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Easy Tips to Make Unique Blog Articles and How to Seek Inspiration

Easy Tips to Make Unique Blog Articles and How to Seek Inspiration

Hi, I’m going to tell you in this article, How to Easy Tips to Create Unique Blog Articles – For a true blogger must have the ability or preference to the writing field. For a genuine blogger, the issue of writing or articles is not something that is difficult to make. The reason, they are people – people who have a hobby of writing

Unlike business bloggers, business bloggers are those who use blog media as a means to earn money or income. Most business bloggers are not very hobby writing, they write because of the demand for income promised by the blog if crowded visitors.

Here I deliberately classify Blogger into two parts. Because blogger designations appear and popular through Google services, namely blogger com dedicated to the creation of weblog (internet records)

Blogger triggered by the owner to provide facilities to firearm activator, not to get earning. Although bloggers can be used to earn revenue, the feature is less attractive if compared with WordPress which is dedicated to the development of the site

Well, for business bloggers, the problem of creating blog articles will sometimes drain the thoughts and ideas that are difficult triggered. For a friend who has the capital can buy articles in order to stay updated blog For the new plunge and want to taste the sweetness of money from the blog seems to be thinking a thousand times to buy blog articles

Easy Tips to Make Unique Blog Articles and How to Seek Inspiration

To outsmart the difficulty of finding ideas, you can do or write down the following things. Although bloggers usually underestimate the following things:

Easy Tips to Make Unique Blog Articles

The ability to write is not just born but is trained with high flying hours of writing and habit factors. The more often my friend wrote the vocabulary will be more and more, so the writing will be more attractive and not monotonous

In creating a unique blog article, Blogger is required to have a fresh article, informative, and prohibited to copy and paste. In the making of articles 1 to 20 may be easy, but to member thousands of articles? Certainly, the idea headed to write will be lost, sometimes even days as if not have an idea to write

To get around losing ideas, so blog articles can be updated every day, these ways are worthy to try:

1. Diligently Writing Any Any Ideas That Appear

Sometimes there are days when there seem to be so many ideas that come to mind. These ideas go back and forth to meet the head and ready to be written by bloggers. However, when finished one post, the ideas seemed to disappear or my friend could not assemble another idea that previously ringed clear in the mind of my friend

Well, to keep the idea, my friend should be diligent to write a concept map of writing when there is an idea that appears. Because the idea does not always appear when my friend was in front of the laptop so can not immediately write it suddenly. Sometimes ideas come up when my buddy is on vacation, on the road, dating, or even when PUP

Always carry small books and pens to take notes as ideas come up. Record the main ideas that transit in the mind of my friend. If you do not want to bother with a book, my friend can use a smartphone to write notes

Although it seems trivial and my friend sure will not forget the idea. But my experience, underestimating the idea that emerged without make me forget the idea. In addition, for a blogger, the idea of writing is something expensive to create an article

2. Write something you really understand

To be easy in making blog articles, you should write an article that is indeed my friend understand. Do not be afraid that your article is not sold by readers because of internet readers today more than 130 million people. No one’s reading time?

Suppose my friend wrote an article about hangout, where to eat, or a place of entertainment in the city of my friend, surely in the making my friend can write casually and produce good writing. Because my friend has a reference and good material in the making of articles

Unlike if my friend did rewrite the article that my friend did not know anything about the contents of the article. If not a writer/blogger who has been trained, do it would be difficult and the results of writing to be chaotic

Posts – Writing that has local characteristics will be more easily entered in the first top ten sheet search google. In addition, local writing will be easier viral among these residents. One district alone internet users hundreds of thousands of tablets, so do not be afraid the article will be quiet

3. Create a systematic chart of article authorship

To get a unique article, interesting, informative, and have the characteristics of the author, my friend better makes the systematics authorship. Systematics will make my friend know what will be written and if the reference is less then my friend can easily search for the completeness of writing


Buddy make an article about: “Curug Cipendok, Tour Location Waterfall Banyumas the Enchanting”

The structure that you will make: Location Curug Cipendok, Entrance Cost Curug Cipendok, Trip Route to Curug Cipendok, Beauty Waterfall Curug Cipendok, Facilities at Curug Cipendok. Conclusion

In the above example, you can create subheadings within each subtitle. If one of the subtitles has not buddied know, can do googling to add the article reference

In practice, if my friend is used to create blog articles with systematics, then no longer need to write a math. Simply imagine what will be written in subtitles. But this is done for the ordinary. If not, then better write it down first

Three ways above if practiced is enough to be able to produce unique and interesting articles. Because the idea is expensive, keep the ideas you have in a note.

How to Find Inspiration to Create Unique Blog Articles

Like the review above, that inspiration of writing ideas does not always appear in places – we want (in front of the laptop). If you have a long period of time does not get the inspiration for writing, it seems my friend needs to pick up inspiration to get into the head of my friend

Here are tips that you can do to get a lot of inspiration – fresh and new inspiration:

1. Chat and play with many friends

Playing and chatting with many friends will bring new ideas for you. In the chat, many things that usually will be discussed by friends, such as about romance, friendship, enmity, crazy things, experience, and so forth

Buddy can cast what my friend buddy chat, then comes a brilliant idea to write.Especially if my friend wrote an idea of his own analysis, then the article will be made very unique, because no one has discussed it

2. Vacationing

If my friend has earned a lot or used a tag in the target to make many articles may be my days will be spent in front of the laptop. Too long in front of the laptop make saturated and better so the idea of writing even become lost. Take time for a vacation, the holiday will make the body and mind will be fresh

Vacationing will make the body and mind feel sober that the brain will be ready to explore brilliant ideas to help my friend create a fantastic blog article

3. Dating

In addition to vacation, courtship also seems powerful to get new ideas. If my friend saw Eros Sheila On 7, Ariel Peter Pan / Noah, They created songs that top hits when in a condition of love. In many places, love is indeed a remarkable solution

The point is dating here is not in negative connotations low under. Eating or walking with loved ones will make your buddies enlightened. If a loved one is far away (like but Gani Sebastian), then a telephone or video call can be to unwind and happy yourself

4. PUP

For this fourth point, either I’m only one lot of my friends are also experiencing the same thing. Sometimes the bathroom can bring up ideas that are a genius. The bathroom (while the PUP) is the best momentum to daydream and touch the imaginary world for every idea spilled on top of the laptop keyboard

Well, that’s how I can share tips on creating unique blog articles and how to find inspiration. Other bloggers may do different things to create brilliant article writings. Please share tips and tips in the comments field. Regards

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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