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Curious Same Blogger? Here are some advantages of being a Blogger

Curious Same Blogger Here are some advantages of being a Blogger
Curious Same Blogger?

Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings. Being a blogger is a very fun thing for some people because it is to become a blogger identical with people who have a hobby of writing and reading. And in this post, we will nebulas about Some Advantages of Being A Blogger.

By having a blog we can share what we know, we can write content in the form of tutorials, tips, tricks, and various others. And from a blog, we can also get a reward lot (InsyaAllah), ie by providing content in the form of Islamic lectures.

But of course, the writer must have knowledge in the field. Therefore we are the bloggers who do not have high science in the field of religion but we want to have the reward finger that continues to flow, we can help the chaplain preach through our blog.

We can give access to Ustadz to be able to write a lecture on our blog, or we can also spread the writings or videos of Ustadz lectures on our blog.

And it turns out from a blog we can also earn revenue from these blogs lot. There are several ways we can do so that our blog can make money, that is by following way:

  1. Provide advertising slots for visitors who want to market their products
  2. Provide services in the form of services review to the visitors who also want to market their products,
  3. etc

How many benefits blogs today for writers as well as for the readers. But there it is, sometimes there are people who are unemployed who make posts or content in the form of, software crack or pirated, pirated movies, other stupid things. And this is certainly very violating the rules of religion and state rules.

So it is very important for the government to block such sites. So that the next generation of Indonesia is a person who is clean of the things that make them contaminated by things that are not good.

Okay, we’re back to the main topic. In this article, we will discuss the various advantages of choosing a job in the form of blogger.

Some Advantages of Being A Blogger

There are various kinds of advantages or positive things to be a blogger, some of these are as follows:

  1. Work freely
  2. Work without pressure
  3. Work with pay as per “work”
  4. Work at once charity

Yes, only 4 things that we will discuss in this article. That is also, in my opinion, there are 4 positive things that we can get when we choose bloggers as our work.

But of course, all friends can add some positive things that can be felt by the worker’s bloggers. Let’s just we discussed, here are some of the advantages of being a blogger.

1. Work freely

The advantages of being a blogger the most important are that we can work freely. That is, we can work freely without any time limit. In other words, we can work to become a blogger in the morning, noon, afternoon, and others.

Gampangannya, we are subordinate workers at once we are also a boss. Where we decide when we start work, rest, and also finish working.

We are also free to do, when we are getting tired, we can rest for a while without reprimanded with other people, is our work Wong also free.

But of course free does not mean you can do anything low ya, you certainly remain bound by various rules of religion and state. If it’s time for prayer, of course, close the PC or laptop for a while, take ablution, wear good clothes, then immediately go to the mosque or the nearest mosque to pray in the congregation there.

Well because we work freely, you can also know or monitor what happens in your family. Suppose the wife wants to shop, of course, have to say goodbye to you, so it can be easily and practically.

You can also play by playing with your children, because it is the first education for children is Mother, and also father may need to take part in education. Exemplifies the noble character and teaches a good variety of lessons for him.

In addition, you can also easily to chat with your wife, or just take the time to be with family.

2. Work Without Pressure

We can see the advantage of being a blogger is working without any pressure. The second part is probably almost similar to the first part. Where we as a blogger, we become a subordinate employee as well we also become a boss.

Yes, we can manage our own time in work, we can also set the time to start work, rest, and also finish work, we will not be by the client, or who because we are here that provide content, good or not Good content that we make of course we own loss.

But of course, we have to create a blog content that is useful and does not cause things that make others feel aggrieved.

Because indeed by creating good content to make people become interested in visiting your blog, let alone created content can solve problems from readers to complete, well it is good.

But of course, the content discussed is content that has a good theme and does not violate the rules of religion and the state yes.

With work without pressure also makes the bloggers can easily write content without any command from others, it means like the blogger itself would write content that the model how.

3. Work with pay as per “Work”

Some of the advantages of being a blogger the other is to work with a fee that suits the work of the blogger. This means that, the harder the work of the blogger, then most likely the payoffs obtained by the blogger is also getting bigger, InshaAllah.

And conversely, if the blogger more lazy in working to write content on his blog, then the earnings of the blog is also likely to be less.

Therefore from being a blogger is like a general job, we have to work hard in the work or we have to work hard to get a good result.

4. Work at a Glance

Some of the advantages of being a useful blogger are to work as well as charity. As I said at the beginning of this article, by having a blog, we can write Islamic content there. We can share lectures on our blogs, so it becomes a useful science that we spread widely, and certainly become a charity for us, God willing.

Therefore, by becoming a blogger we also have the opportunity to get the reward.

Some things you can do are as follows:

  1. Embed video lecture from Ustadz
  2. Provide reference links and others.


Well, so many of this article I make, hopefully, this article can help my friends in improving the quality of content in your blog, let’s try to make Indonesia a good country with through the bloggers to produce good content for readers in Indian.Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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