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Strategy Improve Page View with Continuous Articles Method

Strategy Improve Page View with Continuous Articles Method

Strategies to improve Page View (PV) are mostly done by bloggers. Most bloggers use a lot of links in articles, popular posts, and related post so that visitors want to linger in the blog. The higher the PV the longer the visitors stay on the blog so Bounce Rate is getting minimal. The master believes that the bounce rate is small then the site the better the SEO

In this article, I want to share the trick to increase blog page view using content strategy.So do not discuss SEO, because SEO is too complicated for me a newbie blogger

I created this article based on personal experience and how many readings I get from bloggers on their site. If my friend has other tricks or disagreements can help me with commenting

Strategy Improve Page View with Continuous Content Method

Strategy Improve Page View with Continuous Articles Method

As the name suggests (this strategy I call myself: Continuous Content) is to build blogs by creating articles that are mutually sustainable from one article to another. So, in building a blog try to prioritize making articles that are interconnected to complete

The advantage of using this method is the optimization that resides within the article so that the reader’s ability to click on a link is higher than if it only takes advantage of the related post and popular post. Especially for blogs with themes blogging and tutorials, this method, in my opinion, is very relevant

If the links included in the article do not use the strategy (haphazard) then it is just a lucky factor if the visitor clicks on the link. However, if you create with this strategy, then my friend who determines the direction of movement of blog visitors, not about luck alone. Buddy designed the movement of visitors to further improve page views, such as tour guides that guide tourists

The weakness is in the buddy demands to make an article in accordance with previous articles and really – serious in managing the pattern of writing articles in order to get a good sustainability

Here are some tips to improve your PV with the sustainable content method you can apply

1. Create a general article first with a complete discussion

In order to map the content easier, then better buddy make the first article that discusses a topic with general (general) but speakers complete. In order to make the next article easier in determining the theme

Example: Buddy create an article about blogging

Make an article that discusses the full range of discussions to yesterday, like

A. Understanding blog

B. Kinds of CMS to create blogs

C. How to create blog articles

D. How to optimize blog

D. How to earn money on blog

E. Kinds – kinds of ways to earn money on blogs

F. Examples of successful bloggers

G. Access blog

E. and so forth

In the article, my friend uses general discussion only. No need to discuss in detail, because the discussion of details per sub-discussion will be done in the next article. This will have the opportunity to increase the page view, if in the initial content development still not cover it all, you can update in the future

2. Make an article that discusses more detail in each sub-discussion in the general article

After you have one general main article. The next step is to create a detailed article of each subtitle of the article in general. After the details of the article are made, update the general article to provide a link to the article about the discussion of detail, and in the article detail it provide a link back to the general article

If my friend is serious in building using this method, one subtitle can be made more detail articles of five articles and this is very potential to increase page view

Example: Build articles in sub-sorts – kinds of CMS to create blogs

In the discussion of this subtitle, you can develop the article in a detailed direction per CMS about what its advantages and disadvantages, for example:

Kinds of CMS to create blogs
  • How to create a blog with Blogger
  • How to create articles with WordPress
  • How to create a blog with Drupal
  • How to create a blog with Joomla
  • and others

From one subtitle only, my friend can have many advanced articles. Visitors who really want to know the various – kind of CMS will be very comfortable entering links – useful links that my friend gave in the article. Inter articles that are made detailed by my friend in the link to other articles but still give a link to the general article

General article is always included as a link in each article to work so that if visitors lose the next link, or not understand the previous article but hard to find the article then the general article serves as the main navigation

3. Create a sub-article from the article detail subtitles

Not enough just to make the article continuous to level two as in point two above. After the detailed article is created, create a more detailed discussion in order to continuous uninterrupted

Example: How to create articles with WordPress

In this detail, my friend can make more detail from the sub – subtitles that my friend created in this article, such as:

How to create articles with wordpress
  • Differences wordpress.com and WordPress self-hosting
  • Advantages of using wordpress.com and self-hosting WordPress
  • Lack of wordpress.com and WordPress self-hosting
  • Plug in mandatory that must be installed on WordPress self-hosting
  • The best free theme for WordPress self-hosting

This more detailed discussion will make visitors feel at home in the blog and automatically increase the page view. Although certainly difficult to find/create content that is detailed if not the passion of science in the field. But not impossible to make, because my friend can do rewrite the article. To rewrite you can use  How to create Unique Rewrite Articles, Even More, Unique from the original article

However, in making articles – articles, my friend needs to consider the article you created. Because if the quality of articles that my friend made less good, could be a bored visitor to read the old blog because of several factors that can be known in  How to Write a Good Blog Articles and Potential to Increase Visitor

In this strategy, the optimization is the content, so the quality of content is very influential for the realization of PV blog abundant. However, if you want to work hard to create content that has a good continuity then your blog will have a high PV with a wide level of information

This way is very relevant to do because my friend not only plays with the related and popular post but more emphasis on the content link. This method has the possibility of visitors to enter into the link will be higher and many times the possibility if only rely on related and popular post

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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