Beat the Boredom: 5 Unique Date Night Ideas for Married Couples


Beat the Boredom: 5 Unique Date Night Ideas for Married Couples, We’ve all been there: tossing the same stale date-night ideas around with our spouses. How many times can you do dinner and a movie before you’re over it? Yet, we struggle with finding new date night ideas week after week!

Beat the Boredom 5 Unique Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Freshen up your date night with these five date night ideas for married couples.

1. An Escape Room

Have you ever tried an Escape Room? They’re adventure games where you’re “locked” into a themed room (Harry Potter, zombies, Sherlock Holmes, prison breaks, treasure hunts — the list goes on and on). Your team will work to find hidden clues and solve puzzles in order to escape.

This is a great date night idea because it’s a team building exercise, and you and your spouse should definitely be a cohesive team. It’s a bonding activity that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, but it’s worth a try!

2. Go Camping

If you’re not a sleep-outside type of person, camping can sound less than appealing. Fortunately, there are a lot of camping options for those of us who aren’t the biggest fans of the great outdoors!

If you don’t want to pitch a tent and cozy up next to your husband or wife in a sleeping bag, you can rent a cabin, pop-up camper, or even go all out with an RV.

Spending a couple of nights together roughing it in nature and snuggling by the fire might be what your marriage needs for a quick reset. Camping is a special way to spend some time away from home with your spouse without breaking the bank.

3. Date Night Idea for Married Couples: Volunteer

Donate your date night to a charitable cause by volunteering in your community together. Find a soup kitchen, animal shelter, food bank, or other community outreach program that could use a couple of pairs of extra hands. Over four million volunteers are needed in the United States today.

Giving back to your community is a way for you and your spouse to see how lucky you are to have one another (and to have the opportunity for date nights)! Volunteering not only will give you guys a chance to bond but serving your community together also makes a difference in the lives of others. Not to mention, it looks great on a resume!

4. Learn a Foreign Language Together

Learning a foreign language with your sweetheart might be another exciting way to spend quality time together. You can snuggle up in the comfort of your own home with a copy of Rosetta Stone or download an app to learn from (don’t forget to get an anti-virus before downloading stuff on your computer).

Set a night aside once a week to learn together. Alternatively, if your spouse speaks a second language, you could study theirs — as Mark Zuckerburg did!

Not only is it an activity that will bring you closer together, but it could also be a precursor to a future trip! Learning the basics of a language is a great way to get ready for a trip abroad.

5. Put a Spin on Dinner and a Movie

Not every area has one, but if your city or town has a drive-in movie theater (or one nearby), you should check it out. It’s not the same old movie theater that smells like stale popcorn, and you won’t get stuck sharing an armrest with a couple of teenagers eager to be alone in a dark room.

Grab some take out from your favorite restaurant and head to the drive-in. Bring a blanket to enjoy a picnic-type setting or cozy up in the car and enjoy the evening air along with a movie.

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Before You Go Out

Fresh date night ideas for married couples are important for them to be able to connect. It’s essential for us to be able to spend quality time with our spouses.

It’s difficult to keep things fresh and find new and exciting things to do, especially on a budget. Find some simple ways to make some cash online to fund date night here.


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