Picture-In-Picture at MIUI 10: What Is It and How to Use It?


Picture-In-Picture at MIUI 10: What Is It and How to Use It?, The presence of MIUI 10 for Xiaomi device users does bring many new features. One of them is a picture-in-picture feature or usually abbreviated as PIP.

Since the stable version was released in September 2018, MIUI 10 is now available for various Xiaomi devices, from old devices such as the Xiaomi Mi 4 to new devices.

Picture-In-Picture at MIUI 10: What Is It and How to Use It?

MIUI 10 is a special system built by Xiaomi based on Android 8 Oreo (some use Android 9 Pie) with some features that steal Android 9 Pie features, such as vertical volume slider buttons to gesture for navigation.

Armed with an Android 8 Oreo system, this special system made by Xiaomi also carries many of the features brought by the Android system. One of them is the picture-in-picture feature that is pretty much awaited.

At a glance, picture-in-picture is actually a feature that is on a TV or other similar device. Which with this feature, a program that is displayed fully on the screen can run simultaneously with other programs that are inserted on the screen. Read moreThe Best Software To Recover Lost Data On Smartphone For Free

Since Google introduced Android 8 Oreo, this feature was also adopted by Google to be one of the features of the Android operating system. Thus, users can open multiple applications simultaneously.

Unlike the previous split screen features, picture-in-picture does not divide the screen into two displays but uses a picture-in-picture floating display on TV.

On the Xiaomi device itself, the picture-in-picture feature can be activated in MIUI 10 by opening Settings and entering Additional settings. Next, select the Privacy option and select the Picture-in-picture option.

On the Picture-in-picture page, users can set any application that will be allowed to access the picture-in-picture feature. In this case, not all applications are supported by this feature.

After that, the user also needs to set the application to be activated using the feature. For example, in the VLC application, usage can enter Preferences, then BG / PIP mode and activate Play videos in picture-in-picture mode.

To use it, Xiaomi users can give open videos using the VLC application. Then when the video has been played, press the home button. Automatically, the video display will change to a floating screen.

It should be noted, only a few applications that support this picture-in-picture feature. Besides that, to enable each application different steps are needed for each application. Thank you for reading this article.


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