6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert


6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert

Designing a landing page to make the web look interesting and convert is fun, but it does not mean it’s an easy job.

Especially if you are new in the online business world and want to create a website to support marketing activities and promotion of your business products.

Oh yeah, you’ve got a website that looks normal even can be said to be ugly, but sell?

It proves that junk mail and hot marketing tactics work well. But that was it!

If for now, such tactics are less effective. Especially when it’s time to design a landing page.

Unique and attractive landing pages can also increase the conversion of website visitors and you have the opportunity to turn them into customers.

Then how to design a unique landing page, but you also get a drag-and-drop page builder that gives you the freedom to make whatever you want?

This article will give you some great tips from professional web designers who will help you in designing website landing page to make it look interesting.

Curious? Let’s begin our discussion.

Designing an Attractive Landing Page with Tips Here!

1. Continue to Follow Design Trends

When was the last time you logged into a web page containing photos, videos, written information and requested information about you?

All packed into a complete page and unconsciously provide your email address or buy the product being sold?

Again, it may work temporarily, but too many pages of information are outdated.

Professional designer graph, Travis Moore explained ” Currently, the design trend is flat and minimalist. Extreme gradients and drop shadows are old schools. “

You may not want to do what everybody is doing right now just to bear with them.

All you need to remember is this is not about matching yourself, but the matter of keeping up with the design trends for your page to not look old!

The purpose of a simple web design is the fast loading time and display your page ya look neat on mobile devices.

If your page looks outdated and unkempt, it will drop your conversion.

“The main point I want to convey is made sure your page is not too old or weird for the viewer because it can decrease conversions. All about balance, ” Travis said.

To get more conversions, make sure that your page loading time is also fast.

According to Kissmetrics, 1-second delay on page response can decrease conversion to 7%. So keep it simple!

2. Give Extra Space!

The key to this simple art of beauty is whitespace (or empty space if your page is not white).

Leadpages web designer Kayla Sawtelle considers this important and calls it “breathing space”.

This room not only makes your page look more modern and accelerates the load page but also does not make the reader overwhelmed to see the full page.

In his elegant non-profit landing page template, Kayla makes things simple by focusing on good photos and call to action.

Then he gives a little distance before the text “Help Us Reach Our Goal.”

The photo of the forest used gives the impression of calm and spacious will not distract potential leads.

6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert

1″It’s a good idea to provide distance or space for the top and bottom because it helps your eyes not be overwhelmed when reading too much. It will pause your eyes for a few minutes to see something new.

3. Using Design Elements to Organize Information

Sometimes, you’re not enough just to make things simpler and to give information to your leads.

Not by giving them some text that lets them know, style of writing, or why they need your product.

You have to break down and make it easier to read.

First, find out which information is your priority, and then double-check whether the information already fits within the section you specify.

Think about which parts can be broken down into smaller points, linked to ideas, and combine them into one.

recommends reinforcing the main points. He also said that graphics can be very helpful to break the text or even replace the less relevant text.

6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert

2In this free consultation page template, he organizes the text in various ways.

He drew attention with the text in the first paragraph by placing it in the front and center, he also broke and inserted the second part into the next page.

When it’s time to talk about business services, Kayla helps the visitors quickly to find the most relevant information by providing space for icons showing the material.

Imagine, reading all the text without any room for headlines, other paragraphs, and pictures? You will definitely get dizzy and rush to move to a page that is more easily understood.

4. For Color Selection, Slightly Better

Travis and Kayla quickly realized that one of the biggest mistakes they see in designing a landing page is to use too many colors or colors that do not match.

The more colors you have, the more you have to consider the meaning behind the color.

Mentally, color helps you prioritize information.

For example, you use a partially gray color concept with some blue and red accents for the call to action.

It means that you have prepared a color concept that prioritizes CTA box, all the gray color on the page register as the most recent priority, and blue as the message delivery color.

It is recommended to use one color for CTA button. This will help you highlight the CTA from the background and emphasize more on what action you want the visitors to take after they have read the message.

In essence, CTA should be enough contrast to keep it more prominent from the background of your landing page.

You can check out the example of Travis’s website template below.

6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert

3Button with orange color stands out with purple background, immediately direct your eyes to call to action “Buy Now” and take action immediately.

Color can also help build your brand and your authority, so be sure to use your brand’s colors.

The color is important in creating an experience for customers because, through color, trust in your brand will be formed.

If they come from an advertisement somewhere, you’ll want to make sure to keep the color in order to stay consistent so that potential leads do not switch to other pages.

The color is the easiest way to make sure that leads are in the right place so they get the information that is what they are looking for.

Another problem with the text is that it is hard to read. If the information is important, you should double-check to choose a combination of colors and sizes for easy viewing and reading.

5. Using Images that Support Your Content

One of the most frustrating things is when entering into a landing page is to see an image that has nothing to do with the offer.

Usually, this happens when a person uses an image that has great appeal but he does not think of his purpose on the page.

For example like this, you see a holiday advertisement to the beach but once you click and enter into the landing page the offer is about accounting software.

Besides having nothing to do with images and offers, using a beach background is unlikely to strengthen your authority or brand image.

The image should support what you sell, if you put the image on the page, try asking yourself why you chose the picture and what its purpose.

In the landing page template created by Travis below, the images used work very well and provide clear information to the readers.

6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert

4Images have represented text, a reflection of palm trees on glasses makes people want to take a vacation to the beach, and the small photographs that below also serve as supporters.

Photos can also be a subtle visual clue that directs the reader to take an action.

You can use images or photos of a large size, but remember to make sure your loading time stays fast by changing the size of the image file becomes smaller.

6. Design Landing Page for All Sizes

In fact, nowadays people are more active and read something through their mobile phone. This will be your consideration for designing landing pages for mobile phones.

Before publication, you should always check how the page display once opened on a small screen.

According to Monetate in the online shopping analysis, the global smartphone conversion rate in Q1 of 2016 is about 1.43%, compared to 3.89% on a regular desktop.

You’re doing a tough struggle to generate a conversion on a mobile phone, so you have to make sure your landing page design works well.

If you want to check the landing page display on mobile phones, LeadPages also helps you to preview.

When you edit the landing page in the builder, you can easily preview it on tablets and phones.

6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert

5When clicked on “phone”, you can see the form of landing page display in mobile. All information is still there and nothing is too big or small on the screen.

6 Tips on Designing a Landing Page to Attract and Convert

6Is it, all right? Not yet, there are always problems that are often encountered as well as information that can be truncated, the text is illegible, and the image does not resize properly on the screen.

Constraints like this can indeed be to convert potential leads. The solution?

You can change spacing, size for images or photos, and height for your headlines.


Now we are at the end of the article about designing the landing page to look better and unique.

Have you got the best tips and what will you do next?

Is it straightforward to practice it or dig deeper into this matter?

All back again at your choice!

The most important thing in designing a landing page is not only to look attractive but also to be able to convert leads to support marketing activities on your website!

But back again, it all takes time and process. So keep learning, be patient and be diligent!

If you have any difficulty or interesting story or experience in designing a landing page, just pass it to and other readers by filling in the comment field below.Thanks


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