How To Create A Subdomain In CPanel Hosting


How To Create A Subdomain In CPanel HostingOne of the most useful features of cPanel for website owners is the addition of subdomains that are very easy and practical.

How To Create A Subdomain In CPanel Hosting

The following will explain the steps how to create a subdomain in cPanel hosting.

  1. Login to your cPanel hosting eg typed
  2. Go to the subdomain menu by selecting the SUBDOMAIN icon in cPanel.
  3. In the subdomain column please enter the name of the subdomain we want, for example, if you want to create subdomain, then we simply fill the column with our word.
  4. In the column, DOCUMENT ROOT will be filled automatically where the location of our document file. Here we can also point to the directory where we will put the document files for the new subdomain.
  5. Click CREATE, it will create a new subdomain.

After the creation of a subdomain is complete it will create a new folder in the same folder name with the name of the subdomain that we created, eg we make, it will create a folder named us in the directory / us / or / public_html / us.

And if we want to fill the subdomain with the website file, then the website file stay uploaded or installed on the folder / us or / public_html / us earlier.

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