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This 17 site became the world’s best Blog Provider to date !!

This 17 site became the world's best Blog Provider to date !!

Hi, how are you? I’m going to tell you on this article, The best Blog Site Providers are now growing and thriving. Starting from the aspect of the display of writing in pour in a blog becomes more interesting again. For a blog here you can pour a variety of artwork in the form of writing, pictures, video, music, games and so on

A blog will be unique and attract readers with a variety of science SEO Blog, which you can get in all sources that discuss SEO Blog. Not only that you can also use premium blog where you can get a blog that is very easy to use.

Premium blogs like WordPress where you can subscribe from monthly to yearly. In a blog, you can find a domain name and subdomain. Examples Domains such as Blogspot.com which is a subdomain means can be the domain name of your blog. Suppose Share123.blogspot.com.

In addition, there are many that you can dig and you share in the science of blog which is a container to accommodate both knowledge, experience, knowledge and so on. If we talk the best Blog Provider a lot in the that maybe most of us do not know.

But I will discuss 17 famous Blog sites and become the best site in the world even good in Indonesia. The best Blog Provider Site not only outside Indonesia but also in the country there is also you can see later reviews that you may not know.

17 World’s Best Blog Provider Sites To Date!

This 17 site became the world's best Blog Provider to date !!

1. Blogger.com

Blogger.com  is a blog provider site that can be linked to a Gmail account because it is the original owner of the Google company and its creator is Pyra Labs. In addition to this blogger.com site is easily a site that has a world rank 109 and 129 for the United States.

For those of you who want to learn your blog can use one of these Google’s sites. Because it is the best Blog Provider site is really free. The advantages of this blog have some beautiful templates and you can customize with the category to be written.

In addition, many bloggers utilize the site of this best Blog Provider to produce full- money and one of them is the providers of Adsense ads. In addition, if your blog has a good rank and has a high daily visitors you have a chance to get additional revenue from advertising providers.

2. Blog.com

The second site has a world rank of 34.798 and 11.798 in India as its country. This one site is the best and most popular blog provider site. Blog.com site is a free blog site as well as with Blogger.com site above.

You can also choose all kinds of beautiful templates or themes in it, besides, in this best blog provider, you can also upgrade to Premium package. After you upgrade to the membership then you can choose the domain name according to your own wish.

3. Webs.com

Webs.com  hereinafter for this site also includes one of the best blog site provider that has rank Global 3,460 and 1,739 rank United States. Webs.com is a free blog provider site you can directly register and select several categories. As well as personal blogs, Online Store, Business and so on.

This best blog provider site in use responsive design is possible to facilitate users, there are many templates that you can use. This site is great for you to make an e-commerce site if you want to sell products and your goods on the blog site.

4. Tumblr.com

Tumblr.com  is an external site where the site is headquartered in New York City, the United States which has rank 44 worlds and 21 in the country of origin of the United States today. The founder of Tumblr.com site is David Karp in February 2007 ago this one site is included into the site of the best Blog Providers.

This one site also belongs to the top 10 platforms in terms of visual appearance. You can easily if you want to create a blog by displaying various content. Like pictures, videos, music it’s all you can apply the site of this best blog providers.

5. Weebly.com

Weebly.com  is one of the best blogging sites, where this one has Rank 211 rankings in the world rankings and 74 in the United States. This one site has advantages in eCommerce and Marketing category.

In addition Weebly.com you can also use an interesting theme and unique. Which can be applied to start to Build up your blog especially in the field of eCommerce and Marketing. You can also take advantage of iPhone apps to create articles anywhere anytime easily.

6. Wix.com

The wix site. Com  has a very unique and professional template suitable for you who like the blog with a simple way because the site is very simple to use. For you newbies on the blog, this site is strongly recommended. Because just stay drag you can already manage the look of your blog with responsive.

You can also take advantage of adding apps to your site. And an online store that can be shared a link to your personal social media account. This one site has a world rank or rank of 380 and 245 in the United States. The site was founded by Avishai Abraham, Nadav Abrahami, and Geora Kaplan.

Currently, wig.com site has 1400 career and to date is estimated to earn revenue of $ 203.52 million with the amount of using approximately $ 149.43 million. For you, a beginner blogger can try the best blog provider site this one. Because in addition to easy to use is also very simple to be designed by beginners so this blog should you try because it is really free.

7. LiveJournal.com

LiveJournal.com  is the seventh best site where this one site has the world’s best shelves 225 and 17 in Russia. This one site is completely free and popular. Unfortunately, this site is not so famous in our country this is when this site is very popular and have a very good rank.

LiveJournal.com site is also touted as social networking sites. In addition, this site is an open source blog provider. Which we can use as a blog without pay alias free. This Blog Site you must try to use to post an article. You can also know both from an attractive look and also its responsive design.

