Is being anonymous online really anonymous?


Is being anonymous online really anonymous? An IP address is more of a gateway that shows everything about you without your consent. The internet service provider keeps your logs of which user has which IP and thus creates a map for each customer.

Is being anonymous online really anonymous?

These service providing agencies are able to the records for a total period of 6 to 2 years. The government however are making arrangements to make this tenure even more as they used such data to track a criminal or similar kind of identity.

When you access a website, your IP address is transmitted. However, the website you access do not you are, but they maintain records of the respective IP address which basically redirects everything to you. Since the log files are too minimalistic, such data last for months, years and more to come.

In most of the cases, users are found claiming that they weren’t using the PC at that time hence, they are supposed to be excused. Know that as the user of an internet connection, if you allow the connection available to clients at your area, you must take responsibility and keep a measure of anything suspicious and keep track of anything that is done through this medium. In short, you must be able to protect your own connection.


It is a common myth that if you use HTTPS, you are entirely secure and that nobody could scratch your data anymore. Know that the website you are trying to access itself would know your IP address, the activity you do on their site, but the only restriction would be imposed on the ISP who wouldn’t be able to snoop anymore.

So why not you start using only the secure connections to websites? Exactly, that is possible. But be very sure to type the HTTPS into the browser in the address bar.

In addition, know that the average tools and software of data security like firewall, anti-virus etc. would soon see me at the end of their life cycle as they are no more able to provide efficient security against the top-notch hacking options.

Virtual Private Networks:

Another mean of hiding your identity is using a VPN. A software that tunnels through the average connection and utilized a different remote server to the rest of the world. Hence, it gives a unique/rare IP address which cannot be linked back at you. But as expected, not all VPNs are able to deliver similar kind of service and there are chances of error all the time. Read more: The Top Tricks to Start your Cryptocurrency Adventure Journey.

Most of the VPNs do claim that they do not keep any record of the users which basically helps them avoid all the attention. If this statement is something true, then you need not fear as authorities if asks to the VPN providers to provide the information, it would make no sense as there is nothing to give.

Gov. Surveillance:

In case if you do not navigate directly to the HTTPS if the website you’re accessing is hosted in the regions of USA, it has solid chance for the NSA to have access to the data through the back door. The best part? You would have no idea that you’re under constant monitoring as they’ve made arrangements of not letting anyone know about anything. This is happening in the whole world and not the only USA where the government has made contacts with the agencies to transfer data whenever needed.


Know that no matter how safe you consider yourself, no matter what tools you use to enforce such task, no matter who you are, there is a solid chance of someone keeping a track on you even at this very moment without your permission. The best you could do is either reduce your online activities, take the steps as mentioned above or encrypt your data using the best ones once and for all. That way nobody would be able to at least ponder upon the data which may or may not be confidential. Thank you for reading this article.


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