How To Know The Secret Blog (Bule) of Others


Secret Blog – In Indian there are so many people who wrestle the world of blogging. So many, these bloggers can even be divided into several camps, ranging from beginner camp, middle to master.


Beginner camp is usually filled by people who are new to the world of blogging, the intermediate camp is those who are experienced in the world of blogging. While the master camp is usually filled by those who are experts and experienced really in the intricacies of the blogging world.

Because so expert, stronghold master usually has and able to manage more than one blog. Amazingly, some of them sometimes have to manage blog blue or foreign language blog, whether it is English, Espanol, Deutsch, and others.

Regardless of whether the master is mastering the foreign language or not, of course, other bloggers are curious about what and how the appearance of his blog.

The more so if the master is known to have raked the coffers of hundreds of billions of dollars of money from the secret blog, so it is not unusual that there will be many other Indonesian bloggers who want to know the name or address of the master blue blog.

How to Know the secret blog (blue) of Others

To be honest, knowing someone else’s secret blog is not an easy thing. Especially if the blog we want to know it is managed by a master who is an expert, it will be very difficult to dismantle it. But do not forget the saying that as great as a squirrel jump will definitely fall too.

Like that master, as good as anything he hides his blog blue sometimes he can make mistakes that resulted in the blog blue uncovered. For now you can find out through the following reviews:

Way 1: Through Social Media

Social media is closely related to bloggers. This is because the bloggers often use social media as a place to attract visitors. Therefore, it is not surprising that any blogger will use it to share the blog address, not least Caucasian blog.

A. Facebook

You can find out blogs other bloggers secret blogs by way of peering target Facebook account. Usually, the target will use a facebook account to share the link in order to get visitors. This gap you can use by looking at the target chronology wall. In addition, you can also find out by joining the grub-grub ” foreign language ” in the join the target.

By joining the related grub you will have a chance to see and know what they share in the grub, including their secret blog. If that does not work, then by typing the target name in the Facebook search field and selecting “further search”, so that it appears that any target sharing activity beyond their chronological status updates.

Keep in mind, to capture visitors abroad, usually, bloggers who have secret blogs rarely use their official Facebook account, but more often use the account up Cloning an alias fake.

If the blogger is already using a fake account it will be difficult for us to know what the name of Facebook account along. However, it can still be tricked if you have a phone number or a target email address.

B. Twitter

Intipah anything targeted target activity on Twitter. You can practice it by viewing the chronology of the account directly or by typing its name in Twitter search columns.

Just like before, bloggers who have secret blogs usually really like to use the cloning account to share their blue blog links. To find out what the name of the blogger cloning account will be difficult, but it will be easy if you already have no phone or Email target.

C. Google Plus

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus has more value that makes the master happy to share links there. From there, you are curious about the address of your friend’s blog or someone else can through Google Plus account concerned. The way of course by looking at what the target is shared through the Google Plus account it.

Way 2: Through Google Adsense Unique Code

In addition to peering social media accounts target, you can also find the address of someone’s blog Blue by utilizing the unique code AdSense ads. This way is arguably easier and less complicated if you know the unique code Adsense ads target.

If you do not know, you can find out by looking at it directly in the target Indonesian blog that has Adsense ads (if any). Once you know it, immediately go to the following link and enter the unique code of the ads, then do not forget to click “show info”.

Furthermore, the website will display any websites that use Adsense ads with the same ca-pub code.

NB: Adsense unique code begins with ca-pub- ……… .. This code is said to be unique because it is owned by only one Adsense account for one person named the same. Therefore, this code can be used as a benchmark to find out what websites are managed by someone in one Adsense account, including also a secret blog or blog blue.

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