Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely


Hello dear, how are you? May this day be a happy day for all of us. There are many blogs that have adequate traffic, but they can not generate overwhelming clicks. So that the income will be small. At this time, I would like to discuss tips on improving the click AdSense ads legally.

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely


Increase ad clicks AdSense
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It could lead to some things related to ad clicks. For example, with a target that does not match then, it will not lead to clicks. For example, if there are ads about office shoes or adult work shoes, well it will not be clicked if the target blog visitors is a schoolgirl, is not it?

For example again that if you use a blog Gado, it will be fewer clicks than specific blogs. This is because blog Go do will get visitors who no-go as well. So they have different interests.

Therefore, all you have to do is to change it all. The above causes can be avoided by using some of the following tips. Please see the discussion.

Tips to improve the click AdSense ads legally

Although the final income is caused by some things related to the CPC, Shah or not and so on. But with increased clicks AdSense it will make your income grows.

Some of the things below will affect the results and the number of clicks and your income as an Adsense publisher.

1. Use a responsive template

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
By using responsive templates there will be many advantages, including can increase the click AdSense ads legally. You need to know, that smartphone users in 2015 and then Indonesia is the largest according to google reports. If you do not take advantage of this well, then you can not take the chance of his name.

By using a responsive template, it can more easily adapt to different devices. One of them on the smartphone display device. So visitors can see the ad intact without being truncated. This will likely increase the click of AdSense ads if they are interested in the ads.

Some say that by using responsive templates the value of clicks will be small. It could happen, but still, there is the great value. Smaller ad clicks will be more dominant, so many do not recommend using this ad size.

Google Adsense itself always warns me via email and on the optimization tab when not using responsive ad sizes. He ordered us to replace with responsive size, in order to increase revenue by 30%.

By using these types of ads can potentially increase the click of AdSense ads. But because now there is google web light, then any ad will also be transformed into a responsive ad. To find out what is google web light and how to solve it, please refer to the explanation in the following article: Tips to increase Adsense income in the era of google web light.

2. Speed up blog loading

Problem loading speed (loading) blog also need to be considered. Because after all, a quick blog loading can increase the click of AdSense ads. You know that blog loading speed is something that should be prioritized. Because that’s where the visitor’s convenience is.

So the thing that can be done is to make your blog look as fast as possible. Do not use widgets that can affect blogs. In addition, from the hosting also need to be considered, do not let your visitors blurred because of slow hosting.

What you need to note also is the speed between AdSense ads with your blog page the same. So with both appear together, then when visitors read the article, visitors also see AdSense ads appear.

You can check the speed of the site through some tools, can be from google speed insight, GT matrix and so on. Please test there, will be given a guide to fix it. You can fix as directed to speed up the wuss.

3. Use responsive rectangle ads

This is a refinement of Point number 1 above because some say that the responsive unit is a smaller CPC and also not good when transited in a slow connection (google web light).

Using rectangle type responsive ads you can do easily. Just replace the ad format data into a rectangle. But between one blog template with another blog is not suitable to implement this.

It is a good idea to use an experiment first before following this step. Can try for a week or two last week see the results. If the result is less satisfactory or actually down the income, then you can use the responsive size only without changing it to the rectangle.

This ad fits in the article and also in the sidebar. Because it will form a rectangle or rectangle to adjust to HP screen size. Or for the desktop view, it will usually show 336 x 336 or 300 x3 00 ads depending on the availability of ads.

4. Choose a topic for the layman

Many advise against making blogs about blogging or themes related to AdSense and internet marketing. Because it will cause visitors not to click on ads. But forever this is not true, those who discuss blogs there are getting adequate ad clicks.

To increase clicks AdSense ads can create topics other than topics as mentioned above. Because theoretically, those who use topics in which the visitor is a layman (do not know AdSense), then the potential for ad clicks.

Topics that you can choose include health topics, school subjects, supernatural, lifestyle, techno, religion and so forth. Although of them there are those who know, but in general many do not know. So if there are ads that feel fit and suitable, then the visitor will click.

