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How To Make A Good Article For More Quality Blogs

How To Make A Good Article For More Quality Blogs

How to create a good article – Maybe an article like this already wrote a lot. However, it would not hurt if I tried to give a slightly different reference from the previous one? Because I think people’s views on this are not always the same. Therefore, please read to the end if you think this is important. If not, may be ignored.

As a writer, especially bloggers, of course, the article really needs to be made for their blogs still exist in the internet world. And also they want to create good articles, quality, and positive benefits for readers.

This is very interesting to discuss, considering lately very rarely found a new blog with quality articles that can be rated very qualified. And maybe, my writing on some blogs that I write is one of them.

According to my analysis, it happens because the new blogs are just pursuing revenue from AdSense, or so quickly can register to AdSense. If my analysis is correct, of course, you will agree with my statement. That is right?

However, there is one interesting thing here. Because here I only judge as a reader, so I am entitled to judge which articles are qualified and which articles are less qualified? And because of that also, I want to give a little input or idea for you who are looking for reference how to create good articles to blog more quality.

What’s a quality article like?

Quality articles are articles whose content flows according to the theme. And in every written paragraph, not only gives a beautiful impression to the reader. But it can also easily be understood by readers. So that reader will feel the relevance presented in the article.

In addition, quality articles can provide a solution for their readers who really need references from what they read. Have you got the picture?

If we often surf on Google with keywords in want, of course, we will get a lot of article dishes with keywords that we write on Google. Unfortunately, despite the articles from different blogs as well as from different authors, we still often find the same point of completion with other articles.

And it makes us unable to solve our problems. That there is, just make us become lazy to look for it again. If you have ever, surely you will nod.

I often encounter problems I have written above. That is to meet many articles with the same keywords, but the point of completion is almost the same. And sometimes given some extra.

For example, when I search for articles with the keyword “how to make money from the internet”, there are several different titles but with the same keywords. Like “how to earn money from free internet” and “10 ways to earn money from the internet for free”.

Where is the point of the problem?

The point of the problem lies in the settlement of the case. I want to look for different references, but I find some things the same. For example in the first article with the title “how to get money from the free internet”, at the beginning of the paragraph, it makes me hooked and wants to keep reading.

But on completion there are 3 points, namely play blogs, online business, and play YouTube. Ok, I assume it solves the problem. But, in my opinion, that’s normal. Then I read the second article, which is “10 ways to earn money from the internet for free”.

I read through the article to the point of completion. The beginning gives a different way. That is like playing PTC (Pay To Click), becoming a freelance writer, and so on. But I found the same 3 solutions with the first article. Namely play blogs, business online, and play YouTube.

Ok, I still think that’s a natural thing. Because there are some additions. However, I am still not satisfied. Then I read another article. And as it turns out, the completion points are almost the same as the first, second, and so on.

So in conclusion 10 articles presented on the first page of Google’s, the core problem almost the same all. Cuman differs in the writing of paragraphs or his accompaniment only. But at the point, the problem is pretty much the same.

Is it possible to say quality articles?

Of course, it’s a quality article, for people who judge from their own writing and not the result of Copas or rewrite. But if the value of its contents, it is still not in say a quality article. Maybe I’ve done the same thing. So let’s learn together.

If you already understand what I wrote above, it means you already know, what kind of quality articles that? It is an article that is original and different from others, although the themes are the same, still look different and give a good impression to the readers and can solve their problems.

Then, how to create a good article to blog more quality?

Actually, for the settlement of this case, there are many solutions. And I’m sure in another blog article with the same theme too, would tell how. And chances are, I will write down the same solution or solution with the article from other blogs.

But that’s normal, is not it? Because sometimes people always think the same thing with other humans. And here’s how hopefully help.

1. Make sure your mind is being relaxed

If you write with a state of mind you are in turmoil or are thinking of something else, then it is in the make sure you can not concentrate while writing. It will obviously burden you when you write. So, how to create a good article by making sure your mind is relaxed or comfortable from what’s outside.

2. Make sure your mood is up

A writer will never write when his mood is down. Because they know, the results of their writing will be a bad thing. Therefore, for how to create a good article should make sure you are in the mood to write.

3. Make sure you are not depressed

This may not need to be explained anymore. Because I’m sure you’ll understand. But there’s something I want to say here. That is not to make the article become you depressed and make it a problem for your life. Because the article is not a problem, but a work.

4. Make sure you are in a place that fosters your imagination

Choosing where to write is important. Because if the place is very disturbing, will certainly make you disturbed anyway. And finally, you can not write well. Well, for a place, choose a place that fosters your imagination to write. Whether it’s in the room or in the bathroom.

5. Make sure you are feeling the anxiety of the theme you want to write

When the anxiety arises, hurry to write. Because without you knowing it, you will pour your anxiety for a short time and even you yourself do not realize that you’ve written as many as 1000 words in five minutes. And when read back, the result makes you smile.

Also, read here below:

That’s why you should feel the anxiety of the theme you want to write first? Because to convey something we want to convey, we must first know what we want to say. For that, feel or animate it is very necessary.

And that’s how to create a good article for more quality blogs. If there is an error in my article, please correct it in the comment field. So that we can discuss together and learn together. And expected to benefit the people who read this article. Therefore, please share this article if you think it is useful.

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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