How to Make Cool Posts on Photos Using an Android Device


How to Make Cool Posts on Photos Using an Android Device, When going to upload photos to social media, not infrequently some of us need to add the writing in the photo to be uploaded, such as to add captions or watermarks.

This is quite necessary because besides being able to clarify the purpose or ownership of photos, the addition of writing in a certain format or style can also be used to beautify the intended photo.

Moreover, nowadays this is very easy to do. You don’t even need to use a laptop or computer, because this can now be done using an Android device.

How to Make Cool Posts on Photos Using an Android Device

How to make cool posts on photos through an Android device

  1. Download the Snapseed app from the Google Play Store
  2. Open the application, and tap on one of the sections on the application’s main page to open a photo
  3. To make it easier when selecting photos, click the menu located in the top left corner on the photo selection page
  4. Next, you can choose the Gallery application (device default photo application)
  5. From the application, select the photo you want to write
  6. If so, select the TOOLS option and then select Text
  7. Select the writing style you will use
  8. Tap twice on a double-tap here to change the text to replace the text, and select OK when you’re finished
  9. Adjust color and transparency using the tools provided at the bottom of the screen
  10. Adjust the position of the writing by sliding it
  11. And if it’s finished, you can tap the check button in the lower right corner of the page
  12. Select the EXPORT and Save options to save the results

How to Make Cool Posts on Photos Using an Android Device

Actually, there are many similar applications that offer equipment to add writing to photos. Even some are specifically designed just to do this.

But in our opinion, Snapseed offers a very complete feature to edit the appearance of photos. In addition to being able to add text, this application made by Google offers features like features in a professional application.

Even if you are good at using a variety of features in this application, you can juggle photos that used to be normal to become very amazing photos, like the following photos.

In addition to information, actually this application was first developed by Nik Software specifically for iPad devices. Its success on iPad devices made the developer release it for other devices, such as the iPhone and Windows computers. Read moreHere, the 10+ Best Android Download Manager Applications, Free!

And since Google bought it, this photo editor application finally visited Android devices. And the bad news, support for Windows computer devices was stopped after that. Thank you for reading this article.


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