’d like to mention that although it’s yoga workouts, the app does a good job of specializing the workouts for every body part. So for those of you who are thinking yoga isn’t for you, I urge you to try out. You might get pleasantly surprised. If you still think that yoga just isn’t for you, then try one of the first two.

Thanks for reading my review of 3 workout apps for busy people. I think that all 3 apps do a great job at making every second count so if you need something effective and quick, try them out. Also, if you know any other similar apps, let me know and I might review them as well. Thanks for reading. Thank you for reading this article.


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