Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel


Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel, Want your online business to get more customers? In business and marketing, it’s all related to leads.

Leads or prospects are people who are interested in your product, service or offer.

You could say leads are potential customers of your business.

But today, there are so many choices and research that can be done by the prospect itself.

So it will be much more challenging for the average website visitor to take the action you want than ever before.

Well, you need to think about sales funnel.

Sales funnel or sales channel is the stage of a business trip to get sales.

Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel

The core concept of the sales channel itself does not change much: You’ll always get more leads on the top of the sales channel than the bottom.

But how do you get involved with leads in each sales channel?

Let’s take a closer look at how you can not only attract more users.

But also, brainstorm new and innovative ideas to keep them interested and become your loyal customers.

Mistakes Almost Everyone makes in Top-of-Funnel

By far the biggest problem of marketers and businesses is related to what should be done at the top of their sales funnel ( Top-of-Funnel ) is this:

Direct Mention your Product

Many say, visitors, need to be aware of a product before they can take action (read: buy)

I understand your concerns, but let’s look at this from a customer’s perspective.

Let’s say you are investing in a system that provides hosting for your website.

Many marketers are anxious, on top of the funnel.

Finally, they immediately mention that their product/service is a hosting solution for you shown on the website.

Sometimes this may be the cause of you being uninterested in the product or service. And finally, you can not get more customers.

For that you need to do the following:

Providing education in First Sales Funnel

Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel

So to get more customers, you can take a step back and find a way to educate rather than directly persuade customers to use your product or service.

At this point in the funnel, they do not focus too much on the solution you provide.

Prospective customers are usually still looking first, what options are available to them.

If back in the example, potential customers will still look around other hosting service providers.

If you want to attract the attention of potential customers, you need to prove that you deserve to be noticed/heard.

You do this by showing your skills, helping and sharing your knowledge, not forcing them.

This means filling the top of the funnel with a bit of bait.

Maybe you can use content to attract the attention of users.

The content can be visual content that is not only interesting but the message can be captured easily by your potential customers.

To get more customers do not just wait for them to be first act.

You can “pick up the ball.”

The trick is to make sure that your content can be viewed anywhere, for example, you can share it on social media.

Those who see your content in social media can become interested in your business.

Such content may be video, infographics, podcasts or slides

Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel

They do not have to go to your website to learn more.

Here again, the information you submit does not have to talk about your business instantly.

Instead, you can act as a guide to help them solve whatever problems or questions they have.

Going back to previous examples about hosting, you may want to know about things like:

  • What applications/platforms can be supported by the hosting?
  • What is platform type best for my needs?
  • How close is the server to my location?
  • What options do you have for database and storage?
  • How many of these servers can be controlled or accessed on their own?

And even at this stage of sales funnel usually called Awareness / Interest, it’s the best stage to educate and guide, rather than a boost for sales.

Once they show interest, the question that arises is, how can you bring more of your prospects to the next sales funnel stage?

The Prospect Process becomes Buyer

Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel

This is the point where many marketers directly sell the product, but if too often, it will put pressure on prospects or prospects.

Remember, maybe they are considering your offer among many competitors.

So how do you differentiate yourself (having something meaningful to the consumer) is what will guarantee them to give you more serious consideration.

This is where you begin to maximize your email marketing strategy, reach out and learn what the biggest concerns of your prospects are.

Find out the topics or questions about what appears on your prospects.

Then you and your marketing team manage the relevant content.

Create content that answers these questions by positioning your product/service as the solution.

The most common techniques that work the best today are like feature lists, comparison charts, and price lists.

Once consumers see what they will get, what it costs and what is a bonus, it’s time for the sales team to get them moving and reach customers to begin planting “seeds of loyalty.”

Free things like one-on-one product demonstrations, full-featured trial accounts, and tutorials, can show consumers that you can be their best choice.

If you have a list of newly released features, invite them to be one of the first users.

It’s also possible to see how new updates/features will benefit their business and how to use them effectively.

Follow Up After Sale

Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel

After the sale, you may already feel satisfied and think your work is done.

But if you rest at this point, it will only make it easier for competitors to steal opportunities.

Competitors can assure that your product or service is not the best choice for your hard-earned new customers.

This is why every customer should be seen as a friend, not just an ordinary buyer.

Create a great user/customer experience, so they keep talking about you.

It sounds like a cliche is talking about delivering a phenomenal customer experience.

However, it is in the process of every step, from good websites, technical support, newsletters, and customer support, to loyalty to your business.

Here, things like rewards/referral programs, loyalty programs, useful newsletters, social media coupons, and other incentives can strengthen that loyalty

Getting More Customers with the Right Sales Funnel

Do not just make another sale. Make them a part of your business brand, and your brand becomes part of their lifestyle. It does not matter whether you sell shoes or hosting.

Always look for ways to add something valuable to your customers.

In addition, always make improvements from any marketing efforts in your sales funnel. For your sales funnel to avoid “leaks.”

For your content, look for content whose messages are not relevant to what the reader needs. Then, adjust the purpose of the content again.

The Final Word

With a solid sales funnel, you can get more customers. Not just getting more customers, your customers can stay true to your business. If you have questions or opinions about sales funnel, you canĀ comments field below.


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