Based on my experience that most visitors who know about their blog do not want to click on ads. But when click value is greater or greater than click on another blog. Because the value of clicks coming from ad units such as hosting, domains and so on has a considerable cost per click.

So it’s up to you alone, want to create any theme blog, which is important to generate a lot of traffic. It is your own source of money and assets.

5. Use strategic placements

Strategic ad placement is an important role in improving the click of AdSense ads. Strategic placement does not mean we place ads that are prone to clicks, for example with pop-ups and so forth. But the position of the ad does not interfere with visitors but is obvious.

Then where can location be placed to increase click AdSense ads?

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
Actually, there are some places you can place. As often disclosed in AdSense help, ads that are in the top half of the page are the best ads. Because their visitors will see the first time and can lead to many clicks.

But do not let the time on the phone display ads cover the entire top page. Because it will violate Adsense guidelines.

In addition to the top half of the page, you can also place AdSense units in the article. I read on some blogs that advertising in the middle of the article violates the guidelines. I used to ask the AdSense representative of Indonesia (now has changed position) that is Mba Crystal’s sujud, that the ads in the article even suggested. Because it is the most clicks are in the middle of the article and also at the end of the article.

With the right ad placement as above, it will potentially increase your AdSense ad clicks. Remember to always read some of the most successful and most potential ad size guides. From google Adsense itself also has discussed this. Or if it is not suitable for your blog, then you can experiment yourself.

6. Create a long article

According to some experiments show that by making a long and readable article will be able to increase click AdSense. There are some who like long articles and some are not.

Based on info from IM Guides, that by writing articles over 2000 words will be able to beat the competition in SERP easily.

It certainly also takes time, yes between 2 to 3 months. Based on case studies conducted in the IM Guide also states that long and easy to understand articles will make its position better in the SERP.

With a variety of keywords with very crowded rivals, he is able to make his Markel is in the top 3 google. Therefore mass Darmawan (owner guide IM) always write a very long article, even if the move to the word will reach 6 more pages.

Many of the advantages of long articles, in addition, to perform better in the SERP, will also increase the click AdSense ads. This is because the ads are totally united with the content. In addition, long articles will usually be bookmarked first. So it is read later in free time.

So when read over and over again will result in ads often viewed and more varied. So although from one article alone can happen several clicks, because read repeatedly t. Especially if the article is qualified,

It will also cause ad clicks to happen repeatedly from one article if the ad attracts the attention of visitors.

7. Create a blog with 1 niche

For one point this means is to create a blog with 1 topic. So on 1 niche blog only. These tips are already proven to increase click AdSense ads. Because howsoever, ads displayed on blogs with 1 niche will be more relevant.

Actually, there are several other advantages to be gained from having a blog with one niche only:

More targeted visitors
Easier in monetizing
Bisa grow bigger
More preferably
advertiser Better in search engines
Can build community
And much more

The things that must be done to increase the click AdSense ads is to create a blog that is as simple as. So essentially do not make blog do-good, because it will be hard to get a click.

We know that one of the ways AdSense ads work is with interest-based targeting. This will make it more relevant and attract the attention of visitors. you visit to blog about the smartphone. Then you find ads about smartphones, maybe you will be interested to click on it, is not it?

But if your blog go-good, will confuse the AdSense bot to determine what ads are relevant in your blog. So anyway, using a blog with one topic would be better. Especially if the blog theme is in accordance with your hobby.

There are many options to choose from as a blog topic. For example health, technology, smartphone, home, lifestyle and so on. The important thing is that you take care of the topic and take care of it as well as possible.

Based on my blogging experience, that blog with 1 topic will get 3-5 times more clicks than multi-topic blogs with the same traffic. So wake up your blog with 1 topic.

8. Increase blog traffic

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
It can not be re-elected that the more traffic it will increase the click AdSense ads. This, of course, you can do some very complex things. Yeah right, because to increase blog traffic is a thing that can not be done in a short time and without effort.

There are many things that can be done to increase blog traffic, there is a freeway and some are paid. The freeway I think is content optimization. That’s all. With more much content will be more and more.

Mastery SEO can also be improved because after all, SE (Search Engine) will sustain most traffic sources. SE is a source of traffic that is free and long-lasting. Unlike you use advertising services. In addition to paying also briefly.

