8 Reasons Why Not Everyone Is Able To Make Money Through Their Blog


Hi! How are you? Hope you guys are good. todays topics i telling you how to Making money through blogs is very fun. You will feel that writing after writing you pour in personal blogs, have the weight and character which will make you more enthusiasm in writing and pouring aspirations and tips useful for people.
Unfortunately, making money through blogs is not an easy matter, as not everyone who has a blog “lucky” to be able to make money from their blog.

8 Reasons Why Not Everyone Is Able To Make Money Through Their Blog

In fact, we can assume that only 2 out of 10 people are able to develop their blog to succeed. While 8 of the rest must have a total failure of his efforts.
If you feel confused or almost desperate with a blog that does not go to fruition, then you need to be vigilant because you could be 8 of the 10 people I mentioned earlier.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to discuss what causes a blog does not have a significant development. Although you as the owner feel you have managed the blog as much as possible.

This article also you can make as a reference material for the future, you are not wrong again in choosing a blogging strategy for blogs that you manage to make money for you.

8 Reasons Why Not Everyone Is Able To Make Money Through Their Blog

1. While looking for money, never make it a major focus

Although you are managing a blog because you want to make money through the blog, it is important to remember is never make money as the main focus.

The main reason for this is because you should focus on providing interesting and useful content to your readers. So it is very possible if the content presented on your blog will be careless. Or worse yet you just copy and paste other people’s posts just to make money quickly from blogs managed.

Things like this are very frequent and very bad. If you do not realize and change your mindset from now, then forever your blog will not produce.

There are a lot of references that say that the more writing the greater the chance blogs can make money. This is a lot of truth, it’s just that you should not swallow the information is raw.

Your blog will not generate even though it has many articles in it.


Of course because the quality articles that have value to the community. So, it would be more appropriate if we slightly change the words, to “The more quality writing the greater the chance blogs can produce”.

Notice the additional “Qualities” above. Of course with quality articles, then your blog will get many visitors who can support the trust. For ad owners, Adsense, as well as other companies that collaborate with websites and blogs.

While many articles alone will not be enough if made with perfunctory because this will only make your blog lonely because the posts are not interested in the community. And the opportunity to make money will be narrower because before starting the cooperation, advertising companies and so will see the traffic of your blog visit.

2. Many people choose a niche regardless of their expertise

If you want to succeed in managing the blog, of course, you need to update and publish new articles regularly on the blog. Then, what happens if you are wrong in choosing a theme or niche writing Dolan blog?

Publish articles regularly, indirectly “Force” you to understand and master the theme used. It is very clear that you are asked to choose a theme or niche that you really mastered for writing materials in your blog.


Not all bloggers care about this. I see a lot of comments in blogger groups (Facebook) that asks seniors about what’s a good and up-to-date niche right now.

Wow, such a reality would be very strange if in my opinion. If such an event, of course, they choose only based on the popularity of the niche. Do not even care whether the niche that is rising either mastered it or not at all.

People who are careless in choosing this niche that will only publish articles, Copas. Because they do not understand what they want to write. And again the case will be like in the first point, where the money even becomes the main focus in blogging.

Choosing a niche is not an easy matter, it will continue to affect the progress of your blog. Therefore you are expected to really choose and write based on the theme or niche that you have mastered in the real world.

The reason is easy, because by understanding a niche, then you will not have difficulty in writing articles to be published.

3. Lack of consistency in blog management

Blogging is not an easy thing you know! You need to be consistent in managing your website. If you are lazy, the success will be lazy to approach you.

If you think that blogging just needs to create many articles, publish it, and wait for income to come alone, then you are wrong. There are many things that you need to manage on a blog for the blog is able to succeed.

First of all, it must create quality content, this should be done regularly even if your blog already has a name. The importance of content is updated because the content itself is at the heart of a blog. Not always a content can last up to a long time (Content also has time to expire, when the reality has changed then the old posts are no longer valid).

In addition, consistency in managing blogs not only update the content periodically. Instead, you need to make sure that the SEO you apply is very good to compete with millions of other blogs that lift similar niche.

Therefore, you do need to give extra time in managing the blog. If you want to someday have a blog name, and successfully provide income for you.

4. Lack of SEO

Traffic is the main thing that determines whether your blog will succeed or not. Just imagine, if you do not have visitors. Yes, it is clear that no party will work with you (what’s in it for them).

