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Want to learn a Foreign Language with Cool, Practical, and Free? Duolingo Only!

English is one of the subjects that become a scourge and less easily understood by students. Many underestimate the English language, assuming that English is not a commonly used language, so it is not important to learn. There is also considered the English is too complicated with various formulas that make a headache. They hear the English phrase only, already illustrated in the head how complicated and boring it is. Not to mention if the teacher who English less interesting in teaching. certainly, the science given is mentally first.

Want to learn a Foreign Language with Cool, Practical, and Free? Duolingo Only!

Actually learning English is the very important lot. Come to think of it, all good reflections are available in English. If you meet Caucasians, would not want to have to speak English right? Well, for that, start now learning English!

Learn English that is Practical and Free?

Learning English can be done via computer and smartphone each of us, lot. Can learn anywhere and anytime. If more free, directly open the phone, just click the application.

What is the name of the application?


Duolingo: Practical Solutions Learn the World’s Many Languages

Want to learn a Foreign Language with Cool, Practical, and Free Duolingo Only!

Duolingo is not only able to learn English only. Duolingo is a free language learning app created by Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker. This application was first launched on November 30, 2011. Is it been a long time right? Well, it signifies that this application is needed and favored by many people, to still exist in the 6th year. Even in 2013, Duolingo gets Google Play’s Best of the Best from Google.

You can download the Duolingo app on Google Play and the App Store  . This app has been downloaded by over 100 million users with a rating of 4.7 out of 5! Cool, right!

For you who want to learn from the computer, you just go to this address .

What Can Languages Be Learned?

Duolingo presents a variety of language courses. The courses are given according to the language of the speakers you can. There are speakers of Indonesian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Destiny, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Thai and some other languages which I myself do not know what language it is.

Well, among the various language speakers, English has the most language to learn. You can learn French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Welsh, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Greek, Swahili, Romanian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, German, and several other languages I do not know which language.

You can choose according to the language you want to learn. It’s easy, right?

Why Duolingo?

Want to learn a Foreign Language with Cool, Practical, and Free Duolingo Only!

Learn the language in Duolingo really cool. Language lessons are packed with gamification techniques. Of course, this will make foreign language lessons easier to absorb. Every time you do a question there will be value. Well, that value will be able to increase the level and get other benefits. Guaranteed, you’re going to be a nuisance while working on the questions!

How to Use?

After you download, open the Duolingo app. You will be asked to log in. Well, skipping the list first. There are two options, via email or social media. You can choose one of them. After that, choose the language you want to learn. There will be two choices, namely learning from zero or language skills test first. Tara ~ done! You can learn the language you choose!

You will meet various chapters to complete. There will be listening, speaking, choice, and stuffing. After you complete a Chapter, the chapter will turn color into gold. Then you can go to the next chapter.

Many Features

As I explained earlier, Duolingo uses the technique of gamification. Language lessons are summarized in one game that is enough to make a stir. Like playing games, there will be points that we get after successfully doing the exercise questions. That point is the currency of Duolingo, commonly called Lingot. This lingot can be used for anything, like buying a suit for Duolingo or accepting a challenge. Exciting is the point!

After you play, there will be awards. There are several awards given and according to their respective categories. This award will be obtained after completing the challenge of Duolingo.

Play alone is not cool. Duolingo provides a friend added feature. This feature is useful for you to feel there is an opponent to be defeated, so you will be motivated to keep learning. In addition, you can also create a learning group. Here more visible progress of your group one friend. But this group can only be filled up to 15 people.


Duolingo will help you learn the language according to your level of ability, taking into account the weaknesses and advantages of learning. Do not be afraid because you can not learn the language at all. Because Duolingo will accompany you to learn from nothing!

You can be motivated by Lingot for the right answer. In addition, there are also other awards that can be obtained, the lot!

We can set daily targets in learning. Later there will be a selection of targets, you just choose. There are 5 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day, and 30 minutes a day. You can adapt to your busyness and routine. This goal is for you to learn every day. Do not be afraid to forget to learn. Duolingo will automatically remind you by email.

An independent study shows that 34 hours of study with Duolingo is equivalent to taking a full-time semester course at the university! Wow.


Language learning is not exhaustive in all the vocabulary in the language being studied. So we only learn vocabulary that is only taught and that I think is less varied. But it also has its benefits anyway. We are not confused learning time. Given the vocabulary that much is sometimes overwhelmed and confused. Especially fed with more vocabulary?

There is something strange with the English translation (occurs in English speakers). As I study Korean, I feel there is something strange with the translation. Translations are automatically performed per word. Whereas in a few sentences, when translated per word will be strange. And it happened to this Duolingo. Well, hopefully, this one can be fixed yes.

Must be detailed! I do not understand why to put this on Duolingo’s shortcomings list. Though this can also be included in the list of advantages. Maybe because I’m the type that does not like if it is too detailed. To answer the problem here, you must detail the point, let the answer is correct.

Want to learn a Foreign Language with Cool, Practical, and Free Duolingo Only!

That is my opinion of Duolingo. I am reviewing this because I feel the importance of this app to be known to many people. This application I recommend for immediate download. This application is very helpful for us in learning various foreign languages. So that there is no that makes foreign language subjects a scourge.

Have you ever used Duolingo? Or even using it? How do you think? May share in the comment field. Thank you.

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