However, if you use paid traffic something instant and certain. And also can make the blog more popular by the public. So the traffic can be obtained from anywhere, which is important can increase the click AdSense ads. And the end result is more earnings.

9. Selection of the right ad colors

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
Optimization on the ad unit is also an important part in increasing the click of AdSense ads. By choosing the right colors and the right mix will also be a factor in the occurrence of clicks. Because psychologically, a person is more interested in an integrated color and calm. But there are also who like the color of contrast and glamor.

By choosing the right color with reference to the blog template is the thing you need to pay attention to. For example, if your blog template color is white, then just use white color for background advertisement. Or if the background template is black, then just use black color. This is intended to both look harmonious.

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
Because according to a successful ad blend is a matching color, not a contrasting color. In addition, equating links to templates with links to advertisements also need attention. According to some sources, that blogs with blue link colors are the most successful. Because most people’s eyes are familiar with the color, like in google, facebook, yahoo and so forth.

So for example using a striking color of a kind of red, then it can cause suspicion on the visitors. So use common colors and customize with your template color huh.

10. Make visitors as comfortable as possible

Making visitors feel comfortable while visiting your blog is the thing that should take precedence. There are many articles that discuss this. That is how the steps in creating comfort when visitors are browsing on our blog.

Some of the ways I’ve mentioned above is also an attempt to make visitors feel at home and comfortable. So you can use responsive display, not too small font size, color templates that do not make the eyes hurt, unobtrusive advertising usage, fast site, regular and tidy widgets, and also the language and style of writing is easy to read.

Making visitors as comfortable as this will be useful to improve the click AdSense ads. Because when visitors are comfortable will cause a sense of endurance. So like to read other articles, the opportunity to click on ads is also getting bigger. This can be done by starting from the look and speed of the site to visitor-friendly content.

It is no less important in the role to create the convenience of visitors is from writing the article itself. So what can you do by creating articles that are easy to understand and not confusing.

11. Target visitors from SE

Maybe SEO is a very vital thing for a blogger because after all this SEO will be more targeted visitors. But to attract traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so forth are not as easy as turning your palms. Moreover, if their rivals are many and better than us.

But if you can get traffic from SE will be able to increase click AdSense ads. Because visitors who visit your blog have been targeted according to what they need. In addition, ads coming from search engines are also more relevant. So it will show what they are looking for and they want.

This is because google itself as a container of all information. For example, your blog discusses shoes, and many are looking for shoes. And your blog ranks first position in google, then later visitors will visit your blog. And the ads displayed on your blog may be more relevant as it displays about shoes and other fashion.

So to get targeted traffic, all you can do is to learn more about SEO. Because google is always evolving and changing towards more complicated about SEO.

So always experimenting about SEO is something you can do. Because it can be useful to increase the click AdSense ads so that your blog earnings will go up.

12. Block irrelevant ads

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
It is also important to increase the click AdSense ads, because by blocking irrelevant ads that appear more fitting with our blog. For example, there is a blog about Islam, usually, I often meet there are various ads about other religions such as the search for a Christian soul mate, healing from other religions and so forth.

Of course, it is not well matched, yes it may be AdSense bot menu gap NYA relevant because it is still in the scope of religion. Well, what you can do is to block irrelevant ads like those ads. So the likelihood of relevant ads being displayed is higher, thus encouraging someone’s interest to click on ads.

You need to know that blocking ads can be from their ads directly and from the site. If you already know about the address of the site, then just write the site blocking, then the ads from the site will no longer appear. But if you do not know the name of the site what, then you can visit the review center AdSense ads.

You need to know which ads to block and which ones are not. Do not just ads that have big profits even blocked. Maybe you also often find ads that come from facebook, online store or from the marketplace. Actually, it does not need to be banned, because most of those who do not understand about online advertising just click on the ads, thus giving its own advantages for ourselves.

Read: High / Low Analysis Tips CPC Adsense Value From Party Advertiser

My experience was not familiar with the name blog AdSense and so forth, I often click Adsense ads that show facebook. So yes I open facebook from the ad when it does not know if it is the type of advertisement. So at that time I just know about the adjust from TV ads and ads that interfere in the blog.

