how to access android phone from another android phone

Top 5 Android Remote Access App 2018

Do you have an Android Phone other than Android Phone to Remotely Connect to want to do? How do you control an Android phone from another Android phone? Do you know we can access anybody’s phone? If you know so much or do not know that you must read this post at this time I am not one of you to tell about such a Top 5 App. From the Help Any Android Phone, your Android Phone to Remotely Access can.

Well, there is a lot of trick for Computer from Computer or Computer to Android. From which you can remotely access very comfortably. I have told you about it earlier. If you want to access the computer from Android phone, then click on the link.

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What is Remote Control Technologies?

If we understand Remote Control Technology, it is a service that can be accessed and controlled from your Computer, Smartphone’s Data and so on. As you have seen people in Web Technology (Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram) and Cloud Technology (Google Drive, Microsoft Live) Like Cloud Security and Web-Based Technologies, you get good security in Remote Control Technology.

For example- If you use Team Viewer. So, as soon as you log into your Smartphone or Computer. All your data gets uploaded or remotely connected to your viewer on the server’s server. Whenever your Computer or any other Computer or Phone Smartphone ID Insert is | So, you start to show your computer or Smartphone data on that computer or phone. Remote Connection |

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Remote Connection To Top 5 Android App:

On Android Phone Remotely Access to You need an App | so you will Google Play Store to find the thousands of App that you Android Phone Remotely Access can | But I’m about to tell you the top 5 apps. I think this is a very good app for Remote Connection.

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#1: Team Viewer:

Whether Android or Computer is best for everyone, Team Viewer is one because Team Viewer’s security is very good. If you access it using Remotely Access to your computer or Smartphone, then there is no danger of your data being Spy. Second Team Viewer’s interface is very easy. Which anyone can use with ease.

Download Team Viewer Android  App

#2 RemoDroid Remote Access App:

This is a very popular Android app. From which you can access an Android phone remotely from another Android phone. But this app is currently in Testing Phase due to which there is a lot of problem coming in. Or the app does not work on all Android version. Or App Specially Designed for Android TV.

Download Remodroid Android App

#3 An2An Remote:

This app is the use you other an Android Device Android Device or PC Remotely Access can do | With the help of this app, you can connect any device via Bluetooth or Wifi. Your PC to Android phone to connect with an Android phone to Keyboard, Mouse can use them.

Download An2An Android App


how to access android phone from another android phone

#4 Joinme Android app :

I liked this app because you can remotely access more than one Android phone simultaneously with the help of this app. In this, you have to Generate a link to your Joinme app. Anyone who connects using that link can access it on his phone.

Download JoinMe Android app 

#5 Tablet Remote:

Like its name is the job you can connect Android or Tablet to another Android phone or Tablet with this app. You can use a few simple commands as is done by the remote of the TV. Back, Play, Pause, Next, Set Brightness, Volume etc

Download Tablet Remote app

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Friends, this is the top 5 Android app with the help of which you can remotely access any other Android Device or Computer. As well as you can control completely any device with some app. Such as Copying, Modifying, Deleting its Data. In all these apps, you will get different features, you can use them according to your convenience.

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Hope you have liked this post and you have been helpful for you if you have any ideas or suggestions about this post, then you must give us a comment. Thank you.

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