Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to Better Protect Creators

Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to Better Protect Creators

Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to Better Protect Creators

has changed the way you want to put your Ad on Advertisers Youtube Videos. In this, Advertisers Youtube and Youtube contact Advertise on Creators’ Video by contacting their creators. That’s why content creators earn.

In the case of Youtube, Monetization means Creators authorizes youtube to Ad Place on Video. Advertisers have to pay the cost of advertisers. Some part of the money received from advertisers pays Youtube Content Creators.

YouTube Monetization Policy in 2018

Talk about the Youtube Monetization Policy, talk about it in another post from Details. But know in the short. There are some YouTube terms and conditions for advertising on the channel such as Views for Monetize, what should be the Subscriber, Watch Time, how much.

There was no such rule until March 2017, but in April 2017, Youtube jolted new Youtubers by updating their official blog.

Now there should be Minimum 10,000 Views for Youtube Video Monetization. When it completes the Milestone User, then Apply for Adsense.

The YouTube Team will review Manually Channel and if Channel is following all the guidelines of Youtube, its Monetization Request will be accepted.

New Monetization Update 2018

The main purpose of this post is to tell this. It seems that even after the blast in April 2017, some improvements were not understood yet. That is why 16 January 2018 again was a tremendous blow which was several times faster than the April 2017 shock.

Many people’s hearts broke down with this decision of YouTube, and many meanings of SEAL have exploded. Now Applying for Monetization has become very tough.

But there is nothing to panic about this update. This will benefit the creator of quality content. Copy Paste will be controlled to a great extent.

Social Media Share for 10,000 views or something like that was an Android App, but it is not possible now.

Google Adsense Terms and Conditions for YouTube in 2018

Now money from Youtube can be earned only by quality content. According to the update of January 2018

  • 4000 Hour Watch Time: Mean video of 4000 hrs can be seen. 4000 Views No 4000 Hours 4000X60 = 2,40,000 Minute
  • 1000 Subscriber:  Channel must also have 1000 Subscriber. While the first 1000 Subscribers were able to put Paid Content also. But to get started 1000 Subscriber should
  • Time Limit:  Watch Time of 4000 Hours and 1000 Subscriber So Youtube has not given any time to consider 1 year.

InfoMint Tips Opinion

If talked about entertainment channels, this task is very easy for them. But the subject whose search is very short is a bit difficult for them. There are some Youtubers who work on High CPC Topic but its Searches are very low. In such a way, a dollar of 4000 Hour Watch Time will not even get.

One such suggestion for such people is that at the beginning, upload some video uploads that the viewers prefer most. Once the Milestone is completed, Channel Monetization should be activated, then upload a video with a high CPC Topic.

4000 Hours, 1000 Subscriber That’s not a very difficult task in just one year. Let’s explain it with a calculation.

4000 hr = 4000×60 = 2,40,000 minutes

  • If a New Youtuber Daily 3 Video Uploads
  • The length of all the videos is 5 to 8 minutes.
  • If Viewer Average sees all the videos from 1 to 3 minutes,

240000/1.5 = 1,60,000 Views

240000/2 = 1,20,000 Views

240000/3 = 80,000 Views

If you follow this calculation, then Minimum 80,000 Views and maximum 1,60,000 Views for 4000 Hrs Watch Time.

When there was no such rule for monetization, how much money did you make from 1,60,000 Views? Let’s also calculate it.

Indian Youtubers average 1000 Views Minimum 0.5 $ Max 2 $ earn! How much do you earn in such a way? Too much earn $ 300.

300XDollar Rate = Rs. 19155 (18 / Jan / 2018) Talked in a round figure, you earn maximum Rs. 20,000. But Minimum 3 to 6 months is also available for the first payment.

According to Current Update 4000 Hrs and 1000 Subscriber, the completion of this milestone will be available only in the first or second month of payment.

Please tell us what your Opinion is at this new update.

I Hope this information will be very helpful for all Youtubers. In the next article, we will talk about How to Find Watch Time of 1000 Subscriber and 4000 Hrs. Share this post on social media. Thank you.

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