Fiverr, a Trusted Money Making Site


Making money from Fiverr – These sites are all loyal readers. Here I will discuss sites that can make money that is certainly reliable and has paid many members.

Fiverr, a Trusted Money Making Site

Lots of online sites that offer you to make money quickly and easily. Without the need for large capital without even capital at all. But you have to be careful in choosing an online site that can make money. Because many sites are scam/fraud and do not pay the members.

Here I will discuss sites that are legit / proven to pay the members that one of them Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr, a Trusted Money Making Site


Who does not know Fiverr? For the money-earners online would have been familiar, but for the ordinary people, they still wonder what Fiverr is. The founders of Fiverr are Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger from Israel.

Fiverr is a micro-job site that was established in 2009 and if you do one transaction can earn $ 5 or multiples. In detail again, Fiverr is a marketplace, where a buyer and seller meet but in the online sphere. Every transaction you make will earn $ 5 or multiples. own party cut 20% of every transaction that occurred, so eg track skis ie $ 5, then $ 4 for sellers and $ 1 for the Fiverr. Quite simple right? Now, this site already has millions of GIGS available to buyers.

Oh yes, GIGS is like what you offer for example like you as a seller offer to translate articles into English, Spanish or any other. The $ 5 numbers do look small, but you will only do small things as well. Among the photos with the posts that buyers want, translate an article, proofread/justify a grammar, until just sing the Happy Birthday song.

Fiverr, a Trusted Money Making Site

Even if the buyer wants the seller to speed up the results, you can offer more money, for example, if an article is translated for $ 5 within 3 days, but the buyer wants the article completed within 1 day. Then you can offer $ 7, $ 10, or others according to buyer and seller agreements.

There have been many who made it through this one site, even some of them who make Fiverr as their main income. Not seeing you as a man, woman, old, young, teenager or even a civil servant, everyone can do it if you have the will.

So what are you waiting for, please register if you want to earn money through the internet with easy way and certainly reliable

How to Register Fiverr

For how to register, please follow step by step as follows:

  1. First, check your internet connection
  2. Open the Fiverr site here.
  3. Then you will start page from Fiverr. After that click Join.
  4. You can sign up with a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or email account that you own. I am here to choose an email account
  5. After that verify your e-mail account
  6. Then fill in your username and password as you wish
  7. This is the most important stage of activation of your account. If you do not activate your account, then you will not be able to receive payment from the fiver
  8. Log in to your g-mail account and there will be an email from Fiverr that contains an activation link. Please click the link.
  9. Done, your account is now activated and can be used

After that, you can act as a buyer or seller. If you are a buyer, just find what you want. If you are a seller, then the first thing you do is go to “my gig” then add new gig after that fill according to the expertise you have.

Fiverr, a Trusted Money Making Site

diligent if you want to succeed through this website because a quick and good response will be pleasing to people abroad and certainly help them.

In addition, work every task well and on time or even faster than the time specified. And most importantly, ask for feedback/feedback that is positive from the buyer because feedback is very influential on our reputation at Fiverr so that everyone who comes to our gig/lap and wants to buy/order our gigs, they will not hesitate and always believe in you.

In addition, every transaction you make and approve by the buyer, the money you get must wait a few more days because it is one of the systems of Fiverr itself. Do not be afraid that your money will not be received.

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