Mistakes In Building A Blog That Makes It Never Grow


Mistakes In Building A Blog That Makes It Never Grow

Mistakes In Building A Blog That Makes It Never Grow. In building a blog that aims to increase the traffic that the end result is to earn money it must be done by every blogger. It must be done continuously and done properly. But sometimes a lot of bloggers who go wrong so do various errors in building blogs. So that is not the purpose and the end result is achieved but vice versa.

Various kinds of errors in building this blog can be because they are wrong in taking steps. This is what makes the blog they have never been able to develop even though it has been done various kinds of optimization.

Maybe I myself and also you never make a mistake in building a blog like the one in this article. Therefore, hopefully with this article can change our behavior in building our blog each.

Error in Building Blog

The blog is like a museum, if more and more unique items, antique and valuable that are displayed there, then the more “likely” to increase blog visitors . So if more and more articles contained in the blog of course with the article that can provide a benefit for others, the blog will be more and more visitors.

But of course not only because there are goods unique and antique in the museum that makes an attraction for visitors to visit the museum. But there are various factors that make the museum look more “idol” to visit. Well to reach factor that also needed step effective step, correct and of course correct so that its purpose can be achieved correctly.

Just as with blogs, to bring in a lot of visitors also required some steps – the right and proper steps. Without it, blogs can never develop let alone become a big blog. But sometimes because they are still beginners, they are too hasty in wanting results or for other reasons they take the wrong steps in building a blog.

Below are some mistakes in building a blog that you may have done.

1. To think of blog rankings

Mistakes In Building A Blog That Makes It Never Grow

The blog has ratings recorded from a variety of third-party tools, such as Alexa, mom, and more. But is it important? Ranking it will not provide any benefits except for content placement, eg blogs that have DA PA or Alexa rank is good then the more expensive.

But besides that blog traffic is one of the most important things. Whatever the ranking if the traffic is small then it will not be able to provide more benefits.

Therefore, from now on change, our mindset should be changed, do not just rely on blog rankings but from blog traffic. Because I myself often see people who are over-optimizing in such a way as to boost blog rankings higher until they pay a fortune. I think it would be a waste of time and money.

To think of blog rankings is really a mistake in the blog that you should avoid. We know, tools that provide tools such ratings are not really accurate, even can deviate. So from now on blog traffic to see how far the development of our blog, do not see the blog ranking as a reference level of success blog.

So my advice to avoid mistakes in building this one blog especially for you beginners is to not think about rankings or traffic. Because a blogger especially a beginner blogger it can see 10 times the dashboard statistics and more than 15 times the revenue dashboard.

How often you see will not affect results if there is no real effort to improve it. So better time as much as it is used to write articles or does other things that if more useful for the blog.

2. Overly think of backlinks without compensating with quality content

Mistakes In Building A Blog That Makes It Never Grow

In the previous article on the 10 kinds of the wrong perception in SEO, I have little mention that backlinks until now still plays an important role for a blog in SEO. I myself have proven it.

But the problem is for a beginner is to thinking about building backlinks . But they forget to compensate for quality content. This is often seen on beginner bloggers, and I myself often do the same thing. But anyway, a mistake in building this one blog I have forgotten.

Building quality content that is accompanied by looking for quality backlinks as well as searching for relevant sites is the best thing in building a blog. Because of this blog will be very easy to develop from time to time more quickly. I myself have already proved it, that blogs need to be treated with the given quality articles and reinforced network by providing backlinks.

But the problem is that it sometimes takes a lot of time or consumes a lot of money. To get quality articles and quality backlinks is difficult to do simultaneously if only done by 1 person only. So if both are done simultaneously it will take more time. Or if you use a professional backlink services would require a considerable cost as well.

To get quality backlinks can indeed be done by using guest posts or content placement. But it requires us to have many articles, if not able to create many articles we also have to buy articles.

Therefore, I think to solve this problem is to use the services of backlink only, while we focus on quality content posting. Actually, if we can make a viral article or really good quality, then the backlinks can come alone without us looking for.

3. No hobby writing but penguin can money from blog

Have you ever made a mistake in building this one blog? This will lead to someone who does not like to post articles but hopes to earn income from blogs and monthly payday. If you are Menelik from the blog – local and overseas blogs surely they can be successful because it has a hobby writing. So blogging is not about money alone, but a hobby writing owned by the blog owner.

The hobby can start from compulsion or from habit. If indeed someone has a strong determination to blog with the motivation to earn regular money from the blog, then it could be so he wrote a hobby although initially not a hobby.

