7 Tools to Make the Best Online Survey


Tools for creating online surveys | One way that is easy enough to find out the interests of your customers or your business market is to do surveys, both offline and online. 

Conducting offline surveys will certainly be quite difficult to do, besides that it also requires more expensive costs and extra energy to interact directly one by one.

7 Tools to Make the Best Online Survey

Online survey illustration (Image: Youtube.com)

Online surveys are currently being chosen because the process is easier and faster. Online surveys can be done via instant messaging, social media or email. But through this method sometimes the results are less than optimal. We recommend using tools that are specifically made to conduct online surveys.

Various tools for conducting online surveys

If you are interested in conducting an online survey, you don’t need to bother looking for which tools are the best, because on this occasion Infomint will provide some recommendations for tools to conduct online surveys.

Tools online survey is arguably the most popular on the internet today.


SurveyMonkey is arguably currently the most famous online survey tool among similar tools. The free version of this tool provides some interesting facilities for users:

  • 10 questions
  • 100 respondents
  • 15 types of questions
  • Themes and templates that can be tailored to your needs

SurveyMonkey is very well designed so it is very easy to use even by people who have never conducted an online survey before.

Whereas for the paid version of SurveyMonkey you need to pay fees according to the package you choose (Select, Gold & Platinum). For prices, you can see directly on the SurveyMonkey website.


TypeForm can be said as the champion in creating creative surveys. TypeForm looks elegant and the style is very attractive. Representing the company’s motto, “ Asking questions should be easy, human, and beautiful “.

7 Tools to Make the Best Online Survey

TypeForm (Image: Zapier.com)

For the free version of TypeForm they have the BASIC package, users will get the following features:

  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Number of unlimited answers
  • Data that can be exported
  • Multiple theme choices and design templates
  • Basic report (standard)

As for the paid version you can choose the PRO package ($ 30 / month) and PRO + ($ 59 / month). If you pay directly 1 year then you can save 2 months (just pay 10 months).

The features in the paid version are quite a lot including a calculator for assessment, an option to send the follow-up to respondents and so on.

Google Form

From the name alone we already know that this survey tool is made by Google. Everyone certainly knows very well how good products are made by Google.

You can use Google Form without the need to pay, 100% free !!!

For features that can be obtained quite a lot, including

  • Unlimited survey
  • Unlimited number of respondents
  • All data is automatically stored on Google Spreadsheets
  • Many theme choices
  • Can add your own logo
  • Can add photos and videos
  • Display surveys in email or web
  • Add a calculator

All facilities provided by Google Form can be obtained free of charge and there is no paid version at all.

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey allows you to make surveys with ease and can embrace respondents who use various types of devices. You can see results in graphical form and in real-time.

The free version of Zoho Survey offers several features, among them

  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • 15 survey questions
  • 150 respondents

Gizmo Survey

The Gizmo survey is also one of the tools for surveys that are quite capable, you can create unique online surveys using the Gizmo Survey.

Gizmo Survey has a limited free version, but at least you can create more than 25 types of questions, you can also download data in CSV format or create graphical reports.

Planet Survey

Planet Survey which has the motto ” A simple and powerful online survey tool ” is certainly not playing games, they are one of the most powerful tools.

A free version of Planet Survey offers quite a number of features, such as:

  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • As many questions as possible
  • Unlimited response
  • The basic theme is quite interesting
  • Can create surveys in 20 languages

While for the paid version you need to pay a fee, but of course choose more features, including being able to export data to Word, Excel, CSV, PDF, and JSON. As well as various other features that you can see directly on the official website.

Heartbeat Client [Paid Version]

The Heartbeat client is one of the paid survey tools and doesn’t have free features at all.

To use the Heartbeat Client you need to spend around $ 25 a month for the Basic package, $ 57 per month for the Gold package and $ 85 per month for the Platinum package.

The price of the Heartbeat Client is quite expensive for a  survey tool when compared to the other six tools that we have discussed above.

But besides the price that is quite expensive, the Heartbeat Client does offer some reporting features that are much better. Thank you for reading this article.


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