8. Svbtle.com

Svbtle.com  is a United States blog site where the rank of this site has a rank of 98.980 the world. To rank in the United States itself is at 53,428. This blog provider site also has an interesting look like the doodles are interesting.

Very good for writers who can take advantage of this one site and make the blog interesting and also good to see by the reader. So for those of you who like to write articles can use this one site to be made in your blog site collage.

9. Penzu.com

Penzu.com  is the most popular journal site in addition to its flexibility platform also supports various types of journals. As well as the Daily Diary in public, Expressive Private Journals, and Travel journals for travel.

The advantages of this one site and abisa first use to see the results sebum you register and ready to wear them. This one site is original from the United States with rank 16,677 and for world rank 28,441. So you should try one of the best blog sites on this one.

10. Squarespace.com

Squarespace.com  is the most creative and professional site in this modern era. This blog provider site is the only one of the highest quality sites because this site is paid if you want.

A site with world rank 787 and rank the United States 250 is very good and also expensive. But certainly, with this blog provider site will give the best results. If you as a photographer, online store owners, full-time bloggers and part-time, musicians and also online business or offline.

You can easily select various templates that will pamper you in the squeeze. So you can generate high-quality blogs. In addition to blogs that you create with a capital of $ 8 and also $ 24 per month, you can get an interesting blog and professional.

11. Medium.com

The best blogging site from the United States started online since 2012 founded by Evan Williams founder of Twitter and Blogger and also founder Biz Stone Twitter. Blog provider site this one is very elegant on a blog site.

This site offers a special platform for an identical colored story from the usual story. This one site is ranked 404 world rank and 171 in the United States to date. So for those of you who like in the making of stories can use the best blog provider site on this one.

12. Mblog.mobi

Mblog.mobi is a blog site in the country that is currently developing. Sites designed for mobile as well as a desktop that can customize. You can use this one site for various types of articles as usual. You can also get Hosting for free with your own subdomain so put it in try also gain for blog provider site in this country.

13. Blogponsel.net

B logponsel.net  is a site owned by an Indonesian child. This site is the name of a mobile blog where you can use this blog in all types of mobile phones. The preferred blog platform is to a mobile user. You can use it to write articles and can be viewed through the phone with a responsive view and also interesting.

From this site, you can get various articles ranging from images, music downloads and others as his that you can take full advantage of. Unfortunately, this site is not much to know and even set aside the site in the country so that his Rank also reached 5.475 for the country itself.

14. Kompasiana.com

Kompasiana.com is one of the best sites owned by children homeland, other than that blog provider site this one is the best blog site in Indonesia. More details site is a subsidiary of Kompas Gramedia.

This site is widely used by new publishers or experienced ones. So every article that appears on kompasiana.com contains more than just an article. This site at rank 1.486 world and rank 39 in Indonesia. So it would not hurt you to use this one site because it is original from Indonesia.

15. Blogdetik.com

Blogdetik.com  is one of the sites owned by news site detik.com. This site is one of the best blog blogging sites in Indonesia. You can also use the site Blogdetik.com to in the register and monetize ads because this site is based WordPress.

Blogdetik.com is ranked 52,468 of the world and 1,019 in Indonesia. The best blogging sites in Indonesia also often hold interesting events for visitors and their users. So you can take advantage of all the features available on this Blogdetik.com site.

16. WordPress.com

WordPress.com  is a premium site for a responsive blog and also very simple and many features of WordPress plugins. These plugins make it easy for users to start creating interesting and unique content.

For new users, you will get a free account for a 30 day trial period under the name of a personal subdomain. For the second month and then usually you will extend it automatically with a monthly fee, up to yearly though.

Site wordpress.com is the best blog service provider site to date even in the world rank premises rank 39 and for the United States with rank 32. So this one site is undoubtedly good in terms of templates and also the designs are very much your stay Specify directly.

17. Blogging.org

This site is a blog site from India with a global total rank of 264,463 and rank in the country 47,036. Blog provider site this one is rarely used for blogging. Karna is less well known also this site is very easy to use to create a blog that is unique and also interesting.

Also, read here,

To use it you just register as a member at blogging.org then you choose to host and install WordPress. After that, you can start designing your own blog. Grab your blog to get a lot of visitors after that you can make money from blogs that you create on Blogging.org this.


That is the 17 Best blog world according to my version personally in the blogger world but from the 17 sites above only in use one of them. So for all of you choose one and you develop. In order to get more knowledge from every experience in using a blogger. Thank you hopefully, useful

Also, share my article, You can share experiences and opinions with Infomint.net in the comments field below.Thank you for reading this article.

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