But based on my own observations, blog blogs are successful and much liked by everyone it has owners who like to write. So from a consistent and consistent writing that will make the blog more developed.

If you do not have a hobby writing but penguin can feel the results of the blog, then there are 2 options you can do. The first is to build a blog using the services of the author of the article. The second is to continuously “impose” yourself to write even if you are lazy and not in the mood. Because over time it will become a necessity or as a routine obligation for yourself and it can grow your love for the activity.

Everything will be more beautiful if based on the hobby

If it is already a hobby, whenever you definitely want to be in front of the screen to write. His name is also a hobby, surely you do with time taking while busy. For example, you hope climbing a mountain, surely if there is an event – event climbing the mountain you must follow, is not it? Such is the hobby. If it is embedded in our body we must always want to routinely do that hobby.

So you can choose the two things mentioned above. My advice would be better if choose number 2. Because I myself too. Actually, I used to Boro -boro hobbies writing, can make ideas for articles hard to ask forgiveness.

But because I want to seriously explore what it is like blogging and so I keep trying to take the time to write and write while being lazy and not in the mood. So yes going, I prefer to write and can be a lot of ideas, although sometimes all ideas can not be made an article because of it so much.

4. Forgot the promotion and just focus on SEO

Mistakes In Building A Blog That Makes It Never Grow

The important role of SEO in blog marketing is very important, but we also do not just share on SEO as one way to get traffic. Try once you use social media or other blogs to get visitors.

Because the role of social media in bringing traffic to blogs is very large. Especially if your blog is new and still not friendly with Google and other search engines then it would be nice to use social media in promotional activities.

Promoting blogs can go through several things, such as by advertising, introducing in f2f, creating stickers, various in social media and much more. Building quality content and regular updates are important. But it will be useful if your blog does not have visitors, as well as making great artwork but on the planet . So look for visitors to blog even though starting from your closest friends only.

Because if they can get useful things, they will be regular visitors and recommend your articles. This is what makes a blog really become famous by many people. So the mistake in building a blog that is sometimes forgotten by the beginner is to forget in promoting his blog should we avoid blogs can continue to go forward and develop.

5. Often the brain tinker template and replace the template but forgot to update the article

To be honest, this is often done by those who build blogs by wanting a great look. But it also has a bad impact. If they can not divide the time for the affairs and the affairs update the article, then the blog also can not grow. That’s because the blog does not have articles that are always up-to-date and useful for visitors.

Often the brain at template let alone replace the template is a mistake in building blogs that need to be avoided. The thing that can be done is to choose a template that has many features and also you like. Even if you need to buy even if it is expensive. Because if you buy a very expensive price that is perfectly comfortable it will make you will not like mutually replace the article.

6. No long-term investment

If you have seriousness in the blog, then the most important are to invest in the long term. How to? Try to buy a variety of tools that if important for you to use. For example to build subscriber network using subscriber email. Because if you know, that the visitor who came from the email subscription was the second most qualified traffic after the search engine.

In addition to building a blog to become famous also definitely cost a good deal. Because something behind the blog is actually bigger than it looks to the public. But if it is done properly, then how much money you have invested for the blog will definitely return in the amount of the many-fold. Although indirectly several months directly behind the capital and get a profit.

So the mistake in building a blog that you need to improve is to think and do with a reference in the long run. Surely people who assume that the blog is short-term, then they will do bad things. For example, based on the principle of “as long as instant in making money”. For example using a variety of blackhat way ranging from spam to blackhat SEO that aims to get a lot of traffic.

One way to overcome errors in building a blog on this one is to not have a free mentality. Why? Because if you only expect a free course then this will make the blog difficult to develop. Indeed everything it takes the capital, but not always the owner of the capital that wins. Those who have strong intentions and are always responsive to the development of that era are those who will fast forward.

7. No keyword research

Mistakes In Building A Blog That Makes It Never Grow

Keyword research is like building a foundation for a building. If the building is getting taller and bigger then it takes a deeper and stronger foundation for a sturdy building. Similarly, if the larger the blog must be keyword research targeted also must be different. That should research keywords that have many visits despite having many competitors.

Sometimes there are errors in building blogs related to this. That is, they do not do keyword research for every article created. And the result blogs can not develop and get adequate traffic despite already having many articles. Do you experience such a thing?

But if you’ve done keyword research that is used as the foundation of an article, but still the visitors who come, it could be caused by a mistake in research. So from that, it would be nice you learn how keyword research is good and correct.

So a little discussion of errors in building blogs that you need to understand. Hopefully, this will benefit us all. Do not forget to get various useful information by always visiting this blog yes. thanks.

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