HOW TO REDUCE BOUNCE RATE BLOG FAST, who see bounce rate in Google analytic is quite large or can be said more than 50%. Actually what is called a bounce rate obtained blogs in google analytics? Bounce rate obtained blog in terms or terms of Indonesia is bounce rate, which is the ratio of a blog visitor who does not come back again or just once in reading a post on your blog.


How to calculate bounce rate blogs obtained from Yoyo Scoring blog is as follows that if a blog has a total of 30,000 visits but visitors who only open a single page as much as 1,000. Thus, the bounce rate of your blog is (1,000 / 30,000) x100% = 3.33%.

The formula that can be applied to calculate the bounce rate of your blog is Bounce Rate = (Number of visitors who only open one blog page / Total number of visits) x 100%. But you do not have to bother because there is a blog statistics tool or tool that is Google analytic that is cool enough to be juxtaposed with your blog.

That was a way to calculate the bounce rate then how to reduce bounce rate and make visitors feel at home to read the articles on your blog? The trick is:

1. Write a unique article interesting and amazing the first way is a lot of match-master SEO advocate
2. For blogs look cooler and the average length of time your blog readers longer then you should add a video related to the blog post you.
3. Use support widgets such as related article widgets, popular articles, recent articles, the most articles in the reader comment.

5. Use the open link new tab so that the reader does not leave the page read now when it will open a new page.
6. Articles that are many and interconnected with each other to fill one with the other it will make blog visitors more comfortable reading your articles.
7. A lightweight blog accessible and clear navigation will stimulate the reader to read the article you have created, it’s useless if many articles but loading your blog long time your blog readers choose to leave your blog.

seven steps above is one of the main points in lowering the level of bounce rate of your blog. If you are able to make a combination or apply the above seven things well it is not possible your blog readers will feel at ease relax and enjoy the facilities on the blog you have.

For how to know the rate of bounce rate of your blog, please you list at and see the bounce rate of your blog how many.

How to quickly lower the Bounce Rate on Blog writing from quality articles, add attributes supporting articles such as videos, widgets that display other articles in the blog, good language, strategies on the open link new tab, continuous articles and loading Lightweight as well as cool blog navigation. Hopefully with the way it can lower bounce rate blog. Thanks.


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