The point is if you want to block ads, then just block ads that are not relevant or very contrary to our own blog. For example as above. So by having relevant ads then at least we are

13. Use templates with boxed layouts

Boxed Layout is the layout that is inside the box. Suppose you open the computer 1 has a width of 1200 px, opened on a computer that has a smaller size is also a fixed width 1200 px. So not full screen, so clearly visible in the background of the page with the background from outside the box.

Many believe that this is a blog that uses themes boxed is very influential. This is because the visitor’s eyes are more focused on the content of the article. So those ads will be more visible and prominent.

There are many BlogSpot templates and WordPress themes that have this boxed form. So you just use it for free or buy a premium.

Maybe this way can increase the click AdSense ads one blog but on other blogs have no effect. So it would be nice to experiment in advance to find out how effective this is on your blog.

However, there are many other factors that may dominate the blog so that ad clicks do not get a good CTR.

14. Do not have too many widgets

Too many of these widgets, in addition, can make the loading becomes more severe, can also affect the click of your AdSense ads. Moreover, using widgets that are not important, colorful and large. Therefore, things you can do from now on is to reduce the heavy and useless widgets.

Widgets do have to be on the blog itself. Which is a tool that can be used to increase visitor convenience? In addition, some widgets can actually increase the click AdSense ads.

Therefore, you should be able to really pay attention to which widgets are needed and which are not.

15. Use page-increasing ads (page level ads)

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
This is not an ad type of matched content, but it is a mobile-specific ad. Well, the purpose of this ad is made is to increase the click AdSense ads coming from smartphones. Because this ad can only show on ads that come from smartphones with good connections.

Yes even though this ad is still in development trial (beta), but it is worth a try. Because I see on some blogs that discuss mobile page increase ads (page-level ads) is a more positive impact. One of them is more earning, even up to 300% increase.

There are two versions of this ad: there are an overlay ad type and a floating ad at the bottom. Both can be activated simultaneously by using only 1 code on the blog. And importantly, these ads do not run on mobile phones that have a low specification and also are on a low-speed connection.

So both of these you can use together. Yes if you say this is no different from AdMob leads in terms of appearance. But if in terms of delivery is very different, because if AdMob can refresh a few seconds with the settings, and always appear in the application online. While the ads page-level ads do not always look like AdMob because it is intended to not disturb blog visitors.

I suggest if the blog meets the requirements to place the ads page-level ads, then immediately install. And see the results until 1 or 2 weeks, just prove whether this can increase the click AdSense ads or not.

16. Place in the middle of the article

Putting ads in the middle of the article also become one of the powerful tips in order to increase click AdSense ads. Because after all, this is closely related to visitor clicks. Try not to install a too short, just plug a maximum width of 300 pixels and length down at least 280 px no more. Because most smartphones are at such a rate.

I am currently placing ads in the middle of the article with the size of 300 x 600 px, but safe only. In contrast to putting ads that are in the area under the title was even often reprimanded.

If I prefer to use ads that come from text type only. Because it I think more united, as long as the color with our blog link is the same. So if installed in the middle of the article, it will make the visitor think that it is a related article.

Therefore, I invite you all to try to use this type of advertising. Because this could be better to use. Instead of installing it in the sidebar better put it in the middle of the article only.

To put an ad in the middle of an article, then you can learn easily. Good for WordPress as well as for BlogSpot I guess it will be very easy.

17. Use a combination of text and image ads

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
You can also use articles that contain text and images. Because both of these things can increase your ad click ads. In addition, in some articles remain from Adsense about Adsense Adsense success tips, also always recommend this is not it ?.

We know that the AdSense ads are determined by the advertisers. For example, if the advertiser that many who choose text type ads then if we just put the picture only (display only), then we will miss the opportunity.

When text and combination type ads are applied to my blog with a responsive rectangle type, the results are up. But if applied to the size of 300 × 600 pixels, the results obtained less good, better to use text only. In addition to being determined by size, niche blogs also affect.

For example, when discussing travel, reviews, cars and the like visitors will prefer the image ads. While if the blog is about education then it would be better to use text type ads.

