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Alaska is one of the least populated but the largest state in the United States. This state has always been one of the pioneers for incorporating technology in many fields. Since 1981, they have started to use technology in Education and they also have a council to maintain it’s utility and effectiveness this council is known as the Alaskan Society of Technology in Education.

Since this state has started to incorporate technology in education from so long they have started online education from much earlier than other states. This is the reason they have some of the best online colleges in the country. To find the best online colleges in Alaska can be considered as a huge task because there are so many online colleges and to find the best from that is a big task in itself.

Alaska has a number of regulatory policies and standards which arises from Alaska’s membership in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. In 1955 the state has joined and since then it has participated in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).

By this implementation, the state has made a commitment to make online education courses more presentable to students across the states, in turn making online education a valuable and best option for students based on Alaska.

Best online colleges in Alaska

University of Alaska Southeast

With its headquarters in Juneau and with the extended campuses in Sitka and Ketchikan. It imparts knowledge to an approximate of 3800 students per year in its four schools. The school of Arts and Sciences, School of Career Education, School of Education, and School of Management.

It is one of the best online colleges in Alaska that offers 56 online programs across 10 disciplines in the field of Arts and Sciences, School of Career Education, School of Education, and School of Management.

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)

It is a public research university and also a flagship campus of the UA system. Which has an online learning platform with seven rural and urban campuses? The uaf online course serves a number of students approximately 11,000 students per year. The most popular undergraduate majors include general program/studies, biological sciences, petroleum engineering, and mechanical engineering.

This college offers 35 online programs in 10 disciplines in fields such as Business Mangement, Paralegal studies, Education, Accounting, Criminal Justice, etc.

Alaska Pacific University

It is a small liberal arts and sciences university emphasizing experiential, hands-on instruction, situated across 175 acres in the forest among Anchorage’s trail system. It is known for its academic rigour in case of both of its online and offline courses.


In the past four to five years college tuition in Alaska has risen by 30.1%, but the tuition rates are still relatively low. This is mainly because the government is trying to encourage online education more.

NCES reports show that 16.4% of students enrolled in Title IV institutions in Alaska (5,553 students) were in exclusively online programs.

  • 7% were in public 4-year institutions
  • 6% of students at for-profit four-year institutions studied entirely online
  • 3% were living in Alaska
  • 9% were living elsewhere in the United States


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