Instagram Marketing Tips For The Available Non-Profit Organizations


Instagram Marketing Tips For The Available Non-Profit Organizations, In case any picture seems to have a thousand words, then the non-profit IG account is that storytelling goldmine, just for you.  Right from the inception at 2010, IG has been one of the highly engaging and fastest growing social media platforms of all time. Even though it started as a place for sharing photos initially, it has actually climbed to the top of the marketing totem pole with around 71% of the businesses having IG accounts in 2017, which is defined to be over double when compared with 48.8% in 2016.

Instagram Marketing Tips For The Available Non-Profit Organizations

This current social network also boasts over 1 billion active users with 500 million daily and 800 million monthly users. It has over 40 billion photos already posted to date, if not more. There are over 3.5 billion daily likes waiting for you to grab right now. On the other hand, you have more than 60 percent of the users log in every day, second only to FB for most of the engaged daily users. Around 59% of the users are within the age of 18 to 29 years ranging in the USA, making it one millennial heavy platform. So, even if you think that the fashion world is using IG more for Instagram followers and also for their growth n business, then there seems nothing wrong about that! The popularity of this platform makes it ideal for competitive industries like the fashion world.

Has made a good name:

IG has made a strong name for not just posting pictures but as a crucial platform for businesses to share products, company culture, and even the stories. With around 21.2% of the peer to peer fundraising dollars raised coming straight from this social media posts, nonprofits are likely to get involved more. These sources can actually leverage IG for sharing a mission, advocate for some support and even soliciting donations. It can also show some of the greater visceral and powerful media to come and help you under the name of visual media. There are some IG based tips available not just for the beginners but even the seasoned experts, to step up their game. These steps are perfect for those associated with the fashion world.

Have to create a business profile:

There are multiple perks of registering an account as “business profile” on IG, which can focus on the ability to add the type of business category. You are asked to list yourself as non-profit so that whenever anyone is coming across the profile, they are likely to know that you have one social mission. Always remember to address website and even the content information in the best manner possible.

  • Whenever you are trying to make profile a business page, you will easily gain insights like engagement, impressions and reaching on all of your stories and posts.
  • Social media examiner is all set to lay out some of the greater IG for business tips on how you can set up and even get to address and analyze the new business based profile.

Time to upload stories and then save to story highlights:

IG stories allow you to actually upload fun snapshots of the organization without even letting the fear of over posting. As per IG, you can always share as much as you can throughout the day with the higher level of creativity as you need it. You can always get the chance to bring the story to life with a few proven ways with drawing tools and texts. The videos and photos are going to disappear just after 24 hours and will not appear on the profile grid or feed.

  • Now, you have a recent update which will provide options to add stories to profile to be well featured in the Story Highlights section just above the contact navigation bar.
  • To just get started, you might have to go to profile and then tap on the “story highlights” just below the current username. You can always hit the plus sign for adding the story, then select the story to be added and hit next.
  • After that, you can further select a cover photo and name for a story before just pressing “add” for the iPhones or “done” for the Androids.
  • The story highlights are going to be made visible until you get the chance to remove them. For adding, editing or just removing a story from highlights, you can simply tap on the point namely “edit highlight.”
  • It can often seem to be quite intimidating to just post daily stories. However, also remember that IG stories have over 300 million daily users.

Just toggle between personal and business account:

Instagram will allow you to just switch in a seamless manner between the IG handles without having to log in and log out always. For adding another handle right into the mix, you have to click on the cog wheel in the current upper righthand corner of the profile page. After that, you need to scroll to the bottom of the current drop-down. Then click on the button, which states “Add Account” and then present your information. Just for toggling between accounts, you can start on a profile page and then press the respective logo at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Make sure to place the link in the bio:

One of the major IG tips for non-profit organizations like fashion center is to help get a bit creative with links that you can place in the bio section. In case you have hands on any blog content or now just launching a new fundraising campaign, you just need to add a link directing viewers to site. You can even try to consider using tracking link for just analyzing traffic from IG profile.

In your current stories or captions, you can even get the chance to direct readers to “link in bio” for donating or supporting the present cause. Now this phrase has turned out to be quite ubiquitous that you don’t need any further explanation. It will clearly help the Instagram users to know where they should actually go. Thank you.


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