Referral Program in WordPress – How to Create One


Looking forward to creating a referral program in WordPress? These are an amazing tactic to get the number of people to promote your products. The best part is you can make it reach to a larger audience.

Referral Program in WordPress – How to Create One

Also referred to an affiliate program, referral program helps more individuals to help you sell your products. Here, you need to pay them a small commission. This will be paid on each sale they make towards your products. The process is similar to building a personal sales army without having to pay the remuneration.

Marketing content is created by affiliate marketers using tools and plugins. Referring users help them make money on the internet. They refer the users to services and products they have been looking for.

Efficient and result producing management of a referral program requires a special tool. It will help affiliate marketers to be a part of your referral program. The tool will even help you track sales and potential traffic sent by affiliate partners.

Here’s how you can create a referral program in WordPress to attract more customers:

Use AffiliateWP

This is known to be one of the best plugins for WordPress affiliate management. Of course just as everything else in life, the plugin comes with its own pros and cons. You must consider these prior to actually making a decision. If you are looking for a WordPress Developer, meeting the right professional will help you make this decision too.

The Pros

– Easier to use.

– Mergers into WordPress site as its native app.

– Cost effective. You can get plans that start from $99 annually to $499 for a lifetime license.

– Easy integration with PayPal, WooCommerce stores, Stripe, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

– The huge number of add-ons such as third-party add-ons, free ones, paid.

– Add-ons to extend AffiliateWP.

– Real-time affiliate tracking combined with detailed reports for you as well as affiliate partners.

How to Create a Referral Program in WordPress

Step 1: Install the AffiliateWP plugin and activate it.

Step 2: Once it is activated, visit the Affiliates » Settings page. Now enter your license key. This info is available on AffiliateWP website right under your account.

Step 3: Choose a page that you would use for the Affiliate Area. One will be automatically created by AffiliateWP. However, if you wish to use a different page, you can select one for yourself.

Step 4: Choose the service page terms. You can check out affiliate program terms pages on other websites to create one for your own site. After creating the page you can select it here.

Step 5: Review other settings on the page. Thereafter, arrange these settings based on your own referral program plans.

Step 6: Click on the button ‘Save Changes’ button. This will store your settings.

Step 7: Switch to the tab ‘integrations’ on the ‘Settings’ page. Now select the integrations you wish to enable.

Step 8: Click on the button ‘Save Changes’ button.

Step 9: Switch to the tab ‘Emails’ on the ‘Settings’ page. It is possible to edit emails sent to your affiliates with AffiliateWP. You may even upload the logo of your business. Other facilities include creating your own email templates and choose an email address you wish to use to send out affiliate emails.

Step 10: You need to set up advanced settings for the program. Start with switching to the tab ‘Misc’ on the settings page. You will see the first option on the page ‘allow affiliates to register themselves’. If you wish to give authority to your affiliates check this option.

Step 11: Enable reCAPTCHA. This will prevent bots from registering to your site as affiliates.


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