Reasons Why Master Hides Their Bule Blog?


Master blog bule  – In the world of blogging, know a term called Master. This is a term to call bloggers who are experts and experienced in the world of blogging. In India alone, there are many other terms besides the master, such as temperature, mastah, teacher and others. Whatever the term, still these masters generally tend to have a closed nature, in many ways.

Reasons Why Master Hides Their Bule Blog

Even if there are readers who know the master who is open but there is still that they hide. Obviously, the things hidden by these masters are closely related to them, such as their home address, income, and blogs.

Some masters may hide their home address. With security and privacy reasons for their homes are not disturbed by the arrival of bloggers who want to learn about the world of blogging.

Even so about the details of his income during the blogging world. They also keep it secret for security and privacy reasons so as not to trigger the theft of envy and heat to see people happy. As for the latter, which is about blogs of any bule they manage also not escape their secrets, but why?

Reasons Why Master Keep Blog Bule Secrets

When a master earns hundreds of millions of blogs, there will be many people who are curious about what their name or blog address is. When asked, usually these masters will be closed and secret meetings detail blogs bule.

Not that they meant to lie or be arrogant, but because they had their own reasons for it. For example like one of the following reasons.

No Want to Visit Flood

If the master tells the address of their bule blog, then maybe it will make the blogs bulenya so crowded visited by Indian bloggers who are curious about how it looks.

The visit flood is actually a good thing, but the masters will take it badly so they choose to be silent when asked for their blog address.

The real reason is that the master does not want if their blog is considered Google if it has done something suspicious. You see, English blue blog whose target is the country outside Kok suddenly can flood in visit Indonesia, it’s not logical (think Google, roughly).

If this continues, it is possible that it will adversely affect the CPC of the master being declining. Consequently, it is feared Google will consider blog blue master is a spam blog that does not display so publisher adsense or in other words Adsense master account so disbanded and blog blacklist.

Do not Want Their Blogs Attacked

Adsense earnings of hundreds of millions of blogs bule, of course, will trigger a diverse reaction from many other bloggers. There are those who feel admiration, pride, curiosity and even jealousy.

Yes, baseball everyone likes to see people happy. There are also those who are not happy with the master for some reason, whether it’s because of hurt due to unanswered questions or the like.

Because of his displeasure, usually the people who hate the master will do anything for the masters to be unhappy, for example by doing hacking attacks, spamming, boom Adsense ads click or similar to the master blog.

By announcing the blog address to the blogger audience see India, then it equally provides opportunities as wide-spread for the haters to ruffle blog or master site.

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So a review of why blog masters hide their blogs. With this article, hopefully, can provide enlightenment to you who are wondering why the master hides their blue blog.

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