While the most popular traffic is really unique traffic. Or in other words, people read your articles based on search results in search engines like Google. Not a compulsion (Spread the link to a friend for articles to read and get traffic visit).

If like this then it is obvious that you are required to make your blog more interesting. Not just for humans but for search engine robots who are tasked to index your web pages. It also displays it as the top number order in the search engine page.

In order for your articles to appear on the first page of search engines, it is clear that not only are quality articles. But a good SEO optimization should also be considered! You can learn a variety of the latest SEO tips on this blog because the tips on this blog are quite complete compared to the others.

5. Lack of promotion, or perhaps wrong way of promotion

If you want to make money through blogs, of course, you need to attract a lot of visitor traffic. Most people only publish articles regularly without ever doing a promotion. Though blog site promotion is very important done in an effort to attract a large number of visitors.

If you do not produce your blog, then who will know the existence of your blog in cyberspace?

Just like a business in general, where product A can beat the existence of product B which actually has better quality than product A. Lack of existence can be caused by various factors, one of which is a promotion.


Have you made a promotion but it never paid off?

Such a thing is natural. Yep, very reasonable if your promotional techniques do not correct and even lead bad for the sustainability of the blog site.

The average new blogger publishes their blog in a very, very bad way. Namely by spreading the links blindly and with spam activities that they think is reasonable to do.

In fact, such promotional activities will only bring bad impact for the blog. And the most chaotic if the action causes the blocking of your blog because it is indicated as a site with spam activities.

Hence, you should look for promotional techniques through references that have been very reliable. You can read the latest promotional techniques on Wikipedia and Wikihow, or on this KlikMania blog. Already summarized several articles on Blog Promotion Strategy written by many people who have been successful in doing promotional techniques in a way that they write.

6. Blog is not convenient to visit

Of course, if you want to make money through blogs, you need to attract visitors as much as possible. While one factor from the lack of blog visitors, ie because your blog is not comfortable to visit.

Just imagine, internet users who initially interested to read your writing, suddenly leave the blog without reading it to completion.

What happened?

It’s because your blog is not comfortable! Uncomfortable may be due to poor design, incorrect layout placement, writing with fonts that make eye pains, and ad placements that disturb the reader’s convenience.

Most people (Even myself) will close the browser tab if they find blogs with ads blindly. They seem to ignore their blog readers, and only focus on the money they can get from advertising. Though their density is dependent on the number of visitors to their blog.

Therefore, it is advisable to organize blogs in such a way so comfortable blog visitors feel at home for long reading the articles you serve. Do not put too many ads because they may block some writing that keeps visitors from reading freely.

7. Overemphasize Adsense

I yaki all bloggers already know this, or at least have heard about Adsense that “he said” can bring success for anyone who became publisher nyah.

However, many people who seemed to be too deify Adsense, so they closed their eyes and ears to other things that are also able to make their blogs make money.

It’s fine, or it could be very good because Adsense is one of the media publishers who has the most stringent requirements. This certainly can encourage the spirit to continue working in making something new on the blog owned.

Read more: How To Write Interesting And Informative Qualified Articles

However, you can still make money through blogs even without Adsense. Because basically, Adsense is only 1 of 1000 ways to Rome. You can still follow Affiliate programs, install PPC ads, or even sell your own products such as e-books or fashion products on the blogs you manage.

All you have to remember is: There are many roads to Rome.

8. Or it could be a blog does not make money because it does not have a sale value at all

If you are almost desperate because the blog does not make money, it seems you need to correct what is wrong on your blog. Because it could be your blog does not have any value at all so until whenever you really can not feel the income from the blog.

What does it mean to have no sale value?

Back to the main: content, your content may not have any selling value at all that causes your blog never to make money for you.

The content I mean is very diverse. Maybe it could be from copies content, expired content, or even content that is not important at all (like blog diary).

If you are one of the diary blog writers, it seems like you will find it hard to earn money from that blog. This is because (sorry) the diary you wrote may be of no use to others, even they just do not know you.

Unless you are a public figure whose daily activities can generate curiosity for the community.

Therefore, learn to create a blog that has the power of selling and competitiveness, so that your goals make money through blogs do not become just ideas and wishful thinking.

So many of my articles that discuss the reasons why not everyone is able to make money through this blog. My writing is made with the purpose and intent that we all learn together to be able to create blogs that have quality and quantity for the tight competition of cyberspace. Hopefully useful for you all.

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.



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