How to Overcome Facebook Lite Error and Cannot Be Opened


How to Overcome Facebook Lite Error and Cannot Be Opened-Facebook is indeed a social media that is already familiar to Gadgeteers. Of course, the booming social media after the presence of Friendster back then really had a long life until now. As time goes by, Facebook also presents applications for smartphones, one of which is Facebook Lite.

How to Overcome Facebook Lite Error and Cannot Be Opened

The application allows smartphone users to use Facebook applications with a more efficient amount of memory. Even so, it turns out, lately Gadgeteers’ Facebook Lite error and cannot be opened, then usually there is writing Unfortunately Facebook Lite has stopped working. If you experience problems like that, then Gadgeteers come to the right place! Because this time @Infomint will provide a way of how Facebook Lite can be reopened.

1. Delete the Application Cache

Maybe Gadgeteers is one of the people who underestimate the function of Clean Master which is intended to delete the data cache. But actually it turns out, the cache can be a trigger why the Facebook Lite application cannot work. Well, to overcome this, Gadgeteers must first delete the data cache. Don’t worry because you don’t have the Clean Master application, Gadgeteers can do it through application settings. Also read here: Why Facebook Lite Can not Open? This is the solution

2. Perform Force Stop and Delete Data

For the second way, this is usually more effective than the second, because if the first is just removing the pieces if this one completely erases the entire dataIt’s just that does not mean that the application is deleted too. The purpose of the data here is,  user data stored on the device. So if it is deleted, Gadgeteers must log in again.

3.  Reboot the Device

After doing the two methods above, it’s good (maybe it should) Gadgeteers reboots the device. By rebooting the device will be able to process the void that occurs for the loss of data that has previously been erased, and the possibility of the application being opened again becomes larger. Thank you for reading this article.


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