How to Install Ads on Google’s AMP Pages


I have made a tutorial on how to install amps in WordPress. The AMP page is designed to make website pages accessible via mobile devices better and faster to improve the user experience better. Without exception include the most important thing in a website that is advertising. On the page amp that is designed with fewer resources, of course, we will have problems to put an ad on the page amp google. In this tutorial, I will show you how to put ads on Google’s AMP page.

How to Install Ads on Google's AMP Pages

Unfortunately for ads that can be installed on Google’s AMP page is an ad that comes from Google Adsense. Because of this plugin ad slot in for publisher AdSense.

How to Post Ads on Google’s AMP Page:

  1. Download AMP For WP Plugin. Download
  2. Then upload the Plugin via the Plugins admin dashboard  -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  3. Once installed Enable the plugin.
  4. Then will appear AMP settings on your WordPress admin sidebar dashboard.


How to Install Ads on Google's AMP Pages

5. Then click on the Advertisement menu 

How to Install Ads on Google's AMP Pages6. On the menu, there are 4 slots that we can put on the amp page on your site.

7. Please specify where you will place ads on your amp page. In this tutorial, I will install it in the header.

How to Install Ads on Google's AMP Pages

8. In  Ad Size you can choose the ad size you want to install,   Data Ad Client fills with your publisher id,  AD Data contents slot with id in ad code that you have made before.

9. Then Click Save Changes.

10. Now you can advertise on Google amp page.

The above tutorial is for WordPress users especially WordPress Self Hosting.


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