Update WordPress 4.8 Add Some Great New Features


WordPress Update to the latest version; WordPress 4.8 and has added some great new features. Gear up for more intuitive WordPress! Although some updates appear small, they are built by hundreds of highly experienced contributors. Some of these new features include link enhancement, three new media widgets that include images, audio, and videos, updated text widgets that support visual editing, and an improved news section on your dashboard so users keep getting the latest news and events WordPress.

Update WordPress 4.8 Add Some Great New Features
Update WordPress 4.8

Some Great New Features Added In WordPress Update 4.8

Image Widget (Image Widget)

Image Widget

In WordPress 4.8 has been added image feature to the widget, so now add the image to the widget can be a user without the need for specific knowledge about HTML code image. Just paste your image correctly in the widget settings. You can add something like a headshot or photo of your last weekend adventure.

Video Widget (Video Widget)

Update WordPress 4.8 Add Some Great New FeaturesVideo widget

A welcome video is the best way to humanize your website brand. With this new Video widget Now you can add video from Media Library to your site sidebar. Site owners can use it to show a welcome video to introduce visitors to the site or promote the latest and greatest content on the website.

Audio Widget (Audio Widget)

Update WordPress 4.8 Add Some Great New Features
Audio widget

Are you a podcaster, musician, or avid blogger? Adding widgets to audio files is now very easy. Upload your audio files to the Media Library, go to the widget settings, select your file, and you are ready to listen. This will be an easy way to add a more specific opening message to your site!

Rich Text Widget

Update WordPress 4.8 Add Some Great New Features
Update Text Widget

Editing with the Rich text box can now be done in the widget. So that site owners can make Tex format with more Rich and Quality. To create a list, or insert a link. WordPress.org hopes CMS WordPress users will be more pampered with this new future.

Link Editing Limit

Have you ever tried updating links, or text around links in posts, and you can not edit them correctly? When you edit text after the link, your new text will also be linked. Or you edit the text in the link, but your text ends up outside. This can be frustrating! With new link boundary features, the process will be simplified and your links will work properly. And editing links is not a problem anymore.

News and Events WordPress Update

Did you know that WordPress has an evolving offline community with groups that meet regularly in over 400 cities around the world? WordPress will now preach and draw your attention to the event so as to help you continue to improve your WordPress skills, meet friends, and of course publish it!

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This is expected to be one of the favorite features of WordPress. Being part of a community can help improve your WordPress network and capabilities with other WordPress users. Now you can easily find your local WordPress event just by logging into your dashboard and viewing the Events and News dashboard widget.

That’s Some Great New Features Added In WordPress 4.8, Have You Update?

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