Facebook Blueprint: Free Online Learning From Facebook


Facebook Blueprint: Free Online Learning From Facebook, Now every business must use Facebook Ads to build their online business. There are many tutorials out there that you can follow. You can even learn more about Facebook Ads from various online learning sites. Well, one of them is Facebook Blueprint. What is that?

Facebook Blueprint Free Online Learning From Facebook

What is Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is free online training from Facebook to get to know outside and inside Facebook Ads. Divided into several lessons, eLearning from Blueprint teaches you how to build your business. Not only free, but eLearning from the Blueprint is also flexible. You can access it whenever you can. The Blueprint can be used for SME businesses as well as large agencies.

The lessons available on Facebook Blueprint are categorized according to your business goals or objectives. Starting from brand awareness, lead generation, to monetization of content, you are guaranteed to be able to find topics that you want to learn more about. Facebook Blueprint also teaches how to target the right audience and measure the performance of ads. These are two skills that all business players must possess. Of the 85 lessons available on Facebook Blueprint, you will get a lot of knowledge about almost all aspects of marketing that you need to know to run a business successfully.

You can follow more than one lesson at a time, especially to increase your knowledge about Facebook marketing and advertising. One of the lessons you might want to take is “Understanding Campaign Performance with Ads Manager” or Learning Campaign Performance with Ads Manager. Facebook Ads Manager gives you insight into how your ads are performing on Facebook and Instagram. In essence, all the lessons available in 17 different categories are made with the aim of giving you the best experience in using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Get Certification from Facebook

After you go through the various lessons available, you can get two certifications for two different areas of expertise.

Facebook Certified Planning Professionals are usually given to those who successfully plan and create Facebook ad campaigns. This is measured through their ability to manage Facebook Page, advertising objectives, target audience, Audience Insights, ads strategy, an in-depth understanding of how to use Facebook as a communication and advertising channel.

Facebook Certified Buying Professional is a certificate where to get it, you need to know things like managing, creating, and purchasing Facebook Ads. Not only that, they also need to know how to use auction auctions, how to achieve advertising KPIs, and make accurate reports. They also have to master Facebook Pixel and SDK and troubleshooting ways related to advertising.

To get these two certifications, you need to do the exam 310-101 and 322-101 and get a score of 700 or more. Usually to do the Facebook Blueprint exam takes seventy-five minutes and requires a secure application browser.

Indeed, to get this certification, you need to spend time and money. To take an exam, you need to spend 150 US dollars per exam. So because you need two exams, you need to spend 300 US dollars to get a Facebook Blueprint certificate. Every year, you need to take the exam again to save your certification.

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certification will come in the form of a digital badge. You can display this badge on Facebook and other social media. In addition, you can also install it on a blog and even in your signature email.

Why Need a Facebook Blueprint Certification?

At present, there are many ways a company can advertise on Facebook. They can even learn on their own with the many Facebook Ads tutorials out there. But sometimes companies need a professional who can do it for them. By having a Facebook Blueprint Certification, you can stand out from other candidates. The exam itself is often said to be the hardest and tightest digital marketing test on the internet. In addition, if you already have this certification, no one will doubt your ability to use Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise. For business owners, with Facebook Blueprint certification, you can optimize your ads and grow your business even further. By learning more about Facebook Ads,

Live Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint also offers a service called, “Live Blueprint”. This is an exclusive seminar aimed at advertisers to learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing. This learning opportunity is intended for those who are already familiar with Instagram and Facebook. Live Blueprint is built on peer-to-peer knowledge, with the aim of reciprocity between coworkers. Not only teaching, with the Live Blueprint, you can also learn from your friends.

The Final Word

Facebook Blueprint can be a complete online learning tool for those who want to learn more about digital marketing. This Facebook certification can help you become a digital marketing expert and give you credibility. Hopefully, this article helps!


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