How to Make WordPress Mobile Version


How to Make WordPress Mobile Version, Perhaps many do not understand why also have to bother making a blog like WordPress or Blogspot in the mobile version. But in fact, visitors who use mobile devices can not be underestimated, based on data from Google Analytics nearly 10% of blog visitors use the Opera Mini application. For that, ( (Information Tips & Tricks) Will discuss how to make WordPress mobile version. Actually, there are various ways you can do to present your WordPress blog into the mobile versions, such as mobile press, Carrington mobile, WP Touch and others. In addition, it can also use the plugin by making WordPress look more responsive,

How to Make WordPress Mobile Version

One of the plugins that are quite often used in creating a mobile version of the blog is * WordPress Mobile Pack. By using this plugin how to make WordPress mobile version becomes easier just by installing, activating and then setting some configuration. Here are the steps how to create a WordPress mobile version using WordPress Mobile Pack:

1. From the WordPress Administration page select the Plugins >> Add New, in the search box type “WordPress Mobile Pack” >> click Search Plugins.

2. From the list of plugins that appear click Install Now on WordPress Mobile Pack, after the installation is completed do not forget to activate. Yummy again, on how to make this mobile version of WordPress, its plugin is a free plugin.

3. Next is your WordPress Mobile configuration. There will be 4 menu options on the WordPress Administration page ie Mobile Theme, Mobile Widgets, Mobile Switcher, and Analytics. Mobile Theme functions to manage the look of your WordPress. Please take your own recreation to your liking. However, it is advisable to create WordPress with the mobile pack to check all menu except “clear cache now”.

This is to increase the speed of access to your blog. Mobile Widget contains a choice of any widget you want to display on your mobile blog. Just give a checklist on which widget you like or have previously set in your desktop version of the blog. Mobile Switcher is the configuration part of how to create WordPress using this mobile pack. In this menu, if you set the wrong setting will result in your blog becomes blank. Therefore, to avoid any configuration errors follow the settings in the following screenshot.

Mobile Analytics is used to track how many visitors come to your mobile WordPress blog.

At Percent Mobile service, you can also see more details about the visitor activity on your blog like Google Analytics. Easy is not it, how to make your WordPress into a mobile version? Actually in addition to Mobile Pack Plugin also there are other plugins that can be used to create a mobile version of WordPress. Just choose which one is the best. Let’s raise your WordPress traffic now by making it in the mobile version.

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