How Long Does Blogs Make Money From Adsense For The Owners?


How Long Does Blogs Make Money From Adsense For The Owners

Certainly, my friend feel curious and always ask questions, how long do blogs make money? How many months can a blog generate revenue for its owner? If you still want to answer your question, let’s look at the description below.

Well, finally even vent too.
I may say from the beginning, that to make money from blogs it can not be said as a definite count. The time may vary, it can be 6 months, 1 year or even more.

Why is that? Because we are not selling the onde-onde made today, tomorrow sold the behaviour and earn money. There are certain things that make you may become impatient. Because to create a blog in extra need of patience and carefulness, so blogs become big and start to produce.

Back to time

Many factors for a blog and how long to make money depending on the owner itself, whether the blog is just for fun, hobby or indeed intend to monetize and make money. Many ways to do that, one of them by registering a blog to google Adsense.

We need to know if google Adsense is not a strange thing anymore, PPC based advertising program is giving a larger commission than other PPC, but whether by joining google Adsense program then can directly get the money?

Well, this is an important part you should know. Because it is not easy to directly get money even if we have received google Adsense, a lot of determinants for this problem. Because the income from Adsense is uncertain, and also very dependent on visitor traffic generated from the blog itself. In addition to niche blog traffic is also very influential.

How long does it take to build the ideal traffic?

An expert blog or master SEO also can not give a definite answer, do not even dare to guarantee a blog get ideal traffic in just 1 month. Well, the consequence lies in the manager of the blog itself. Can it get ideal traffic by regularly updating articles regularly?

Remember, who owns the blog is not just your own. Out there, many hundreds and even thousands of blogs update articles every day, even with similar topics. Can you compete and pit the luck of getting the position of articles on the google page? Then how long will it take?

If you look at the picture above, think about the exact answer you can think of yourself, because in addition to requiring consistency we also need routines continuously to generate ideal traffic by updating articles regularly.

Need 5000 – 7000 visitor per day Or at least 10,000 – 15,000 page views every day if you want adsense fruit every month.

How long blogs make money from Adsense is also uncertain

This is calculated by plain sight, that with 5000 to 7000 visitors every day can be sure will earn between 3 – 5 dollars every day. Itupun if not collided with other obstacles. Like internet users who install Adblock on their devices. Automatic ads from google Adsense will not show.

Well, now about already know. How long blogs make money for their owners. You can answer it yourself. Because I myself hate to answer questions that the answer is uncertain.

My experience is making money from blogs

How long does my blog make money for me personally? Honestly, during running google Adsense for almost 1 year, I just got a salary 2 times. For the first PO, I get after 7 months and the 2nd payment after entering the 10th month. That’s when I work on articles from Monday to Monday again on the sidelines when I worked as a TKI in Saudi Arabia.

My message to fellow bloggers

If you happen to read this article, do not ever say to others that earning from blogs is easy and with a short time. Do not say a lie, let alone to a newbie, you’d better suggest making money in other ways. Like selling onde-onde that can be sold immediately and earn money on that day as well. With notes “the onde-onde is cheap and tastes good. Happy blogging buddy.

If you have questions or opinions about sales funnel, you can share with in the comments field below. Thanks for Reading.


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