Tips on successful learning on google adsense most fast


To achieve success in Google Adsense we need to learn, not only limited to articles and increase traffic only. Even learning how Google AdWords works like keyword research to find high HPK and look for low competitors is also not enough. Because there are still other successful recipes. And without learning to succeed, we will never reach the place of success.

Tips on successful learning on google adsense most fast
Of the many successful ways we’ve ever learned, we can classify them in two ways: fast and slow ways.

(I) The slow way is we learn ourselves to find the best AdSense trick or optimization way according to our respective knowledge. For example, as I mentioned above that is keyword research to determine niche blog, article update and SEO optimization, read on the blog here and there that discuss per-Adsense, and so on.

(I) The quick way is to learn from successful AdSense publishers.

(!) But please keep in mind, HOW FASTER IS INSTANT NOT EXISTS. Everything needs to be processed. It’s just how fast I mean this is easier when compared to the slow way that I convey above.

However, anyway the slow way as above also we need to learn so we understand more about the ins and outs in playing Adsense.

What kind of fast way to learn success in Adsense?

The trick is we imitate AdSense publisher that has been successful. We can find a successful publisher in AdSense success story list on google for us duplicate success.

How to imitate their success?

Quite simple and easy. First, create a new google account with your name in accordance with the name of the payee Adsense. Then invite your new account as a writer on the blog you use to play Adsense. So later you have a google account with two names and data exactly the same. And I’ve done that, so I share my experience with friends.

It is not good a science to be used alone without being passed on to other friends in need. Just for encouragement from my friends, I have applied this way and the results are fun. Google reports on my AdSense account that every week my Adsense revenue has increased consistently despite my blog traffic slump by 40%.

Later please read also the story in Adsense Tips – Google Monitoring your Earning Progress.

After you have a new google account, the next step follows at least 5 successful publishers by following their blog using google profile you just created. But none of them use bloggers, all using WordPress with self-hosting. So you can not just follow their blogs.

How to follow their blog?

Please read How to Follow / Become Followers Blog Other.

Why follow up with a new google account?

We aim to peek at their way of working (publisher success) for a week or a month. After knowing their secret, then we can unfollow again and then follow the other successful publisher. But if we use a long google account then we can not unfollow again because it’s too many blogs that we follow friends. That’s our goal to create a new google account.

But in addition, this new google account we will also use to update on our blog for likes to peep, so that the profile in accordance with our profile the other. So one blog there are two authors with the same name as well. And we have to sneak peek at other successful publishers for the sake of our knowledge.

What are we sucking from a successful publisher peep?

This is the key to our success. All depends on our individual absorption in learning. For example, here’s a lesson I learned from peering at successful publishers.

1. First is we have to learn web display, ad layout, and color format on the advertisement. Then find out how these three factors work. Well, this formula we can use to Merrick web display, layout and ad formats on our own blog. All the recipes that are on the blog owned by a successful publisher we buying to our blog.

2. Second is we must know how many articles they update in a day and what topics they write. Of the five publishers, you peep there must be one publisher whose topics resemble your blog. In fact, I most like to follow a successful publisher whose blog has a niche Gado-Gado like my blog

Well, duplicate the number of articles that they update every day, how long the character of each post, how the daily routine or frequency update, and so on, then buying everything to your blog. Forcing yourself to do it that way, because there is no successful person in a relaxed way. Anyone else can why you can not?

In fact, I once asked through facebook publisher that I peek, he updated dozens of articles per day alone without a maid. Therefore I inspired them and now I am able to write 10 original articles per day lightly. The trick is to write anything we know. That is all! Therefore later seem also read Can You Write 10 Original Articles Period on Blog?

3. The third is to find out where the power of their website in the search engine. For example, how many backlinks they have (see the backlink checker), how many Alexa rank their website, how many articles they have (check on google search), how they apply SEO on a page, and so on, then make your blog like that.

But the majority of them do not have many backlinks, Alexa rank also not too slim, it’s just that they have very many articles. Therefore I conclude that a publisher has the potential to succeed in Adsense if able to update the original articles in large quantities every day. Please read more at the

Characteristics of Successful Publisher Candidates in Google Adsense.

Actually, there is more than I want to convey to my friends about tips on learning success quickly in Google Adsense this, but because this article is too long and exceed the maximum character limit, then I was forced to close up here first. InshaAllah next time we connect again.

But if you can carry out the above tips first, then I am sure you will succeed quickly in AdSense and at least for the low Bert Rafik blog will smile every 21. This means you can payout every month. Because you will soon know the weaknesses in your blog and find the key to success is most appropriate for yourself. Everyone has a different key to success.


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