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Ethics Must Have If You Want To Be A Successful Blogger

Ethics Must Have If You Want To Be A Successful Blogger

I’m going to tell you in this article, In this life, of course, we must obey the name of ethics or rules. All activities that we live, professions we also have the ethics that must be maintained if you want to succeed in the field. This applies also to bloggers. As a blogger, of course not only presents interesting and useful information only on his blog but also must comply with the ethics of bloggers if you want to become a successful blogger.

Every blogger has ethics that should always be carried out so as not to violate the rights of others. Although this ethic is not a legally written rule, it would be nice if you adhere to the ethics in order to maintain the credibility of your blog in the eyes of visitors. If your blog has a good reputation in the eyes of the end, of course, this will greatly help the success of your blog.

That’s why it’s so important to stick to the values or ethics that a blogger should adhere to. Then, what ethics should a blogger have if he wants to succeed? Here’s the answer!

This is the Ethics You Must Have If You Want To Be A Successful Blogger

Ethics Must Have If You Want To Be A Successful Blogger

  1. Always Creating Organic and Anti-Plagiarism

The first ethics you should have if you want to be a successful blogger is always make an organic writing. Creating an organic writing means making the original writing that is the work of your own. This ethic is very important to be owned by a blogger.

Avoid the behavior of stealing other people’s work by hijacking posts from other people’s blogs and then transfer them to your blog (100% content duplication). This action would have violated the rights of others and do not appreciate the work of others. In addition, plagiarism also causes harm to yourself, one of which can turn off your creativity as a blogger.

Because to be able to have a good ability in writing, of course, required habituation and continuous training.Cukup makes other blog posts as an inspiration or idea for your writing, which then you rewrite with your version using a new phrase that is a fruit of your own mind.

  1. Want To Be A Successful Blogger? Do not Shy to Distribute Science You Have Through Blog

Pour all knowledge, ideas or ideas into your blog. Owned experience can also be written on the blog. Do not hesitate to share your potential through blogs, while it’s useful to others.

  1. Building a Good Relationship With Other Bloggers

Nowadays the competition between bloggers is getting tighter, but this should not be an excuse for you to embrace other people’s blogs because this action is really not important. Instead, establish a good relationship with other bloggers.

In addition, you can add new friends, you can also share experiences or knowledge that can add to your knowledge. And there is no harm if you exchange links with other blog owners. Of course, this is very beneficial for you, is not it?

  1. Respond With Good Comment from Readers

Respect readers who have left comments relevant to the content of your post. Because they are willing to take the time to fill in the comments on our blog.

For that, we should respond to relevant comments from the readers, whether positive or negative comments wisely. Reply any comments with good language and words and do not hurt anyone.

  1. Avoid Writing that SARA and Pornography

Try not to create content that menuing ug SARA (tribe, religion, race) because this can minute offense a circle. Posts that contain pornography should also you stay away because it creates a negative impression and harms others.

  1. Keep Ethics in Commenting on Others Blogs

Of course, we are not willing if the post on our blog commented on things that are less fun, such as scorn or ridicule that does not build, let alone have nothing to do with the contents of our post. So did the other bloggers.

If you want to become a successful blogger, of course, we must have a good reputation, is not it? Therefore, when doing blog walking activities, leave a good impression, one of them by providing relevant and good comments on the blogs that you visit.

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A good comment, a discussion commentary that shows our enthusiasm for the content of the post. That way, you can also be known by the blog owner. In addition, you can also share knowledge either with the blog owner or fellow blog readers.

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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