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5 Things You Can Do When a Natural Deadlock Ideas Writing on Blogs

5 Things You Can Do When a Natural Deadlock Ideas Writing on Blogs

I’m going to tell you in this article, how to Writing Ideas in Blogs- In making a post, the first thing needed is an idea to make the writing. The discussion of what is to be discussed in the article comes from the idea. From that idea comes a series of words per word that can be arranged into a writing consisting of several paragraphs. Without an idea, certainly writing will never be born.

Well for you the bloggers, of course never feel the name impasse the idea of writing on your blog. Where at that time, you really find it very hard to find ideas to be written for posting on your personal blog.

As a result, no writing is produced. In fact, as a blogger, of course, we want to always be productive to produce a writing that is always fresh and new every day so that our blog is more alive and always exist. However, what to do when we experience the deadlock of writing ideas on blogs? The answer is in the following discussion.

Tips on How to Overcome the Impasse of Writing Ideas in Blogs

  1. Blog walking to Help Getting Ideas Writing on Blogs

Blog walking or visiting someone else’s blog, is one of the activities you can do to get the idea of writing on the blog. Visit at least more than 3 different blogs, but have the same niche or topic as your blog.

Read some of their posts, when they get the idea, immediately apply your idea. Keep in mind that you are just looking for ideas not to copy and paste the contents of other people’s posts because it is the same plagiarism that can kill your creativity.

  1. Take Media With The Same Theme With Your Blog

In order to get the idea of writing on a blog that is fresh and always new, we also need to know the latest developments or the latest. Read various media that are as complete as your blog.

You can take advantage of various media such as magazines, newspapers, or tabloids, radio, to online media such as websites that provide the latest news. Books related to the theme you present on your blog can also be read to deepen your knowledge in the field.

  1. Find Out What’s The Current Trend

5 Things You Can Do When a Natural Deadlock Ideas Writing on Blogs

When the idea of blogging does not come, try to find a topic that is warm and much discussed by the public. One of the things you can do to find out which topics are popular or warmly discussed by the public is by looking at the Trending Topic in Twitter social media. Look at what is the trend, then choose an interesting topic and suitable to be discussed on your blog.

In addition to observing Trending Topic on Twitter, you can also listen to Google News, you can also find out Trending Topic and keywords or key glass that is a trend or sought by many Internet users using tools such as Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner.

  1. Take advantage of Pinterest’s Social Media to Find Ideas for Writing on Blogs

Pinterest is a social network intended to share a variety of interesting reading or ideas. Therefore, Pinterest is also you can rely on to find a lot of interesting reading that you can make an option to get an idea to make a post on the blog.

In addition, on Pinterest, there is also a search feature that can help us find the desired post.

  1. Out of Home Can Also Be the Right Choice to Find Ideas Writing on Blogs

When the idea of writing on a blog is really stuck and not found too, stop for a moment and try to do activities outside the home. You can gather with friends, neighbors, or take a walk to refresh your mind and see a new atmosphere.

It could be when outside, you will see unique events that can be an idea for writing on the blog. Even if not find the incident, maybe you can get a brilliant idea to be a post on your blog.

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