Install Adsense on Website HTTPS (SSL)


Install Adsense on Website HTTPS (SSL). related to this website that I just installed SSL, automatic many things that need to be also adjusted, among them are Adsense ads on this website. How do we install Adsense on HTTPS website? Are there any changes on the side of the ads shown? Or is there any change from the side of Adsense earnings? Everything I will try to discuss here :).

Install Adsense on Website HTTPS (SSL)

Install Adsense on HTTPS Website

First of all, what we need to modify of course is the Adsense code itself. According to the official guidance from Google, and in accordance with the rules that all elements on the HTTPS website, must be deserved from HTTPS as well. Modifications to the Adsense code simply by removing “HTTP:” in front of the URL used to display ads. So the URL will start with “//” immediately. Or the other way could be by replacing HTTP: to https:

Actually, that’s the only change that needs to be done, but I heard there are also some rumors circulating about the installation of Adsense on HTTPS website, including as follows.

Rumor 1: HTTPS makes Adsense ads out just a little bit

One of the rumors is, if you install Adsense on HTTPS website, then non-HTTPS compliant ads are not included in the Adsense auction process. This results in fewer bidders, which will result in a reduced number of ads, and a lower CPC (cost per click) values. Is it that true? Apparently, this rumor is wrong, all ads included in the auction process Adsense required HTTPS-compliant, or already in accordance with HTTPS standards itself. So there will be no decrease in the number of ads shown.

Rumor 2: HTTPS makes Adsense earnings down by 50%

Well, because I also recently installed Adsense on the HTTPS website (just about a month), so I have not experienced directly. A definite decrease in Adsense earnings can occur due to various factors. And since the above points have been explained that Adsense has no problem if installed on HTTPS website, then there should be no decrease in Adsense earnings caused by HTTPS.

So in conclusion, installing Adsense on HTTPS will not cause any problems, which is even likely to appear in high-quality ads on your website :). And also increase traffic, because HTTPS website has a slightly higher ranking on Google Search Result.

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So sharing me. How about you? Does having experience in installing Adsense on HTTPS website? Or is it better to use HTTP over HTTPS? Please share your opinion in the comments section


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