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How to Apply Google News and Some Excess

How to Apply Google News and Some Excess

I’m going to tell you in this article, How to Apply Google News – Google News is a Google service for sites with news content and other popular content that can be enjoyed for free. Can be listed on google news is the dream of every blogger, the article if the blog goes to google news list then traffic get a chance to ride many times. In addition, if your blog into the google news list then it does not need to be difficult – hard to set SEO to get into page one google search engine

Like Google Adsense, at the beginning of Google news service is only available in English, but now also support with the Indian language.

What are the advantages of blogs go to google news?

Many advantages that will get if you can register Google News and accepted as a site listed there. In Google search channels, news sites will get a special channel “in the news” and more priority search than on other sites

Google news is different from UCweb news that copies the content and only gives links to the blog’s original address and little chance to visit the original site because all the content is already posted on UCweb news. Google news only displays search results in priority, without creating a network of sites by plagiarizing content. So all Google news traffic is organic

For more details, here are the advantages that will get my friend if the site is already registered in google news

1. Will be very quickly indexed by google search engine

Indexes that occur on the site will be very fast, this is done Google because of the nature of online news that provides information quickly. You must have seen popular sites get in on one google page even though the new post article 38 seconds ago. Incredible is not it? It happens because Google prioritizes and prioritizes relevant searches in Google News

Meanwhile, how long Google to index your blog, buddy? I’m sure it’s not as fast as if it’s listed in Google news. Although it can be submitted manually to the webmaster to index the site, without going to the list Google news, the site is still not Priority by Google

2. Organic traffic increases sharply and multiply

Visitors who enter your site are organic visitors. Google only prioritizes search results on its Sharp the incoming visitors are 100% organic

In addition, your blog will get a chance traffic increased many times than ever. Reportedly, Google news readers more than 30 million / day. Some of my bloggers experience that the site has Google news, traffic can rise up to 4 times more than before

3. Easy entry in the first page of Google, though without SEO

Because priority in priority, then do not need a complicated SEO optimization – complicated, without optimation blog will be easy to enter the first page of Google

Buddy just check the news site, most of the contents of his writing only 150 – 250 characters only. Though writing a bit influential on SEO but in fact the news sites with content that short content is always hanging out on the first page of Google

4. Increase your AdSense earnings

Because visitors who enter into your blog is an organic visitor, then AdSense revenue buddy will rise. Organic visitors are the ones that have the highest click value on AdSense

Well, at least four of the above advantages will my friend get if register google news. Tantalizing is not it? Although the name is Google news (news), but not only sites that contain news that can register. Google news also accepts blog registration with content:

  1. News
  2. Blog
  3. Tutorial
  4. Tips and Tricks

So your blog buddy, although not a site containing news content, it is still possible to register google news. If my friend is interested in registering the site, it seems my friend should see the following tips to be more easily accepted by google news

Terms Sign up for Google News to be Acceptable

How to Apply Google News and Some Excess

Actually, as long as your blog has been verified through the webmaster, then blogs can register Google News. But to be accepted, Google News to do a super tight selection, this is done so that Google news channel has quality news updates

In the case of Google News registrations, this seems the same as like registering Google Adsense, all may be able to register but to be accepted very difficult. Buddy can do the following to enslave received Google News

1. Use domain TLD (Top Level Domain)

Use blogs with custom Top Level Domains (TLD) for blogs to have a higher trust value. Using a TLD domain makes the blog has a higher value, the article sites that buy their own domain more serious in the process

2. Prioritize using self-hosting WordPress

You better use CMS WordPress self-hosting to sign up for Google News. CMS WordPress has many plugins features making it easier to create an active site

In addition, Google News recommends using a 3-digit permalink behind the domain before the title link, for example, Infomint.net/way-mendaftar-google-news or Infomint.net/blog/way-mendaftar-google-news. Parties google news recommends using permalink as above and registers the blog after having 3 digits in the permalink. Or the same requires more than a hundred articles

3. Good view

In order to look professional, you better use the theme magazine is neat and nice views. A good view would indicate that your blog is seriously credible and trusted. If my friend uses WordPress, better use the theme premium because the features are qualified

Buddy better use theme magazine theme because it is easier to navigate and show more posts

4. Completeness of blog navigation

Use the completeness of the blog to support the trust of a blog. Create a contact us page, disclaimer, ToS, about, and more to support blog accountability. In addition, the Google News also recommends a special site map in the index

5. Using many authors

To be accepted on google news, google parties recommend sites with many authors. This is an indicator that the more authors the more updates generated a blog. You can use a shadow writer (fake) if the blog is worked on independently

In addition, some master blogs also recommend updating more than 3 times the number of authors. The point is, if your blog using 5 authors, then in a day you have to update 15 posts from various authors, do not use only one author to update the 15 articles

Also, read bellow:

Especially if the mass review, my friend should be more active in the update article. Massa review of Google news submission is about 30 days. During this time, my buddy updates articles constantly with content of around 200-300 words, much nicer and try the original

Once received Google news buddies can be more in update, but must remain updated, only the intensity that may be lowered

6. Blog has reached the age of six months

Just like the recommendation in the submission of AdSense, Google News also recommends that blogs that are listed on Google News have been at least six months old. Google selective news in accepting registrants into the news channel, so it’s better blogging that has been filed.

7. Other equipment

In addition to the completeness – another completeness that makes the blog more reliable and has a good performance. Do not be too much plugin if using WordPress self-host for blogs stay fast when in access. Submit to Webmaster, and other completeness to improve blog quality

How to Apply Google News

If the above stages are already owned by your blog, my friend is ready to apply for registration on google news. Here are the steps – step register in google news

1. Log in to  HERE  to log in to google news signup page

2. When the above page is open, you will see sites that have been verified in the webmaster for the next time you register in google news. A verified site will have a notification click Request Inclusion in Google News

How to Apply Google News and Some Excess

3. If my friend has determined which blog will be listed, then click Request Inclusion in Google News. Next will appear a new tab that requires my friend fill out the registration form information mum blog

How to Apply Google News and Some Excess

In the form you are told to fill:

A. General information: General information about your site

B. Site information: your site information, including:

  • Source URL
  • Source Name
  • Site Language
  • City
  • State / Province
  • Region

C. Categories: buddy told to check the categories in the site pal. In the form Google news, there are several categories of options, namely:

D. News sections information: in this form, you can enter subdomain, if your blog each category created subdomain on its website

After all the general information in the contents correctly, the last step is click boxed down then SUBMIT

How to Apply Google News and Some Excess

4. If my friend has submitted a blog to google news. So in the dashboard view of the registration page, google news changed to as below

How to Apply Google News and Some Excess

After the blog is registered to Google news, next is the review period for 30 days. During the review period, better buddy more active in the update article. More recommended for updates on the set, for example, morning, afternoon, evening, night. This will make your blog look up to date every day

Well, so how to Sign Up Google News and the Advantages that make anyone blog owners want to enter and registered as part of Google news.

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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