How To Know Visitors Blog Statistics


How To Know Visitors Blog Statistics

H, I am going to tell in this article, How to know blog visitors statistics we can do in various ways. This time I will show you some WordPress plugins to know blog stats, besides also provide a list of other web-based blog visitors counting service providers.

WordPress Plugin to View Blog Visitors Stats

Immediately, we discussed the use of some plugins first. Because this blog is special for the WordPress user community

There are some plugins I use on some of my blogs. Just want to compare which one is the best, I purposely make different become

1. Stats

The first plugin is definitely Stats that has been around since I first used WordPress in 2007 in the free WordPress service.

Now Stats is part of JetPack , a package of plugins that must be installed in WordPress  I personally think. Here is the view of visitor statistics of one blog only.

How To Know Visitors Blog Statistics

Excess WordPress Stats is a simple appearance, in addition to the number of visitors, there is also a list of search terms (keywords), a list of posts that are accessed and also a list of URLs that are clicked on our blog readers.

All reports are available for one day, one week or even monthly even from the time we first started.

2. WassUp Real Time Analytics

This is a plugin I use on this blog, it looks relatively simple and we can set based on our favorite, but unfortunately, it looks can not be determined ‘exact’ today, this week, or this permanently, Rather always sustainable like 24 hours ago, 7 Days ago or 30 days ago.

How To Know Visitors Blog Statistics

However, WassUp has the ability to update regularly, always refreshing reports of blog visitors in the tempo we specify.

Besides, there is also a top stats recap that presents data such as keywords and frequently visited pages, but somewhat less interesting part of this. Another plus is the ease of viewing any page opened by a visitor because the data is displayed one line.

3.  WP SlimStat

How To Know Visitors Blog Statistics

WP Slimstat provides very much data to us, I sometimes feel confused. However, if you are familiar and can make the right setting to display the report information generated can be very informative.

Statistics report we can choose to display the overview stat that displays the blog visitors data in whole. Display content alone that helps us understand which content is most frequently accessed on our blogs, popular tags, popular categories, outbound links most often on click and much more.

In addition to the content, we can also see the details of visitors and traffic source, on each view, there are many widgets that we can set its own appearance.

4.  Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is one of the plugins developed by the Ultimate SEO plugin developer that I also like,

How To Know Visitors Blog Statistics

This plugin instantly displays Google Analytic statistics in our dashboard directly. So we do not need to often access Google Analytics directly because the summary already exists on the dashboard.

5. Knowing Visitors Statistics Blog with WP Statistics

If there is a plugin that can match Stats plugin to know the statistics of blog visitors taste – it feels yes WP Statistics plugin this. Too bad I just found out this plugin some days ago (October 2016) after looking around TipsAndTricksHQ.

How To Know Visitors Blog Statistics

After using this plugin for 2 days, I’m sure you should add it to this article. This plugin is completely complete, can even display visitors in real-time as well, it looks already in the Indian version as well. With a simple look and easy to understand.

WordPress Plugin to see More Blog Visitors Stats?

The four plugins I’ve used and I feel comfortable to use it, I’m also still curious about other plugins I have not used like OWA and also WP-Piwik  the standard version (not WP plugin) seems a lot of users as well.

How to Know Blog Visitors Stats with Web-Based Tool

In addition to using the plugin, we can also use other web-based services that usually we only need to add a tracking on the blog, either by using widgets or also with a simple tracking code only.

In this category, Google Analytics is probably one of the ‘standard’ tools in analytics.

Many services to find statistics of other blog visitors such as  Sitemeter and Histats . But this time I decided not to discuss it at once, the fear of this article so too long

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.


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