WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google


WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google. Many website owners are using WordPress for their website creation platform. So that WordPress optimization is an important thing to do.

Many reasons why personal bloggers and small to medium-sized businesses tend to use WordPress in building their websites.

WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google

WordPress has been common and used by many people so it has a good reputation. The various templates provided by WordPress help business people to build their own websites.

There are several reasons why WordPress is so popular among many:

  • WordPress is a website creator tool is easy to use/operate, has a look that is user-friendly, making it easier for users to use and build its own Web site.
  • Many website themes are available.
  • Users do not need reliable and expert in operating the website as well as coding because WordPress has provided pictures and thumbnails that are ready to click & drag as needed.

You as an online business, of course, your website ranking in search engines is very important. Here are some of the criteria websites favored by Google so that your website can appear in their SERP (Search Engine Result Page):

Have an original website domain name

Google is a popular search engine in the world today, like personal websites by using TLD (Top Level Domains) like .com, .net, .id, and so on.

The type of main domain using the TLD is considered Google more convincing and reliable than other websites that do not use similar things.

Examples of the main domain with TLD like DigitalMarketer.id, startupbisnis.com, duniafitnes.net and so forth.

It has original and quality content

The website ranking will go up and your website is favored by Google if there is a lot of quality content in it.

WordPress Optimization. Quality content is usually a long article, with a fairly complete topic discussion. Ideally, a good article consists of 1000-3000 words.

How long, quality and useful a content can be seen from the longer  time on-site  (how long visitors access the blog/website)

Have consistent content

Consistent here 2 things. Consistent in the topic and consistent in publishing it.

In terms of topics if for example, your website is related to fitness and body health means your content can be about sports. Do not create content about unrelated ones such as muscles or politics. Try to always present one theme and consistent content.

In publishing, you should be consistent in how much you publish content at a time. Suppose you publish content once a week. Do not get you too long to not publish the content because it will definitely reduce your website ranking, visitors and your website’s credibility can also be reduced. So optimize your WordPress with consistent content

Websites that maintain templates

Maintain a template within a website that will make your website a prime preference for search engines.

The template is stable and still looks important to the sustainability of the website so that its credibility is better in the search engines.

Website with Fast Loading Time

Websites that have fast loading time will be Google’s priority.

But sometimes there are also many obstacles experienced by WordPress users related to the speed of the loading time of their website. Website loading speed can affect google SERP.

Before you start optimizing website loading speed, you can check in advance how fast loading time your website with Google Page Speed Insight.

Next, let’s discuss how WordPress optimization by increasing its loading time.

Image Optimization

One way to optimize WordPress is by optimizing the images uploaded to your WordPress. Uploading high-resolution images with large file sizes directly to your hosting server will consume more storage, can affect load time, faster quota (for those who frequently browse the mobile). If the picture you uploaded

If the image you upload has a file size or resolution that is too large, you can use an image resolution resizing application before uploading and displaying it on your WordPress website. One application shrinks your image size is by  tinypng.com.

WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google

You can also reduce the size and reso sulci images to be uploaded to your website with one of the WordPress Plugins  Smush Image Compression and OptimizationYou simply enable the plugin for your website.

WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google

For WordPress optimization, the size and resolution of images should fit your website theme. If too large can make your website loading slow, but if too small, the image can be blurry and not clearly visible.

Next, there are three important elements of WordPress, which are as follows:

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML is the basic language of web linking. HTML is not a programming language, but a markup language, there are many web programming languages intended to manipulate HTML code, such as JavaScript and PHP.

HTML displays various information within an internet web browser and simple hypertext formatting written in an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format file in order to produce an integrated view of the form.

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

CSS is a collection of program code used to design or enhance the look of HTML pages. With CSS we can change the design of text, color, image, and background from almost any HTML tag code. CSS and HTML are complementary, HTML is intended to create structures, whereas CSS is used to change the look. CSS is not a programming language.

  • Javascript

Javascript is a scripting language that is popular on the internet and can work in most web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and others. Javascript is a web programming language that is Client Side Programming Language. Client Side Programming Language is a type of programming language that processes performed by the client, which in this case is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

WordPress Optimization

To make your WordPress website run faster and optimally, you are recommended to enable Cache System available in the WordPress plugin.

Here are 3 WordPress plugins that are very useful for the caching function:

1 –  W3 Total Cache

WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google

2 –  WP Super Cache

WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google

3 –  WP Fastest Cache

WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google

3 Plugins work to help you cache files from all static assets on the web like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can choose one of these 3 plugins.

Once the cache files are created, the CPU no longer needs to process those 3 elements and directly leads to the cache files. This will increase your website loading speed significantly.

WordPress Optimization to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google


Have you already done WordPress optimization that you use as a website creation platform? Or maybe you have other tips for WordPress optimization? You can share other tips with Infomint.net in the comments field below.



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