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How to Setup Jetpack Plugin and its Function Bag in 5 minute

How to Setup Jetpack Plugin and its Function Bag in 5 minute

How to Setup Jetpack Plugin –  There are some people who may not use this jetpack plugin because its function is too much and can aggravate your WordPress hosting performance. However, I think personal jetpack is one plugin that must be installed on WordPress. Read the following article about the plugins that must be installed on WordPress. Although Jetpack has a lot of functions, we do not need to enable everything. There are some that you need to activate and some have to be disabled. The first time you install your jetpack plugin will be presented with the default settings provided by jetpack. You can either use this setting or not. But usually, when you use the default settings, there will be various problems, one of which will have double meta tags on your WordPress themes. Surely this is not very good in the eyes of search engines because it can be considered spamming.

To continue reading you can choose what view you will use via the following. Install link here:

For that here I will provide a reference for you  How to Setting Jetpack Plugins are Good and True. And the function of each feature

How to Setup Jetpack Plugin:

Before going to the tutorial how to setup jetpack plugin should you do the installation first, you can read the following tutorial to guide how to install the plugin. How to install plugins in WordPress

After installing the jetpack plugin go into Jetpack -> Setting jetpack  settings

When you first use the jetpack plugin, a notification will appear above the tab. If there is a notification we just ignore it, I will discuss it in the next tutorial how to connect jetpack plugin with WordPress.

In the TAB  General,  there are several options that we can activate or not.

How to Setup Jetpack Plugin and its Function Bag in 5 minute

The function of each of the above features.

Connection Settings serves to connect jetpack with wordpress.com account you have. To enable, we will discuss in the next tutorial.

Notification serves to display notification of your website activity on the admin dashboard as well as on mobile device applications. (recommendation: enable)

JSON API,  this is so that when visitors access one of the articles on our website, then every request from the visitor data sent via the cloud from WordPress. This is one way to secure your website from hacker attacks. (recommendations: enable)

Open TAB  Engagement

SEO Tools,  this feature can be activated if we upgrade the jetpack plugin to be a pro. The function of SEO Tools is also almost the same with  WordPress SEO By Yoast is to set the meta tag search engine.

Site Stats,  this feature is one of the important features, which unfortunately if not used on your WordPress website. The Site Stats feature is that you can see how many visitors are daily, weekly, monthly and also yearly, not only that the site stats feature on WordPress can also provide information on what pages are often viewed by visitors, and there are still many features which are very useful for your site. (recommendation: enable)

Sharing,  this feature only works to display the social media sharing button on your article. For this feature, I personally prefer not to activate it, because there is already a button sharing that includes the theme used. Too many button sharing will actually disturb readers who access using mobile. (recommendations: Disable)

Publicize,  is one feature that allows you to post your articles automatically to several social media like facebook, twitter, google plus, path, LinkedIn. (recommendation: enable)

Related Post,  this feature will display similar articles (similar)  on each of your articles. I activate this feature because the related post feature is already available on the theme I use. (recommendations: Disable)

Comments,  feature comments to enable visitors to make comments on their respective WordPress accounts. (recommendations: Disable)

Likes, the function of this feature is just to display the button like on each of your articles. (recommendations: Disable)

Subscriptions,  this feature so that visitors can subscribe to articles on your site. (recommendations: Disable)

Gravatar Hovercards serves to display the gravatar photo profile popup. (recommendations: Disable)

Sitemap,  As a sitemap for your site easily crawled by search engines. For those of you who used to use sitemap plugin alone should not use sitemap from his jetpack. (recommendations: Disable)

Enhanced Distribution,  this feature works so that all content on your site can be published on firehose wordpress.com. What is firehose? firehose is a public stream of data (post, comment etc) where all the content goes through wordpress.com site for all blogs that use jetpack plugins. for more info please visit the following here  Enhanced Distribution. To get additional visitors is a good idea to enable this feature. (recommendation: enable)

Site Verification,  Used to verify site for google search console and other webmaster sites. (recommendation: enable)

Open TAB Security

Security Warning,  this feature can be enjoyed only in PRO version. security warning feature serves to provide information on a regular basis if your site is in a state of danger. (recommendations: None)

Protect,  the protect feature serves to prevent your site from brute force attacks. When someone tries to log in to the admin dashboard repeatedly, with the wrong username and password, then automatically the IP of the attacker will be on the ban. (recommendation: enable)

Monitor,  this feature serves to notify your site when experiencing down through email. Checking your site is done every 5 minutes. For me personally, choose not to enable this feature. Because the workings of this feature are almost similar to the traffic bot. Surely this is not good for your hosting. (recommendations: disable)

Akismet,  this feature includes the standalone plugin. so he already has his own plugin so if you want to activate this Akismet feature, you are required to install the plugin through WordPress repository. This Akismet function is to deal with spam issues in comments.

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Site Backups,  PRO features that exist in this jetpack plugin serves to perform automatic backups on your site. (recommendations: None)

Single Sign-On,  To make the registration process on your site more secure. (recommendation: enable)

I hope this How to Setup Jetpack Plugin and its Function Bag in 5 minute tutorial of is very useful If you like this post please share it with your friends InfoMint.net via social network and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask me in below comment box.


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