Caution, 10 Causes of AdSense Accounts are Banned / Disable The Most Frequent Google Party Occurs


Caution, 10 Causes of AdSense Accounts are Banned / Disable The Most Frequent Google Party Occurs, As an AdSense publisher, we must follow all the rules given by the official Google AdSense. We should not play dirty while participating in this program, because it can be the cause of the AdSense account being banned/disabled by Google.

Caution, 10 Causes of AdSense Accounts are Banned Disable The Most Frequent Google Party Occurs

If so, then we can no longer produce rupiah coffers from AdSense. In vain, it has been the result of years of hard work managing the blog, only because of mistakes that we may not realize.

The term banned AdSense seems to be one of the topics that are very much discussed among publishers. From the past until now, there are still victims who experience AdSense banned.

This incident is often experienced by naughty publishers who violate the various requirements and policies of the Google Adsense program so that the cause of the AdSense account is banned.

What they think might be only money, money, and money. The impact is that their AdSense account is the victim.

For those who have long been involved in the world of AdSense, must have been very understanding about things that should not be done to minimize banned.

This is, of course, different from beginners who do not really understand the world of AdSense. It could be that these beginners do dirty tricks because they don’t know yet.

Well, to anticipate a storm banned, you should follow the rules or policies imposed by AdSense.

The main cause of the Adsense account is being banned by Google

1. There is Copy-Paste Content

Copy-paste content usually uses other sources that are not allowed to be copied such as newsletters, personal articles, important research, thesis and so on.

Actually, it might be legitimate to copy-paste, but the source must be included clearly. In addition, you also have to make sure that what you are dealing with is not for the main content.

Safer again, try to rewrite articles in their own language so that the AdSense account is safe from being banned.

2. Auto Blog

Blogs that are automatically set to produce their own content are generally more susceptible to banned. As we know, Google really likes sites created by humans and is intended for humans, not robots.

If it turns out the site is indicated to do automation that violates the rules, then the Adsense account is banned to be one of the best decisions.

Auto blog here actually has many kinds, but the most troubling thing is AGC (Auto Generated Content) .

Sites that include AGC are created by duplicating other site articles that have been posted on the internet. This is certainly very detrimental to bloggers who have struggled to make this content.

3. There is Sensitive Content

Try to identify the content you make, whether it contains sensitive things or not. These sensitive things include pornography, hackers, phishing, cracking, gambling, illegal trade, or things related to racial intolerance.

If you find one of these sensitive words, try to delete or replace it with another.

You can also avoid causing Adsense accounts to be banned by checking the writing before publishing.

4. MFA Website (Made for AdSense)

As the name suggests, the MFA website or blog is intended specifically to earn income from Google AdSense. MFA sites usually rely on unclear content with very ambiguous grammar.

This is certainly very contrary to Google, which wants a website to be easily accessible and comfortable to use by users.

For those who are accustomed to surfing the internet, it might be easy to recognize the site MFA or not.

You can judge from themes, content, article grammar, word length, ad position, traffic, redirect links and so on. These kinds of things are certainly very disturbing to Google, it’s natural that the AdSense account is suddenly banned.

To anticipate this kind of thing, you should make a site that is useful and useful to others.

Make it as if your writing is useful for visitors to read, not just to be used as a dairy cow. In this safe way, you can minimize the storm of AdSense banned from Google.

5. Click Own Ads

It seems like this one rule has been very frequently discussed. Many also have said that this action is the most vulnerable as a cause of Google Adsense account being banned.

If you are caught doing click fraud, then AdSense bans just count the time.

Google seems to be smart enough to know this violation, even things that we don’t seem to realize will be considered violations by Google. Duh!

Then what is the solution?

Never click on your own ad, because it will have fatal consequences in the future. Potential banned AdSense accounts can be great if you accidentally click on your own ads.

Try to always be positive and not cheat. Illegal actions will eventually produce bitter fruit and vice versa.

6. Have someone else click

Just like the previous point, telling others to click on ads will also be vulnerable to causing Adsense accounts to be banned. Never think that Google will not know the prophecy that you are doing, it’s the same as suicide.

This method may still be tricked one or several times, but if the frequency of doing this, just get ready for your AdSense account perish.

It’s best to avoid using this kind of dirty method because maybe someday Google will know what you are doing.

7. Installing Pop-Up or Sticky Ads

Google seems to be quite serious in responding to the issue of advertising that disturbs visitors. Placing in extreme positions like Pop-Up can also cause an AdSense account to be banned.

You also have to be careful when placing ads with adverts (ads will remain in position even if the page is scroll).

This kind of action seems to be alleged as a violation because we like forcing visitors to click on ads.

If you do an advertisement like this, then return to the straight path. Install ads according to the rules recommended by Google, this will minimize bans on the AdSense account that you have.

8. Putting Advertisements Adjacent to Images / Videos

Good content usually uses images or videos to add weight and completeness. Without pictures, an article would certainly feel bland and unsightly.

By placing an image in the article, visitors will be more comfortable reading your article. But you need to be careful when combining it with advertisements.

If you put a picture near AdSense ads, then Google will consider it an act of manipulation so that visitors click on the ad.

This is what might make Google suddenly banned AdSense accounts

9. Invalid Adsense activity

Please note, Invalid Adsense activity is invalid Traffic including clicks (points 5 & 6) and impressions. It also includes blog traffic sources.

So there are two important points regarding Invalid activity adsense, invalid click and invalid traffic

Websites that have minimal traffic will usually find ways to increase traffic in dirty ways. For example, exchanging traffic (traffic exchange) or buying traffic from a third party is unclear where the source (traffic robot) is.

Google maintains and considers websites that have really high-quality content with quality traffic. For example is the end that comes from search engines, both Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

10. Breaking the TOS (Term of Services) from Google AdSense

Some points that have been explained may include one of the AdSense policies. As a good publisher, it is only natural that we obey all the rules and restrictions issued by AdSense.

Actually, there are many things that must be considered further, you can read various more complete subscriptions on the Google AdSense TOS page.

That way, you can minimize and avoid Adsense accounts being banned by Google.

That is a little explanation about the things that cause the AdSense account to be banned. There is actually one more, which is to put a lot of ads in the middle of a post.

But it looks like it’s just a myth, the proof is that many publishers who place a lot of Adsense ads on their blogs are still safe. I have also proven it and it turns out there are no problems.

Indeed there must be several trials and case studies to prove the various rules of AdSense, especially from your own experience

Or you can directly contact Adsense via email (terms apply), if in doubt about the rules and policies that have been implemented by Google Adsense.

The hope is, after reading this article you can minimize the storms that often crash.

So, love your AdSensemu account by using methods that are in accordance with rules and rules. Don’t play cheats because one day you will get a reply, that is, the Adsense account is banned forever.


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