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Now Using Instagram on PC Can Be Done

Now Using Instagram on PC Can Be Done

How to use Instagram on PC? Maybe this is a frequently asked question. The answer turned out to be easier than we thought.

To use Instagram on PC or laptop or computer or tablet, we simply use Windows 10 and installInstagram from Exchange. Yes, it’s that easy. No need for complicated tricks or using other apps.

This capability comes with the latest Instagram update. This also proves the commitment of Instagram-or in this case up- bringing applications in various devices Windows 10. To make it happen, Facebook uses OSmeta, not Windows Bridge for iOS which formerly known as Project Islandwood code.

Since Instagram was first released in Windows 10 Mobile, its development is already quite distant. At first, this app still feels slow and often crashes. However, the better days are used.

For Windows Mobile 10 users, the biggest advantage of Instagram apps is the fact that the app is a transition from the iOS version. Many features are present in full, and surprisingly, come pretty quickly. Call it: Instagram Stories and Instagram Business Profile.

Surprises are still coming. Before the last update, many people argued that Instagram is made only for mobile devices. With this update, Instagram makes facts a myth. Now we can use Instagram on PC.

Instagram display and features on the PC is not much different from the smartphone. Includes photo editing, direct message, and Instagram Stories, as well as live tiles and notifications. This certainly makes it easy to use Instagram as the base of its social media. Glossary: You can step up the game!

Now Using Instagram on PC Can Be Done

From the Instagram side, in this case, Facebook ability to be used in computers is obviously significant, given the number of Windows computer users. Adaptation of Windows users from older versions (Windows 7 and Windows XP) to Windows 10 is indeed slowing down. But growth remains.

Facebook started moving into the business sector. Starting from Facebook Shop, Marketplace, and Instagram Business Profile present one by one. At this point, the interests of Facebook and Microsoft meet, without having to be a competitor.

From the Microsoft side too. Instagram is a popular app. Its presence in various Windows 10 devices will obviously attract many users. Moreover, Windows 10 does not have an official application Snapchat. As we all know, Instagram Stories is the answer to Snapchat.

So if you’re an Instagram user especially if you have nice photos from DSLR cameras or have an online store please install this photo app on your Windows 10 computer. If you have not used Windows 10, please upgrade. It does not hurt. Do not forget, give a decent rating and review.

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