How To Get More Traffic On WordPress Blog


It is a fact that every blogger is wandering for huge traffic and some of them are working on long term projects and some of them are targeting short term niches well before any kind of lecture, Being a blogger I’ll recommend you to buy WPX Hosting Discount Coupon & Social Warfare Coupon Code 2019 for better social traffic,

How To Get More Traffic On WordPress Blog Using WPX Hosting & Social Warfare

In case if you don’t know about WPX Hosting and Social Warfare, Let me explain you!

If you are a blogger It means you need WordPress work your blogging career. It is a fact that bloggers are nothing without WordPress, In short, they are dependent on this platform.

Do you know? WordPress comprises of themes, plugins, widgets and many other files which makes your server tough to load. You need a very speedy web hosting server on which your website or blog loads faster.

Now here is a conflict that which web hosting will be best for a blog so that we can get more traffic on our WordPress blog.

WPX Hosting is one of the best web hosting services. There are many other best web hosting services but they are quite expensive but if you ask me the affordable and best web hosting then I’ll recommend you only WPX Hosting.

Instead of buying WPX Hosting from their official website with a regular price you can use WPX Hosting Coupon 2019 which will redirect you to the discount.

Well, Here are Some Features of WPX Hosting Which Will Boost Your WordPress Blog:

Here are some functionalities which are beneficial for all bloggers;

Site Speed

Being search engine optimization expert & blogger I know site speed matters a lot in our lives. Whenever I read about new SEO update there will always be only first most requirement and that is site speed.

Site speed should be faster and it can only be possible if your web hosting is faster and makes your website lighter. Because of CSS and an excess quantity of images, your website becomes heavier so In that case, your website isn’t easy to load in a short time.  WPX Hosting is the only hosting service provider who can solve this issue with the blink of an eye.

Load Capacity

Some WordPress bloggers target event blogging and some niches in which you get visitors at one time like valentines day, happy new year, Christmas etc because all people want to get content at one time so your website become heavier and If your web server isn’t capable to handle more traffic at one time then you lose your all eyeballs and In result you get nothing.

I’ve experienced so I’ll always suggest you to avail this amazing WPX web hosting. It provides you unlimited bandwidth and In result, your website will be able to bear all visitors at once. Your website will be lighter too. It doesn’t matter whether if you are getting organic traffic or social traffic (Some Bloggers Use Social Warfare Discount Coupon For Their Social Appearance So, They Get Huge Social Traffic).

Up Time

There is some web hosting server which downs website once in a day and your website comes back too but this isn’t a professional thing. WPX web hosting assures you that your website will be active all day without any fluctuations.

It will be 99.99% as per my personal experience and customers review.


Being professional I’ll not mention those brands who are providing the worst interface to their customers. If we talk about digital services usability is the first priority. The customer is pro or novice, she/he should be able to use services properly. So, If you are the new or old user you can easily understand the features of WPX Hosting, It isn’t complex and you can manage your websites on WPX Web Hosting easily. You don’t need to be worried about the usability If you are choosing this service.


A support team of this amazing service is also amazing and unbelievable. I know a customer is the heart of a company without his satisfaction a service can’t be successful so, In short, WPX Hosting company always take care of their customers. If you are suffering from any kind of an issue whether if it is technical or nontechnical, the support team will be always available to assist you.


Price isn’t a big issue because if we compare the pricing plans of WPX with other web hosting services It always provides you quality at affordable price.

Is traffic a question mark to you even if you are a blogger?

Let’s discuss some the social warfare WordPress plugin;

Get More Traffic On WordPress Blog Using Social Warfare:

It is one of the best plugins which are nowadays trending and everyone is using. If you are a blogger and you’re not using this amazing tool for your blog then It’s not acceptable.

Social warfare is the WP plugin which provides you amazing features so, lets put light on them;

  • It provides you the option to add social sharing network buttons for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and StumbleUpon.
  • There are some locations on your website where you observe that your visitors stop for a while and you want to show your social sharing buttons there then it is possible because social warfare WP plugin allows a user to choose the custom location on your website.
  • It allows you to view social share counts and including Tweet counts which gives a good impact about your social appearance.
  • There is another amazing feature of social warfare and that is popular post widget and popular posts will be filtered on the basis of social shares and it can also help you to know which kind of post your visitors like to share.
  • Your content will be protected from the spammers, they will not be able to copy your content which is good for the reputation of your website authority.
  • You can use shortcodes and tweet within a click.


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