How to Create Your Web App without Having Coding


How to Create Your Web App without Having Coding, that has a function as a review of a website/blog? So essentially, your blog can be used as an application that can install on Android. Of course, it will be easier to open in the smartphone without having to laboriously type the blog address into the browser

How to Create Your Own Web View App without Having Mastering Coding


Well on this occasion I will make a tutorial on How to Make Web View Application itself. There are 2 ways that can be done to create this web view application.

  1. Appgeyser

Appsgeyser,s an online application creation site, apps that can be created on this site vary from browser, game, news, to Web View.

But the disadvantage of this site is, in the app that you will create later, will contain ads about the apps geyser site itself.

But apps geyser also has advantages for you, one of them is you can monetize the application you make there. This means that the application you created on this site, can make money for you (Money Admob).

 2. Make the Application

This application can also create a regular web view application and web views online shop. You can create your own web app application with this Make Application application.


Perhaps the greed of this software is to contain only advertisements from developers, but you can remove those ads by purchasing the Premium feature from Make Application.

After you upgrade to premium version then automatically apply that you will make here does not contain advertisement, in other words, will look more professional like making application without having mastered skills coding.


Many advantages of this free software, one of which is you can create web view applications without high skill coding. You just need to fill a few steps just to create your own application, and of course Artificial India.

What are the features of this app?

  • Automatic without mastering the coding skills
  • No complicated computer language
  • Without complicated download this data data

Well, maybe that’s all I can say in the article How to Make Web View Application itself, may be useful. Also, share this article, with your friends and share your experiences opinions with in the comments field below.


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