UpToPromo, Alternative if Google Adsense Rejected

UpToPromo, Alternative If Google Adsense Rejected | Google Adsense is the world’s largest online advertising site. Being a Google AdSense publisher is a dream for all bloggers, but the dream is so hard to come true. Because indeed the Google AdSense team is very strict in selecting their prospective publisher. High traffic is not a guarantee because they will only accept blogs that are qualified and meet their criteria.
UpToPromo, Alternative if Google Adsense Rejected
The difficulty in Google Adsense approves sometimes makes us frustrated and discouraged until-samurai there are some bloggers who neglect and leave the blogging activities that they.
Create friend bloggers who experience problems like this do not have to be discouraged because there are many other ways to make money from blogs and maybe the following information can be a consideration for you as an alternative if rejected Google Adsense.
UpToPromo is a new breakthrough for blog owners in optimizing search engine ranking or often called SEO (Search Engine Optimation)
in other words UpToPromo as a solution to boost the article to be on the front page automatically. Compared to looking for backlinks this way is easier and very efficient.
UpToPromo provides two services for the bloggers as advertiser and publisher.
1. Advertiser This
service offers online promotion of a website automatically. This service is very suitable for you all of you who follow the online trading business. This service will automatically optimize your website on the front page so that the goods you trade can be widely known.
2. Publisher
This service offers you the opportunity for bloggers to install ad slots on some publisher websites. Opportunity for the publisher to get the coffers of money from this one online business.
  As for how to get money from UpTopromo.com
  • Join as a publisher
To be a publisher at UpToPromo.com must register first, thus you can place ads on some parts of your website.
Unlike the PPC the number of unstable visitors will not affect your earnings. The system on UptoPromo assesses a reasonable price for a website based on the Authority page, Domain Authority, Page Rank and the age of a website. Suppose from the analysis of UpTopromo valued at 700 thousand then as a publisher in UpToPromo you will get 700 thousand money and I think this is a fair way and should be considered as an alternative if rejected Google Adsense. To be an UpToPromo publisher you can register your blog HERE
  • Join as Affiliate

If you join as Affiliate you will get 5 percent of advertising advertiser fee for their promotion. For other bloggers who managed to join your promoting website with a price of 500 RB then you as an affiliate will get 5 percent 500 RB earlier. And if you can invite other bloggers to join as a publisher you will also get 5 percent.

Immediately join UpToPromo the right solution to earn money from blogs. Thank you for reading this article.



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