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Things to Prepare Before Blogging

Things to Prepare Before Blogging

I’m going to tell you in this article, What are the Things to Prepare Before Blogging? Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings. Writing is an activity that some may find fun, including me. Even with writing activities, we can also get a fortune in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Creating books,
  2. Write articles on blogs (other people’s blogs or blogs themselves),
  3. Writing articles in newspapers,
  4. Write articles for magazines,
  5. etc.

And even though it sounds fun, sometimes we may also often feel difficult when writing articles. That is when we are dazed thinking what ideas will be poured on our writing. But there are also some obstacles when writing articles that are as follows:

  1. Lazy,
  2. bored,
  3. Have no idea,
  4. tired,
  5. etc.

Well maybe from the 4 points above will be discussed in this article.

5 Things to Prepare Before Blogging

Things to Prepare Before Blogging

There are various things that you need to prepare before you start blogging. Well, we will start on this part.

In this section, we will summarize it first about what we will discuss in this article. Some of the things we will discuss in this article are as follows:

  1. Establish intent to blog
  2. Choosing a powerful blog platform
  3. Create a structured article plan
  4. Define the article promotion target

Maybe from the 4 things, we will discuss you can add a few more things in the comment field.

Well, let’s just discuss it, here’s a variety of things that need to be prepared before blogging.

1. Establishing Intention To Blogging

Establishing the intention to blog is the first step you need to do. Because maybe when you’ve been on the road while blogging, you will feel bored and lazy to update the article and develop your blog, so just in the middle of the road your blog has gone bankrupt.

So things that need to be prepared before the first blog is the intention, so that later blog will grow rapidly. For example in your heart implanted a day intention to blog with various purposes, ie I describe some examples as follows:

  1. “I am blogging for preaching”
  2. “I want to write articles on blogs with educational themes”
  3. “I want to write on my blog to get money”
  4. “I want to get money from blog “
  5. “I want to support my parents and my family through blogging.”

Well that intention can you get maybe when you’re in trouble, for example when your family or your monthly money again plummeted, then maybe you will think to lead into the work of being a blogger, well in my opinion this may not be effective, ie when you Become a blogger but in a state of necessity, maybe later your blog will run aground in the middle of the road.

So try to blog with good intentions, for example, planning long before the problem comes, but of course we all do not know when the problem or test and punishment will come, all that God knows.

Therefore try to straighten your intention first before doing the job as a blogger, so later on in the middle of your journey as a blogger does not run aground, Insha Allah.

2. Learning Writing Skills

The next thing you need to master before you start blogging is by having the ability to write. Because maybe friends already know, that most of the bloggers fill the blog with text or text content, so friends need to learn first about things to write, such as placement of capital letters, and so forth.

Well, to have the ability of friends may be able to review again in the past about learning materials about Indonesian fitting sitting in elementary school or junior high school. Or friends can also buy books about learning Indonesian.

Why do we need to learn this writing skill? I think for this one optional because even if you do not have the ability to write, you also still can become a blogger. But better still when you want to blog you need to learn first about matters relating to writing this so that later content that you write can enter into the quality category.

The quality can be the right intonation, the appropriate dot or coma, the spelling of a good word, and the other. And of course, it can you get the knowledge by learning first about the science of writing or Bahasa Indonesia.

3. Choosing a Powerful Blog Platform

The next thing you need to have after having the ability to write is to choose a powerful blog platform.

The meaning of this powerful deed here may be interpreted to various maca meaning, but the word powerful here I mean to be like a very steady and useful.

But first, let’s first discuss what is a blog platform.

Well like this, blog platform is a provider of blogging services, whether it’s free or some are paid. If the paid course is likely to have a powerful side that is more powerful than the free.

But it does not cover that the free blogger platform also has a powerful level that can exceed the paid, as long as we already know the properties of the platform and know the tricks to make the blog platform become powerful (of course in a legal way).

For those platforms you can find on the internet, because if I mentioned the fear of violating copyright, so let me be safe, you should search on the internet with the keyword “best blogging platform”, then there are two possibilities that arise, namely:

  1. Will immediately appear the platform
  2. Will appear blogs that review various blog platforms

So what are the characteristics of a powerful blog platform? Well as for the various features of the powerful blog platform is as follows:

  1. It has nice features,
  2. Free (optional),
  3. Easy to use,
  4. Friendly look,

4. Creating a Thermostat Article Planning

Well after you’ve chosen a powerful blog platform, step or things that need to be prepared before Ngeblog next is to create various target or planning articles are of course structured.

The purpose of this structured article is that the structure is good and correct.

Examples like this, for example in the first week of blogging, you will write articles that have a smartphone theme, well then on the first day you are blogging or writing articles with the title of one smartphone brand, then on the second day you write an article with a title that seemed – will discuss other brands.

Then in the second week, you want to create an article with the theme of blogging, well on day 8 (week 2 on day-1) you create an article about SEO tips and tricks, and so forth.

In fact, not all types of content will be popular. Despite being promoted correctly.

Therefore the ‘content promotion’ mindset should be held since before the content was published … even before it was created.

5. Determining the Target of Promotion Articles

Determining the target of article promotion is the thing that needs to be prepared before Ngeblog is most important. Well after your blog has many articles like hundreds, or maybe thousands, and you have not promoted your blog, maybe it’s time for you to do promotion to your blog.

Keep your promotions targeted. So the like this, you want to promote your that discusses smartphones, then try to do the promotion of articles to social media groups that about smartphones, then Insha Allah your article will surge, visitors, decryption.


Well, how do you think? Easy is not the preparation? So from that you please try to do various things that need to be prepared before Ngeblog. Well, so this article I submit, hopefully, this article can be useful for you.

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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