18. Use the asynchronous ad type

This type of asynchronous ad has indeed I mentioned in the previous discussion. So essentially AdSense ads that consist of two types of asynchronous ads with synchronized ads. Both have differences from loading or loading. Which one if synchronize it takes the time to load, while asynchronous ads do not. So we can be sure this can increase the click AdSense ads.

Because basically, this type of asynchronous ads will be skipped when not showing up. But if this type of synchronous ads, will wait until the ads appear perfect so we can continue reading the article. So synchronize ads will make the blog as if it will be slower, especially if you install ads that are on the top page.

But responsive ad types are all on the asynchronous version. So this will be better in terms of speed so indirectly will be able to increase click AdSense ads. But keep in mind that this asynchronous type of ad code will rebel if installed in the template directly. So you need to parse it first.

Indeed, the effect of this directly in increasing click AdSense ads is arguably small. But based on consideration with attention to the official advice from Adsense and from some other blogs, that this can have an impact on income, then it never hurts to try it.

19. Use elongated and large ads

Increase ad clicks AdSense
This I have touched on point 16 above. By using large, elongated (horizontal or vertical) ads and placed in the middle of an article, it will have an effect on increasing your AdSense ad clicks.

Based on the experience so far, I practice this, the results can be spelled out sharply than using only a short ad. Long ads with widths of 300 x 600 and 728 x 90 this is the most successful in increasing clicks AdSense ads.

However many people do not recommend it. Because it is feared there will be invalid clicks. Yes for example, while scrolling the screen HP suddenly thumbs up Kepler. So this is very necessary you pay attention.

But as far as I’m using this size ad, I’m not given any warning. In addition, when I asked one of the parties Adsense Mba Crysthila Sujudi when still can be asked directly, he said that such ads are allowed.

So because I already feel that this is allowed, then I continue to use ads like this. And the results were quite satisfactory. Especially ads that come from mobile for vertical types. Because when using the ad type 300 × 600, then the ad can appear 1 full screen full without filled articles.

So we can be sure the legibility and the visibility of the ad are very high. Moreover, installed in the middle of the article which has appeared perfect.

Do you want to try this type of advertisement?

20. Experiment and optimize AdSense suggestions

Tips to Increase Adsense Clicks Safely and Securely

Increase ad clicks AdSense
Always experimenting with your AdSense ads is the best thing. I read on some blogs next door, that he has done hundreds of experiments on AdSense ads. Which is all done in order to increase click AdSense ads.

Because it could be when you read the article about AdSense optimization on blog A then applied and the results are not good. However, when implementing from blog B works well. So the effect is relative between one blog with another blog. Then it would be nice to do the experiment yourself and see which is right and the most productive.

Because even though the experiment makes the income up and down is not clear, but if it has found the key, it will have a permanent positive impact on our blog.

Not only do the experiment alone, following the advice of Adsense is the best thing. Suppose your blog is told to put a responsive type of advertising, then follow. If told to use size 336 × 280, then just follow. And if you’re told to use text and image ads or use the latest AdSense features like matched content and mobile page upgrade ads, just follow it.

Because after I practice what is suggested by google Adsense, I also often get more Adsense income. It can even exceed what is estimated by Adsense.

Increasing Adsense income is sometimes quite difficult for some bloggers. Sometimes we get a lazy disease. Especially if just a few months have a Google Adsense account and no visible signs of going to increase balance, still in position zero comma
With a small number of clicks and a small ad per click value, the lazier the illness will suffer, but it’s not the end of everything. To overcome the value of clicks that only use empire, there are tools that can be used as a benchmark in determining keywords with a large click value.

Well, that’s a few things related to tips to increase click AdSense ads. So you can try it from now on. Because this way, then you will be better in AdSense income. So who has not PO once a month, it is expected to PO once a month, for the PO a little so much and that has much to add more.

Hopefully, this discussion will be useful for all of us. Do not forget to share this article if you care about others. thanks.
If this article useful, surely know what to do,
Which is the most successful get the abundant lucky? You can share experiences and opinions with in the comments field below. Thanks for reading this article.


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