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How to Rank your Business on Google

How to Rank your Business on Google

How to Rank your Business on Google


We live in times when online business ventures are pretty much in trend. And when we talk about the success of online entrepreneurship, high rankings are the essential need. Getting top ranking on Google is not a piece of cake. All these search engine optimization strategies that people are working tirelessly on are all about making an online business a success. With steady subscriptions to the Internet plans, such as cox bundle deals in every household, people search about anything and everything on the search engines. Search engines have become go-to-resources for every query and search that the smart residents of this contemporary age want to make. And when it comes to online business ventures, search engines play a major role in making their pages visible to the audience that is searching for the relevant things.

Surveys indicate that the very first page-result that pops up on Google receives almost 95% of the web traffic and hence it receives more visibility to the audience. After the first page, later ones receive 5% less of the total traffic. There are endless guesses that people claim as secrets to improve Google ranking, without incurring any penalties. For the success of your business venture, you will have to try your very best to unlock the secrets on how to improve your Google ranking. If you are looking for strategies that work like magic in ranking your page on the top instantly, you will not find any.

The success secrets in this regard can only be unlocked with hit and trial because the nature of Google algorithm is constantly changing. So, don’t expect to see your page on the top spot without a fail. It will take all your dedication, resourcefulness, creativity, and persistence. For the beginners with dreams of soaring to the top of the SERP (search engine results page), we have jotted down some of the basics of SEO rules that can optimize for both, algorithm crawlers and humans.

Enter Your Complete Data

When it comes to the most relevant search results, local results always favor them. Businesses that provide accurate and complete information are easy to match the relevant searches. Ensure entering all your work-related information in My Business on Google. This makes it easy and convenient for customers to know more about you, about what you do, about your locations, so on and so forth. Always provide the basic information like the business category, phone number, physical address, and so on. Keep this information essentially updated.

Verify Your Valid Location(s)

By providing your accurate business locations, you give an opportunity to the users searching for the relevant business type to easily find you on all of the Google products such as Search, Images, Maps, and so on.

Mention Accurate Hours

Enter your valid hours and always update if there is a change in the timings. Also, mention special hours for events and holidays. This helps the potential customers know your availability and they feel confident that they will find your location open if they plan to travel to it. Remember, details are always important so don’t ignore them.

Respond to the Reviews

Interaction with customers is important. Give due respect to the customer reviews and always respond to them without delay. Responding to the reviews shows that you honor and value your customers and you have interest in what they have to say about your products or business. Positive, honest, and quality reviews from the customers help you improve your brand and its visibility. Giving due importance to the customer feedback will help you win them and have more and more potential customers. Always encourage your customers to leave honest feedback and respond to them efficiently.

Add Photos

To show your services and products to people, add images to the listings. You can also use images as a catchy hack to tell the tale of your business success. Choose catchy and accurate photos that give the right idea of what you are offering. Your potential customers can also find you through Google image search if the images are relevant.

Google’s Determination of local Ranking

Generally, local results are based on distance, relevance, and prominence primarily. When a user looks up something, all these three factors are combined in order to find the best match for your search. Google algorithms may decide that a particular business (even if it is located far away) fits your search better according to these three standards. Hence, in local results, it will be rank higher.

These were only a few basic points. The hacks and tips to rank higher on Google are many. Since Google algorithms keep changing, these tips will also keep altering. If you are entertaining the idea of starting up your own online business venture, firstly, you need to have a steady subscription to an internet provider such as Cox Internet Deals. And secondly, you need to go through all the available online resources about ranking higher on Google, comprehensively. Good luck to a successful entrepreneurship! Thank you.

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