e-commerce marries social media: an emerging tech trend


e-commerce marries social media: an emerging tech trend, Have you ever gotten halfway to your destination only to realize your phone is charging at home?  If you are like most people, turning around to retrieve your other appendage is a foregone conclusion.

e-commerce marries social media: an emerging tech trend

No doubt: mobile devices have changed the way we live.  According to trade analysts, 90 percent of us keep our mobile phones within reach at all times.

Whether buying moving tickets via Fandango, booking a dog walker on Wag, or finding gently used furniture on LetGo, our phones have become valuable tools for more than just posting photos.

As e-commerce continues to grow – especially among certain demographics like millennials—smart companies are finding new ways to leverage the trend. Social media platforms, for example, have begun to merge with e-commerce and bring users a steady source of income.

Foap is an app that allows you to upload photo collections and sell them to brands such as Nivea, AirAsia, and Alamo, to name a few. The Field Agent app crowdsources insights from cell phones, allowing for “in the moment” feedback in both stores as well as the consumer’s home.

Brabble, meanwhile, bridges the gap between social media and peer-to-peer sales transactions by combining media sharing (photo, text, and video) with key marketplaces (think Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.)

The app uses its *StarTags technology platform—a link that you can program into your Brabble post to create a direct buy or sell link right in the app. Company founder Patrick Mackaronis says that in 2019, Brabble will roll out a subscription-based service that will allow companies to use Brabble’s *StarTags technology in ad campaigns, since, after all, advertising technology is also a market that is still rapidly growing.

Businesswire reports that the overall market for advertising software grew at 38 percent from $9.2 billion in 2016 to $12.7 billion in 2017. “We expect this share to grow to 7.8 percent by 2022 as the industry’s push for advertising automation continues and the overall volume of spending on advertising continues,” says Karsten Weide, vice president of media & entertainment at IDC.

Luma Partners, an investment bank firm known for its charts that break out digital media trends, says the ad-tech bubble hasn’t burst yet. According to Adweek mergers and acquisitions brought in $272 billion in 2017.

Whether helping companies refine their ads or bringing users additional income, e-commerce-meets-social promises to be a solid marriage. Neil Patel, an entrepreneur, and online marketing expert says the opportunity to drive traffic and sales from social is alive and well.

“If you haven’t yet created a strong social media presence, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and make sales,” says Patel.


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